5 Tips to Start a Tinder Conversation Smoothly

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Bro this is louis aka. The tinder god and in this vlog. Im going going to tell you how to start the conversation and get responses like this tip.
Dont be like my auntie during family reunions. You know the dreaded moment during christmas. When youre out.
Think. Im sitting next you berating. You.
With the classic questions. Like ask you housework hope. You family girlfriends.
Yes. Unless you just graduated with high honors. You landed a sick promotion or you got yourself a stunner as a girlfriend.
You dont really feel like talking about these things even if you really love your auntie. Im not sure about you but rather than talking to my auntie. I prefer to talking to my slightly drunk women either uncle.

how to start a tinder conversation reddit-0
how to start a tinder conversation reddit-0

I would never know what questions did ask for whats alcohol fueled stories. He would tell me because right now. I see many guys going.
Though. All this tyler matches like hey. So far that im going to show you how to be just like my parents uncle tip.
2. How to break the ice. If you want to break the ice you first need to know what the ice is made of the ice consists of a thick thick layer of what is considered as normal the ice consists of boring formalities you know the typical kind of what i call ping pong conversations for you should boring shit back and forth hey.
What do you do i study psychology and you i work in it. Where you live you are the more at self and so on and so on and so on every single one of those messages. Friends owns you a little more and before you know it youre in need d by the way bro.
Once youve managed to start conversation. Youll need some slick ten out of ten lines to carry the rest of the conversation and eventually get around to the date. If you want ten of these copy paste of all magnificent lines for free.
You can download them right below. The video tip 3 heres a crazy piece of advice that i dont want you to take too seriously. But so i told you to just be the opposite of my boring auntie during christmas well the polar opposite of her is the little kids from the movie.

how to start a tinder conversation reddit-1
how to start a tinder conversation reddit-1

Me and you and everyone we know im going to show you how he opens his conversations. But first a little bit of context. This guy is so young he doesnt even know how to type himself.
So he convinced his older brother to die for him. And he has to tell exactly what he tells him to type right basically pretty much me when im coaching a guy so in this clip. Im gonna show you right now the little guy is texting with like a 40 year old woman.
And hes telling his brother exactly what to type. What what does that mean like ill poop into her butt huh and then she pulled it back into my butthole and thatll just keep doing it back and forth look the same group. Oh my god im going to put that i want to back and forth.
Oh god shes gonna think were crazy for birdperson like how i said it no shell never write back robbie. We have to sound like were a man you know lets just lame. It stupid you thought i could do ass needs done all of them before this ok whatever were probably gonna get arrested what do want me to put it like how i said it who in your butthole and then you will poop it back into my butt and we will keep doing it back there and for and for what the same poop forever music.
Now wait up calm down. Dont go using these lines. Because i just wanted to give you an example of what the opposite looks like of boring christmas aunty.
Right and trust. Me you dont want to use this line. Because i tested it and it pretty much got no responses.

how to start a tinder conversation reddit-2
how to start a tinder conversation reddit-2

Except for one decent. One which is this one hey name date proposal. I want to poop in your butthole and then you will poop it back into my bus and we will keep doing it back and forth with the same poop forever.
Interesting proposal. I know its romantic perfection for some reason people arent suggesting about it. I can see why to be honest maybe.
Theres shit in your eyes. But you should aim to be somewhere between boring christmas aunty and the kid from me. And you and everyone we know right in the sweet spot backwards tip.
4. Try using this smooth conversation starter. Im going to give you one conversation start already that has everything needed to melt through a thick layer of boring.
Predictable blue eyes heres a couple examples of when i use this conversation starter and the reactions of the women. I matched. If there was a nuclear apocalypse where only jessica alba and i survives and we were tasked with repopulating.
The world. I would kill myself rather than force myself to fornicate with her because i know that our offspring would look like leprosy stricken monstrosity is compared to the potential ones that could be made by a heavenly blessed beauty like yourself named ha ha admit it its hilarious and youve never seen it before its ridiculous. And it made me laugh.

how to start a tinder conversation reddit-3
how to start a tinder conversation reddit-3

Ah. Although youre completely full of shit. Youve already.
Won me over with your poetic mastery louie well done lon lewis youre absolutely correct thank you for finally starting off a conversation on dinner correctly and this girl went completely over the top creative in her reply and if aliens came and abducted. Ryan gosling and i and back to their planet and put us in a human zoo because they were expecting us to fall in love and reproduce that i would soak in the corner of my alien cage alone and avoiding ryan because id be thinking of how much better it would be if they had snatched you instead louie. Beautiful.
Didnt five sexual conversation. Starters and the best conversation starter. Ever.
I have seven teen conversation. Starters for you all lined up in the article linked down below the video. Some of them have insane response rates and some of them are just completely wack check them all out and see which one works best for you again.
The article is linked down below the video. If you had a small diggle or you just liked the video or you want to support me please. Give this video a thumbs up.
I truly appreciate it and subscribe. Or your conversation starter will never manage to break the ice that the ice will break you just like it hit to the titanic music. .

how to start a tinder conversation reddit-4
how to start a tinder conversation reddit-4

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