10 Ways To Make Cash Money In NYC

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Are the 10 ways you can make money in nyc today number one selling scrap scrap metal. Some scrap metal is probably one of the easiest opportunities that you can in new york city. Most scrap yards require that you have a car or you can use a cab or you can use a ober you can use your friend if you dont have one better recyclers accept copper brass aluminum and you can go get away with iron if you do have a car the best scrap centers in new york city are in my opinion alico recycling kershel recycling both of those are in brooklyn cropsy scrap iron and metal corporation also in brooklyn sims metal management in queens new york and cnc scrap brooklyn new york they give you the best prices you can start searching for metal early maximize your profits you can try it 5 am always think that early bird gets the worm and you can take apart anything you want from acs to stoves to anything you scrapped it up you collect it you separate them out between copper brass and aluminum and you head down to your nearest scrap metal yard to get paid number two slip sunglasses you can flip side glasses by heading down to the 20 street area and manhattan and searching for different vendors that sell sunglasses for different prices.
Some sell for 250. So im so for 5 and some so for 10 you can definitely take those sunglasses. Run straight to amazon or straight to another internet site and solos for at least twenty dollars and up number three sell t shirts.
Again you could go down to the 20 street area in manhattan and find t shirts for the various prices i know one guy that happens to sell t shirts on the 23rd and broadway avenue outside on the street for 1 you can take those t shirts go straight to the internet again and sell those for 15 and up there are also vendors and warehouses on the 28th street block that also sells wholesale t shirts 12 t shirts for 20 hours thats a dozen see shows for 20 you can take those put a design on it or sell it outright on internet for double even triple. The price number four sell books in other old media everything is digital nowadays so all of these old books and movies dvds blu rays and stuff like that are relics so what you would do is to collect as many as you can and sell to various vendors that are buying out and selling on things like amazon you wouldnt personally sell on amazon with books and stuff like that because it may take a little longer for you to get off. But we do have other vendors that accept it at a discounted price and you can just bundle those up and send it to them if you live in new york city.
There is a bookstore named strand bookstore. On union square 14th street that accepts books and gives you cash payment just for your media. So go out collect books and sell straight to these vendors.
Like paolos bookstore. A strand bookstore book scouter things like that where you can find books as in wealthy areas of brooklyn. Thats like williamsburg and prospect park and park slope.
These guys are out here. Giving books away some that they read or old to them they no longer use or that they no longer have room for you use an app. Like book scouter to see how much you could get for your book and put it in your bag you do that every day in the morning like that and you will get paid number five sell use clothing while youre out looking for old books and other old media and news.
Wealthy areas of brooklyn. You could also look for old clothing. Most of these clothes have never been worn or gently gently been used you can go talk straight to the owner of them once you talk to the owner and you establish that he or she is the only owner of the clothing check it out make sure that theres no holes.
And you could go straight to a consignment shop or you could sell straight on amazon. Some of the brands cant be sold on amazon. So thats what the sign shots come in number six restore old sneakers while out looking for other clothing and stuff you may run across some sneakers.
They may be beat up they may be torn down it doesnt really matter you could grab those sneakers look on youtube and find out different ways to restore those sneakers to sell on either amazon or offer up on let go things like that people will pay you for your restored sneakers. So dont throw those away. And if you do find those out on the street.
While you searching for clothes or other media books and stuff like that a scrap metal please pick all of those up restore them and sell them again easy money number seven start a printing company you can easily start a printing company with limited photoshop skills as long as you know how to make layouts or squares and things like that you can create business cards. Pamphlets and other layouts for clients you can search for clients online on at craigslistcom. Or facebook.
Or instagram or things like that any social media site people are looking for layouts. People are looking for pamphlets and people are looking for designers to design whatever that idea is that can be you number eight get into video editing. Videos are a thing advertisement.
Today companies are pouring thousands into video editing. Teams. So all you have to do is record something in your area use a program like blender to edit the video at any way that you want upload it to youtube rinse and repeat so no latest somebodys gonna contact you about working together or you made monetize your youtube channel and actually make money.
Its best if both happens. Number nine sell your photos. Its the same as video editing.
New york city is one of the best places for photos. You can sell your photos. Took assignment.
Websites. You can also create a website and sell them yourself people love the nyc skyline posters. So you create an instagram account and showcase your works and sell your work and number ten start a youtube channel.
Whatever you love to do just record. It and put it on youtube someone may find it interesting and that may be concerning some money and promotion use youtubes ad service to get paid youtube has millions of users so your chances of being seen are very very high just be yourself and the right audience will find you .

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