7 Days To Die – How To Craft A Forge! [7DTD Beginners Guide]

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Whats going on guys. My name is kyle wallace known as riots and today. Today.
Im bringing you guys a 70s de diet tutorial on how to craft forage now forge is a really key component for this game. And it will help you create other tools like steel pickaxes iron pickaxes all that stuff and it can also leave the other recipes as well like eventually a minibike and it just a again a. Very its a key component and to must need for survival and the thing about this is it actually took me a while to figure out all the the parts needed to craft this because a lot of people might be it confuses me so im making this video to help you guys out and on how to get all that stuff so lets get started alright.
So these are the components you need to make it the first component you need is to you need a short iron pipe and to find this i found it very simple to just go around to houses. And with your stone. Pickaxe or any other pickaxe just simply break down a toilet and actually trying to get two of these iron pipes.
If you can because youre going to need that to crap the bellows which well get to in a few minutes.

how to make a forge in 7 days to die-0
how to make a forge in 7 days to die-0

So all you do is restrict on the toilets. And then you should get an iron pipe next up all you need is you just have to go around and collect 50 stone or go up to some sort of rock and just simply break it down as easy as that you guys should know how to get that after that all you have to do is just get 50 clay 50 lumps of clay. If you dont know how to do that to find clay.
Its pretty easy all you have to do is i found it best to just go to a forest or like a plains type of biome and you look for the grass area where it looks sort of like a pinkish reddish color. I find i found it more like surrounded by trees and rocks and once you do that all you do is just dig it up with a shovel and youll get a lumps of clay and all you have to do is just get 50 of them and last but not least all you need is to crap the bellows. Which is probably the most annoying what to do basically what you need to do with this is you just got to give the short iron pipe.
It yeah. Before thats why i told you guys get 2. So you need 1 short iron pipe.
Youre gonna need 20 animal hide.

how to make a forge in 7 days to die-1
how to make a forge in 7 days to die-1

And the easiest way to get that is just hunting down animals with bows you can see on the screen. There i just keep shooting. Deer and like theyre just animals around the wasteland and i eventually its normally like five per deer or someone here.
Five animal highs. All you have to do is kill around four deer and youll get twenty animal hide and then last not least you just need wood to craft. The bellows once you have all those parts.
Then you can just simply take everything out of the inventory or ivan in the chest. Here. And then youre just going to go over to the basics tab and right here you can craft a forge and its only takes 26 seconds to 27 seconds to craft but once you guys complete this you guys can then place it down and then well get into some of the recipes actually right now give you guys a quick overview of what this looks like okay guys i just placed the forge down if you go into the menus you guys can see all the different crafting recipes you guys can do i would like to mention.
Actually real quick.

how to make a forge in 7 days to die-2
how to make a forge in 7 days to die-2

That you also need a couple of tools to do this. Which is an anvil. I believe its a wrench and then im not sure the last item is but once you find all three of those tools throughout the world.
Then you all you do is simply just put in wood and turn it on so its just basically like the campfire and its just pretty simple to use and it will keep you surviving for pretty long and youll definitely survive. The seven days. So i hope you guys did enjoy this video and leave a thumbs up if it leaves a thumbs up if it helps you guys because i had trouble finding all these components.
So i dont want you guys to go through the same thing. I did because look at this guys if you see the top. Im on day 11.
And i just crapped it a forge so hope this helped you out guys hope hopefully it save you some time. And my name is kyle and im out subscribed from where 70s todays videos and some other videos as well. Ill see you guys later peace out you .

how to make a forge in 7 days to die-3
how to make a forge in 7 days to die-3

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