The Discontinuation Of G4 Powerbook

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The g4 Powerbooks discontinuation by Apple has many reasons behind. These computers were proving to be too power-hungry and heat-intensive to use in laptops. Another main reason behind the discontinuance of G4 Powerbook is the stalling development of the G5. and Apple's changeover from PowerPC to Intel processors. It should also be taken notice of that expansion of x86-based Mac OS X had been happening for some 8 years before it was introduced to the public.

In 2006, Apple made public its first Intel-based laptop, the 15" MacBook Pro followed by a 17" version of the MacBook Pro. However, after discontinuing G4 Powerbook models - 12" PowerBook G4 and the G4 iBook, the 13.3" MacBook was released soon after. This was the end of the whole PowerBook line.

Nevertheless, there were no immediate replacements for the 12" subnotebook models. The MacBook Air, which was released in 2008, provided as an indirect replacement. The 13" MacBook Pro released in 2009 served as the direct substitute for the 12" PowerBook G4.

Steve Jobs, the Apple CEO remarked during the introduction of the MacBook Pro that Apple desires the word "Mac" to be used in the name of all its Mac hardware products. Accordingly therefore, the trademark name "PowerBook" was withdrawn in early 2006 regardless of the G4 version still on support.

In 2009, the g4 PowerBook stopped sustaining the newest version of Mac OS X. Snow Leopard (10.6) needs an Intel processor, which the PowerBook G4 does not have. This clearly means that Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) is the highest version of Mac OS X that can be set up on the G4 PowerBook and all other Apple products using an eligible G4 processor for Leopard.

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