29 Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Steve Burton AS Dylan McAvoy Young and the Restless, The

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Do you mean maybe somethings not my son you were somebody else no no no no never no even what are you saying. Thats what i tried to you this is a teacher just tell us just tell me sure to tell me what to do whatever. It is just tell me please see it music.
I believe to talk to richard about age. Then sally was hearth and nick believed and at christmas. He was gone no i would know my son how can nick not know how could you not know i believed it for you because you herself well they so wonderful little caring because you deserve to have it did you know i mean how did daddy daddy.
Wasnt fair of you she saw you every day. Howd he do that there was no maybe she knew what doctor. Ive intercepted done and the doctor tried to keep her quiet so fresh older.
But she still havent told. Me what did you know you better you just tell me it was tonight. Jared he told me that you found out the truth tonight.
When did you find out the baby was in person. Ive known since just before she died all this time half a sullys life. Well it took a lot of time to get the drugs out of my head from fairview and then i finally started having some memories just just flashes.
I know that patti said some things to me. But they didnt make any sense and then finally she just blurted out that i had never been pregnant. But i needed to know i needed to be sure because of my heart son.
With ours. So i i did a dna test.

who is dylan on the young and the restless-0
who is dylan on the young and the restless-0

And the results. Sage had been putting things together. She came to me we had face to face and i told her the truth she would often tell nick no its with her car yes she died sure.
Its right sage died. Knowing. There the little boy was living in this house and you never said a word sharon mariah.
Brian. You dont want to be here right now okay shoot. Yes.
Julie knows. I told me wait wait a minute all right tom. He knew this whole time mariah is not a part of things.
Hes talking about she was living in this house lying to my face. Just like you sharon loves you and that little boy. More than life itself every decision.
She made every choice she made it was for your sake. Why would you drag her into this she needed somebody to lean on somebody she could try to vote for tommy. What about me im her husband julie.
She was fighting to keep it family all that mattered was that you got what you wanted to hell with anyone else please go upstairs get some rest its late you guys can talk about this in the morning about this right now you cant protect me. Okay.

who is dylan on the young and the restless-1
who is dylan on the young and the restless-1

Shed never brought you into this joint. Asking you to go how can we feel bridey. Did.
All this trouble you mom i love you no sharon loves you and zoe more than you will ever ever. Know mariah has nothing to do with this should you leave her oh. I dont she was lying for you let her do it selfish.
I know that holding that little baby in my arms. Seeing the way that you look to him i did what i had to do to keep my family together. It was for you dillon youre seeing you were silly.
That was pure joy that was her dream. I wasnt going to be the one to break your heart thank five yeah just between me and mars to clean all my doing we are the only mother and father thats all hes ever known yuri going to fight you youre still his father you it is still your job to protect him this is his room is this his crib. This is his home lets go just go music you know keeping son for me.
As a crime simple dna test will prove christian is mine. No. I dont think she wants to get the police involved thats not a fair way for paul to find out about his grandson.
Thats right jake. I am begging you please just give us a little more time a few more days is just that is just gonna make things harder. Sure.
Oh. What could be harder darris.

who is dylan on the young and the restless-2
who is dylan on the young and the restless-2

Its over. Oh everybody go fine and screaming okay. Everythings a okay music no relax.
You know see that guy no click youre going to be trading places music. These could be your dad now. Im going to be your phone.
Uncle exit out this guy youre going to love and protect you as much as i have i do dont forget about her song okay music you gotta wind this off he loves to dance to it yeah. Thats exactly what i would do i just take your body to my heart. And i thought my little boy is hard enough.
I cant i dont know how i cant oh my gosh music. I took guts and grace. The only thing that makes us even slightly bearable is knowing my son had you to raisin per year.
Everything. You said. Was true.
Hell be happy music. Sorry. Music.
Music. Music music.

who is dylan on the young and the restless-3
who is dylan on the young and the restless-3

Music music. Daniel called for baseball going to house. Is so empty.
I couldnt find you i dont know how to do this dylan. I dont know how to say goodbye to telly. I know you dont know how either.
But maybe we could try to find a way to do it together. Im so sorry. What is sorry what is sorry do share.
It i mean exactly what does it accomplish forget it just forget about me for a second whats a judge going to do with your apology you regret your remorse for the lie that you told over and over again nick isnt gonna press charges. Not now that he has selling its christian its his son victors grandson you dont think victors gonna go to the da with this come on yeah this really isnt anybody elses business. We can just keep this quiet.
What happens when they notice that nick has it as a kid now its sharon until adult. We only he went any explanation are you being serious right now. People grieved a baby that died and now the baby is back you dont think people are gonna want answers come on sharon.
Everybody is going to know everybody please tell me you understand that please i know thats one of the reasons. You kept a secret about sully because you did not want people to know that you were lying. No thats not why i didnt tell because you deserves to be happy you deserve to raise a child and nick didnt thats not your call to make you dont get to play god with an inner self what i was doing i wanted you to be house top.
This is not something a rational person does the sort of faith this youre worried sick i mean do you see whats going on do you hear yourself right now. Maybe you do need professional help you .

who is dylan on the young and the restless-4
who is dylan on the young and the restless-4

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