A Chat with Homicide Hunter’s Carl Marino!

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Guys. Its kiki garcia thanks for falling. When a great day to be a a girl super fun event is happening today to benefit 1082.
Now i know you investigation discovery like i do homicide hunter. One of my favorite shows. I think ive been watched that all the time i have like 50 copy out of 50 episodes on my dvr right now and i am.
Here. With the man who plays lieutenant. Joe kenda.
Its carl marino t. Im nervous. Im getting like nervous from this because like youre gonna solve the crime.

who is the actor that plays joe kenda-0
who is the actor that plays joe kenda-0

If theres something going on a lot of people dont know that you were actually in better understand. Whats going on or well. I know all the terms procedures as far as that goes.
Were doing two and also all the police officers on the show are actually knoxville lisa okay. How much time did you spend with joe to kind of get his mannerisms down. I just mean sir i didnt meet joe until season.
Three you know i talked him on the phone. We email back and forth. And i kind of got a you know an idea of the type of police officer.
He was i worked with people kind of liked them right you know you know almost ark. A stick to drive you and wearing stuff. And so so i kind of understood who he probably was at the time is by talking to him you know so how did you go go from a deputy sheriff to i moved to san jose.

who is the actor that plays joe kenda-1
who is the actor that plays joe kenda-1

California and answered. I never got the san jose state family out there i literally did answer an ad on craigslist for a tv show that we fill in to san francisco just kind of out of curiosity one extra police officers and theyre gonna pay us like 80 bucks a day to be these extras on this new show called trauma in dc. Oh pretty things that my avena paramedic.
I was young its very fortunate because it was a show about paramedics threads do repa so dinner i got upgraded outlines on the show its pretty big you start getting lines on every episode. And pretty soon had a character named partner catch. The show never something i sought out just kind of chance right place right time.
Okay. Now homicide hunter. I mean.
Its like a cult classic amazing to us though right i mean we went from not thinking. Were gonna get a season to season when we filmed a connection in los angeles. Remember talking to the director.

who is the actor that plays joe kenda-2
who is the actor that plays joe kenda-2

Yeah. I dont think so i think theres maybe about nine cases that joe had here we are 115 shows later family. He was a little short sighted right.
I guess so part of the reason. Why maybe. Its not our director anymore yeah.
Its exploited so its absolutely amazing to all of us how big the show is gotten and how many things right well we love it though is there a website or something that you have find out more about you or facebook. I have my facebook pages my twitter. My instagram wow.
Thats great i appreciate it i post a lot about the show and stuff behind the scenes stuff all right you had it ill put the links below. Thanks guys dont forget to subscribe to great day to be a girl. .

who is the actor that plays joe kenda-3
who is the actor that plays joe kenda-3

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