Alternate History: What If Greece Conquered Turkey?

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Rich in history and achievement from the age of antiquity to the heyday of the the byzantine empire. And thats about it greece in recent centuries. Hasnt exactly at the top of their game being under the crushing debt in the age of the european union the crushing instability in the balkans during the 20th century or its days under ottoman rule a period which saw a greek hierarchy heritage and culture.
Faced heavy pressures as greeks endured islamic taxes at penalty of enslavement or death. And a child tribute system. Where one fifth.
The greek children will be taken and raised as muslims either to see enlistment in the sultans army. If they were boys or services. They made or serpent and they hear him if they were girls.
Though this period was not without its own merits as subjugated as the greeks were in these manners. They were also awarded special privileges as shippers and business men across the mediterranean. But the oversight of the ottomans.
Though this can exactly be considered a high point in their society. Hello audience mr. Zee here greece yeah.
Its never really been quite the same since well you know greeces last hurrah its period as the east roman empire. That are known as byzantium. An empire notable for carrying forward the spirit of the roman empire with an in mistakable greek character securing europe from the muslim expansion and dominating the mediterranean.
The fusing culture is an exotic product between europe and the near east. Helping shape the character of the region. Which still lingers.
Today. The byzantine empire would soon develop a rivalry with a number of other regional empires and states. Including the huns.
The sasanian bulgaria whom. I had caliphate and of course. The seljuk turks.
The tribe who would cripple the byzantine grasp on anatolia and paved the way for the rise of the adamant empire. Who would deal the killing blow to the byzantines and annex. Greece into their dominion.
A massive realm stretching from the height of the balkans for the southern tip of the arabian peninsula from the far coasts of north africa to the borders of persia. But today. Well just be focusing on greece.
The gatekeeper of europe as it were the first domino to fall. Indeed. Greece through its rule.
As the byzantine empire. Did hold off the turks for as long as they could but civil war and mounting internal disorder created the perfect opportunity for the ottomans to push past will remained of their defenses. Invading the balkans toppling the serbian empire and stacking.
The byzantine capital of constantinople. Hammering the final nail into the empires coffin. Initially the greek aristocracy napur classes.
The intellectuals and politicians. So our radication at the hands of the ottomans who feared these would be the most dangerous of the greeks posing the greatest threat to their rule due to their knowledge and capabilities or remained were a great number of greek peasantry merchants and a few allegorical. Clerical chiefs.
Known as the koja by sheesh who while christian abided by the ottoman administration and enforced tax collection.

what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-0
what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-0

Corruptly and often artistically on behalf of the admins in exchange for special privileges. There was also a number of greeks who had fled for the mountains. Which were generally untouched by the ottomans and from where they attempt to live free of ottoman rule occasionally launching gorya campaigns against the turks and their underlings 1700 would see conditions become increasingly favorable to the turks while the standard of living for the greek peasants plummeted diminishing most of the lower classes to serve status at the same time the educated class of the greeks began to rise to positions ever before accessible and in great number.
This would lead to the age of greek enlightenment. The greek enlightenment period being delayed due to their existence under ottoman rule. With the combined inspiration of the french revolution and the proclamation by catherine.
The great that christian revolution would lead to the liberation of the balkans from turkish rule. Created the perfect recipe for greek nationalism to arise. It only take a matter of time for the soup of total greek revolution to cook.
And with a number of minor greek for billions along the way greek independence. Was finally proclaimed in 1821. Something.
Which was immediately met with turkish retaliation beginning with the constantinople massacre. A pogrom against the greeks out of the city massacres occurred on both sides often against unarmed civilians making this one of europes most historically brutal and savage wars. Many of the greek factions being disorganized and occasionally combating each other.
While the turks. Having been unprepared for this also found themselves highly disorganized. Britain and france were sympathetic to the greek effort.
Although suspected. It was a russian plot and excretes and began expanding through the balkans. However as it became clear the conflict was becoming increasingly destructive.
So did russia. Britain and intervene on behalf of priests. Granting the greeks.
The temporary calm needed to regroup and establish a unified government. A conference in london. Determined the limitations of the greek borders soon before it had been liberated from the ottomans.
There was a general disappointment among the greeks as these limitations would exclude a number of ancestrally greek lands. Most notably threats. Which contained constantinople macedonia crete in iona.
But the greeks werent so ready to hassle. Britain. France and russia for more land after theyd essentially come to greeces rescue.
The great powers were also already too hesitant allow greece to become a republic instead opting for the establishment of a monarchy with bavarian prince otto a descendant of the byzantine empires to ascend to the throne otto having learned nothing from the past abused his power and made himself an absolute monarch. The greeks demanded he grant them a constitution. He said no and they revolted until he finally did so in 1843.
The greeks. Very much want to combat the ottomans for the rightful land. Even if they werent ready for it and demanded an assault be launched against the turks on a number of occasions otto simply couldnt because you see greece wasnt so much.
An independent state. As it was more of an autonomous protectorate of britain france and russia with otto. Only there to make sure it didnt cause any trouble greece was facing immense poverty.
Which otto couldnt solve there were demands for more land. Which otto couldnt meet and there were willing calls for the melchers to strike the turks while they were vulnerable. But otto couldnt this made him highly unpopular in the eyes of the greeks.
Hes basically the emmanuel macron of his time this would lead him to be deposed and replaced by british favourite prince george of denmark.

what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-1
what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-1

And almost like a video game for picking. Britains favourite britain had given to greece the united states the ionian islands a lame gift in retrospect. But an essential piece of the greek starter pack.
But this point greece was becoming increasingly more nationalistic and began developing domestic industries. But the issue still remained that greece lacked resources. The very same resources that laid in ancestral lands.
Now occupied by foreign powers. One of the major players in greek politics during this period. Was theodorus della guinea del delhi.
Theodorus delhi. Giannis a populous and promoter of the magali idea and irredentist plan to retake ancestral lands reinforce the ancient culture and restore the country to byzantine era borders something which was seen as the only means to truly become a free state. Liberated from their dead servitude to london opportunities arose.
Most notably the opportunity to take russia in their war against the ottomans in 1877. But because greece was too poor and concerned over british intervention. The government held back this war spelt the breakaway of the balkan states from the ottoman.
Empire but before russia could take constantinople britain intervened mindyou greece wasnt exactly in proper shape to enter the war something. Which became very evident in the later greco turkish war. Which greece entered on a whim and without proper preparation.
Yet despite this the drive to seize the land back did not die. Greeks stuck in ottoman lands would also begin developing a growing sense of nationalism with their former greek country and a campaign would be launched to take back macedonia through use of propaganda to spark a revolt for greek rule. But the issue was that macedonians were so ethnically mixed that both greece and bulgaria had claims to the people of the region and the two had to compete for the allegiance of the macedonian population.
Then came the balkan wars. First was a war between bulgaria greece. Montenegro and serbia against their shared enemy kebab next.
Bulgaria. Decided it would be a good idea to take a little land from everybody and thus our previous factions including kebab and with the addition of romania all declared war on bulgaria screwing up the beautiful russian pseudo vassal state. That was the balkan league by making them hate each other and setting the unstable stage for world war.
1. But also leading bulgaria to join kebab and the central powers later down the line because not only did everybody hate kebab. But now everybody hated bulgaria who basically also wanted their own recreated byzantine empire.
So now weve reached world war one king giorgio tsoukalos is assassinated in his son constantinople. I mean constantine the first takes throne. He is the first greek king to be born in greece.
He has been raised a devout creek orthodox christian. He was the commander in chief of the greek army during the balkan wars. And his very name evokes thoughts of byzantine greatness.
Heres where it gets interesting constantine of greece was married to kaiser wilhelm sister. Sophia of prussia and believed in a central powers victory. His prime minister.
However believed the opposite while greece could not survive. A naval war with britain had they joined the auntaunt instead of remaining neutral. Britain was prepared to cede cyprus to them for land access into the balkans constantine would remain neutral on account of his personal preference.
Something that would lead his prime ministers his schism. The nation ultimately leaving him in charge while constantine abdicated. Had constantine seen the opportunity to battle both bulgaria and the ottomans for a claim to their land and taken it things could have turned out much better for greece at the negotiation table.
Greece with british support would be able to fortify itself against bulgaria and the ottomans commanding the bulgarians in macedonia and leading a push into threats while helping support serbia long enough for the anton forces to launch an upward push through the balkans potentially.

what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-2
what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-2

Breaking austrian defences and not in mouth. The war early leaving germany alone to face off against both russia. And france will assume this early cooperation from greece allows the war to conclude closer to april of 1917.
Breaking the deadlock stalemate. The war had reached and saving. Russia.
The stressors that would have helped fuel the revolutions in this timeline. Following the war. Greece has ceded territory from bulgaria and the ottoman empire.
Specifically. Thrashed. Macedonia and former ionian region of anatolia and especially constantinople along with cyprus as previously promised and unlike in our timeline.
Greece is able to hold on to that territory since the king and prime minister are never indiscreet a schism never leads to the post war political instability that aladdin was stafa kemal atat rk to establish a rival turkish national government that would ultimately drive them out of anatolia. Wed also see russia play a role in the partitioning of the ottoman empire. As was intended in our timeline.
But werent able to participate in on account of domestic turmoil. This would lead russia to support greek claims to constantinople as well as italian occupied regions of turkey while also supporting wilsonian armenia. But pushing for it to be a russian protectorate in this timeline.
The turkish national movement has reduced a little more than a territorial ii hopeful group with little chance of expanding beyond their designated lands in the north of anatolia. Any attempt that a turkish war of independence would now be met with a more unified and ready greek army and i now more stable on fractured russian army stationed in armenia. Without the turks reclaiming anatolia.
This also means the kurds may get a homeland car out of french and british turquoise below armenia turkey is relegated to the role of an essentially landlocked nation whose only poor taxes would be to the black sea met with hostile greeks in the west. The very likely bitter armenians to the east and the empires of britain and france to its south this being their only potential hope for a trade partnership in a neighborhood. They were no longer welcoming in a seeming role reversal.
Greece was now coming out on top with italian occupied lands being ceded to their growing empire and exchanged for some more local lands from austria. Russia is going to be facing some internal restructuring as well the bolshevik revolution. Never comes to pass conditions remain poor and the people are still restless leading a number of territories to secede like the ukraine finland poland and the baltic states.
But the slope into revolution is far more gradual giving britain the time necessary to intervene and push tsar nicholas to establish a constitutional parliamentary monarch system. Where you could continue to rule as a figurehead while the russian people took more control of the government a ver with communistic elements already present within. Russia.
This could lead to a democratically elected socialist system. Something that could become increasingly more popular as the great depression took hold leading to not necessarily a civil war. But an ideological struggle between russian traditionalism and a more sterile socialist future.
Something that could lead russia down a path similar to germany in our timeline. Because king. Constantine is never forced abdicate the throne and remains king.
He continues pushing forward an ideal be united hellenic people under a new greco byzantine flag. Greece was finally truly free from direct rule and from dependency. The economy began to recover as new resources flooded in and the trade hub.
That was constantinople was made full use of by king constantine. However despite this a number of far left factions. It exists within.
Greece and the numbers would grow with the coming depression by this point. Constantine will pass away in his mid to late 50s and his son would succeed him inheriting a stronger. More unified and less chaotic greece than in our timeline and just to give you an idea of how chaotic in our timeline.
Greece had become within one decade.

what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-3
what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-3

Greece had seen. 23 regime changes. A dictatorship and 13.
Coos constantines son george ii would ascend the throne as the first neo byzantine emperor with ionis metaxas as prime minister george like his father was staunchly anti tarnish have serves in the war as a colonel and later a major general on our timeline metaxas. Seeing recent a nun. Governor will state established a dictatorship with the support of george.
But in this timeline. Given the stability of greece. The to collaborate more moderately in shaping byzantium into a homogenous people guided by a single goal doing so was suppressing the communists and promoting hellenic nationalism.
But continuing to abide by the constitution promoting needleless policies for greek families to receive government benefits for producing more greek children and raising them in the orthodox faith while non orthodox inhabitants. And those of foreign ancestry faced minor penalties to discourage long term residency. This would function to restore a greek hellenic identity.
Which many felt they had lost under the centuries of ottoman rule. Especially those who were displaced and are of mixed ethnicity giving these lost souls a lamb. They could call home and an identity.
They could call their own all the while calls mounted for a conquest of remaining turkish lands and the kingdom of yugoslavia for serbias historic annexation of greek lands and allowing for the turks to subjugate them leaving byzantium to shift direction from economic development and trade to full on mill tourism for what was becoming an inevitable war against the turks britain would have looked upon this poorly. But there was little they could do as the situation were not concerned them greatly and would not be worth the resources expended. This would still lead to an estrangement between greece and britain and thus.
Greece was in the market for some new allies allies who could appeal to their sense of territorial expansion and restoration of historic greatness. George would be nephew of kaiser wilhelm. And his sympathies.
The germany made him a rather popular figure. Too many germans this paired with his strong economic military ties to germany as had been seen in our timeline. Could see the to develop a closer relationship in this timeline in place of germanys relationship to italy 1936 would see the establishment of the athens.
Berlin axis whilst. Italy under mussolini stokes. A revolution.
Within france. Who was in the midst of a political upheaval. Promoting and supporting philippe vuitton.
The would be leader of vichy. France. However in launching this new french revolution sowed.
The seeds for the rise of the more dominant french popular front. A leftist political coalition. Led by socialist leon blum.
Who had the majority in the 1936 general election spelling. The beginnings of a french civil war between the right and left that may very well leave france. A socialist nation in the wake of it russia had taken a turn for the same nationalist orthodox traditionalists in the head arisen from greece and intended to come back the congress elements that had detected rising within his own borders.
Expanding on the rush of german non aggression. Pact russia proceeded to establish with greece and germany iii fulled alliance with the goals of restoring the lost lanes of their empires. Recognizing that there would be some contention between germany and russia over polish land.
But better they resolve that dispute together then need face each other in another war especially when the french commune tallying against italy for the support of the nationalists proceeded to invade and annex the peninsula. Forcing mussolini to flee to spain together. It was decided that the new axis predominant eastern in central europe creating an alliance.
The forces of western europe could not penetrate and stood no chance of overthrowing utilizing combination of russian manpower german. Technology and greeces strategic positioning to shift european dominance from the old powers of the west to the new powers of the east the us of xiv thanks for watching support your legion by liking the video or join our ranks by subscribing for more mr z. Helped music.

what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-4
what is the name of the english poet who supported greece’s revolt against the ottomans?-4

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