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Different Parts Of G4 Powerbook

The G4 PowerBook series was workhorse of Apple's business for five years. Available in slim metal cases and fixed internal components, the Titanium cases were soon replaced by the more advanced Aluminum models. These PowerBook models may vary noticeably in construction and the different parts of G4 Powerbook., but all can be easily upgraded. In this article, we will focus on g4 Powerbooks parts.

The Hard drives upgrades are available and this part of G4 Powerbook works in all PowerBook G4 and iBook models. With Western Digital as the manufacturer, the speed is 5400 RPM. The dimensions stand at 2.5" wide x 9.5mm tall and the capacity is 120 They are available in 120 GB 5400 RPM Western Digital ATA Hard Drive and 80 GB 9.5mm ATA Hard Drive.

65-watt Apple AC Adapter is among other Powerbooks g4 parts, which works in all G4 PowerBooks. The installation is easy and the power rating is 65 watts. The PowerBook G4 65-watt AC Adapter works in all iBooks and PowerBooks with a Firewire port. Similarly, another of the Powerbooks g4 parts, the Firewire ATA Hard Drive Enclosure functiond in all G4 PowerBooks and is a new product. Installation is easy.

Some of the othere commonly used Powerbooks g4 parts are the Micro Accessories AC and the AC Adapter Extension Cable. Available in 2 throng and 3 throng, these products are fully tested and useful.

Batteries too form an important g4 Powerbooks parts. Battery replacements are easily available for all models and sizes of PowerBooks g4. The PowerBook G4 can also be upgraded to 2GB by adding a 1GB memory module. One just has to replace the 512MB memory module in the left over socket with a 1GB memory module.

In addition, if you are going to repair and maintain any parts of G4 Powerbook, you are going to need the tools to get you through the process. Some of the popular tools to help you out are the Black Nylon Flat Probe Tool and the Screwdriver Tool. You may also need soldering iron, Digitizer Glass Adhesive Strip, Heav Duty Suction Cup, Nut Driver etc; to keep the different parts of G4 Powerbook in good working condition.

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