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Titanium G4 Powerbook

Titanium G4 Powerbooks were the first generations of the PowerBook series to be publicized at MacWorld Expo in 2001. They featured a PowerPC G4 processor which ran at either 400 or 500 MHz. Just 1 inch in thickness, they were 0.7 inches thinner than their predecessor, the PowerBook G3. Titanium Powerbook G4 also supported a front-mounted slot-loading optical drive into which optical discs could be placed in. These G4PowerBooks were given the nickname "TiBook", which was a portmanteau of titanium, the material used to make the computer's case, and the brand name PowerBook.

The original design of the Titanium G4 Powerbook was developed by Apple hardware designers Jory Bell, Nick Merz and Danny Delulis. They were also assisted by the ODM in the design process. This new Powerbook had an acute difference from the earlier black plastic, PowerBook G3 models. British designer Jonathan Ive, presiding as the head of the Apple's industrial design team, continued his work towards simple, elegant, and minimalist designs. Titanium Powerbook G4 also laid the foundation for the Aluminum PowerBook G4, the Power Mac G5, the flat-screen iMac, the Xserve and the Mac mini.

The design issues related to Titanium G4 Powerbook computer mainly recount to hinges, which is shaped like an 'L'. These hinges are infamous for breaking under typical use. They are known to break just to the left of where it joins to the lower case on the right hinge, and just to the right on the left hinge. In order to address this problem, one manufacturer began to produce stronger replacement hinges. However, the actual repair is not easy as the display bezel is glued together. Additionally, some discoloration and peeling of paint on the outer bezel has been known to occur, especially around the area where the palm rests whilst using the track pad. Although this problem has known to occur in the earlier models but not on later Titanium g4 PowerBooks.

Another issue with the Titanium Powerbook G4 is the video cable which is routed around the left side hinge. Heavy use can cause the cable to grow weaker. Many owners have also reported display problems like random lines or a jumbled screen. A general solution to these problems is to replace either or both cables before buying expensive LCDs.

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