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G4 Powerbook Computers

Developed and manufactured by Apple Computers, Inc. an American multinational corporation, the G4 PowerBook computers were sold by Apple between 2001 and 2006. Apple Inc. designs, develops and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. As part of its PowerBook series, G4 Power book was the last generation of the series. If you are seeking complete details on G4 Powerbook laptops, then look no further. For here, you will not only get in-depth info related to Power book G4, but also the reason behind its discontinuation.

Although the series of G4 Powerbook computers was put to a halt as of May 2006, it is still feasible to keep everything on the computer updated with just a few clicks of your mouse. During its lifetime, the G4 PowerBook has undergone several major revisions and redesigns. They were best known for their unique design, processing power and long battery life.

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