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Is not how sub uppers begin right i think sugar aspirations. Hello everyone in today todays lesson well learn 10 love phrases in spanish this has been requested. Im gladly gonna talk about this topic if you have a boyfriend girlfriend husband wife or somebody that you love and like and they happen to speak spanish.
Then you have to learn these phrases for sure that way youre going to show that you are interested in that person. And the language that that person speaks as well ok lets get it started number one this is something that you must know before starting at a relationship. En is know via ems know via thats if youre asking to a man if you want to ask to a lady.
Youre gonna have to say it like this ens. Know bo ens know bo this means we have a boyfriend or do you have a girlfriend number two another way to ask a person is theyre dating someone is say in edit soltero. It is soltero.
This is if you ask to a man. If you want to ask to a lady. You will ask it is solteira.
It is solteira the both phrases mean are you single number three this is basically a compliment that you say to a woman.

how to say your cute in spanish-0
how to say your cute in spanish-0

The phrase is it is wapa. It is guapa this means your beautiful number for this compliment is for basically a man that you like it is waffle. It is waffle this means you are handsome number five.
Now if youre dating someone or you want to start dating. Someone. And you know that that person is not dating.
Anyone you can say something like this megusta megusta this means. I like you number six this phrase is if you have to go somewhere. And that person that you like stays or if that person has to go somewhere.
And you have to stay. And you can use this phrase. Stay extra o stay extra o.
This means.

how to say your cute in spanish-1
how to say your cute in spanish-1

I miss you number seven. Okay. This phrase is a pretty serious.
One. This is the mo de mo. This means.
I love you so. Yes. This one is something that you can say to somebody that you love number eight.
Now this phrase means something like all of you or team. But is not as serious as i love you usually people say this before saying. I love you and this phrase is hey quiero take yellow.
This means i love you as well or you can also use it to say i care for you number nine this phrase is to show that youre really happy with the relationship that youre having with this person.

how to say your cute in spanish-2
how to say your cute in spanish-2

And the price is may asses beliefs may ss beliefs. And this means you make me happy number 10. This phrase is basically to show that person that shes or.
He is pretty special in your life. The phrase is eres el amor de medina eres el amor de mi vida this means you are the love of my life okay now you know ten different phrases. Add to show love to that special person.
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This is no hello everyone in todays lesson. We will learn some brittle phrasal. Why did it be free.
So ok. This is used for this phrase is a you actually have to want to do this phrase is when you basically want still complicated come on okay oh. .

how to say your cute in spanish-3
how to say your cute in spanish-3

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