Ark: HOW TO TAME A MESOPITHECUS? Poop Flinging Monkey Taming!

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Guys ralph hammer back with another video and im looking for of course the the mess epiphysis because i want to tame one im at the same place. I found edgar in the woods of course. Im hoping to find a mezzo pittacus around here.
Ive been looking for for one for quite some time already. But im sure there has to be one around here. Oh my god theres one over here.
What how could i miss that okay. Im gonna drop you off here. Edgar youre still wandering like a wait.
Okay is there kenny. Oh. My god its just one over here always looking in the bushes okay same way to tame.
One you put. The meteor berries in your slop. Wait white wine.
And omega varies. Why do i have no berries at all okay im gonna collect some more mature berries yeah where is it i sit there its not that oh it is okay. I think im gonna just try.
And do the same thing as i live with them i get the pinkest medium. It if you measure mary okay so far so good i dont know okay guys. I dont know it all how long it takes to tell you can ive waited some time.
Oh. It is already hungry again okay. Eat major berry wow.
Its going really fast. Oh. Its level.

how to tame a monkey in ark-0
how to tame a monkey in ark-0

As well very very good hey is it getting any hungry again already. Oh my god i shouldnt have i dont know the dont run away dont run away. Dont know dont gain to watch.
It hey yeah. Im gonna you know its running away. Okay.
Thats what it does instead of our you know what youre trying to do monkey. What are you trying to tell me and not feed you a major berry. Oh.
My god no megapiranhas. No i know thats uni. Yeah.
They are oh saying. Theres piranhas. No no no no no you stay away from my monkey.
These things like scarra. I killed one i killed both wheres the monkey. Wheres my bunkie why is everything so hectic wait.
What is that is that on the beach are you kidding me is that the monkey. Oh. My god there it is okay.
I missed. It okay pre major berry isis. Its the same one.
But its lost its timing. Okay so you have to be quick about this okay so tame these to tame. These guys this two ways i read that dodo kibble is the best kibble to tame them and the best berries of course are going to be the major berries just like the the bigfoot one.
I dont know hes in the woods somewhere or something i dont know.

how to tame a monkey in ark-1
how to tame a monkey in ark-1

But this is going to be the best way to tame them okay. Hes eating you have to be quick about it too because the last time it freaked out on me. And i really had stood no chance okay guys.
Its almost tamed. Its really fast you have to feed it like go in go out just like them is the the gigantopithecus. This is gonna be a run in give it a berry.
Oh. My god weve tamed one we got it we chained the mess up it occurs. Oh my god look at it.
Its tashi. Oh. So cool.
I know i read this theyll say in one of my update videos. But it looks and really cool name it boop flinger. The third because i think i saw two now i lost before i found this one boop fling of the tear.
The third looks really cool ii carry on shoulder. Yes. Oh.
My god oh my god look at it. Look at it looks kind of scary. The the orange eyes.
The eyes of death. This monkey is not to be trifled with look at it it just has this evil power upon it okay what happens if i do this right click nothing what its punching like how do i throw it because ive seen it being thrown to fight something weak like a dodo. See what it does when ii.
Oh. Thats it okay ii thats it i found it okay guys. I found out how to throw one you need to first pick it up what a back you up useless.
You press.

how to tame a monkey in ark-2
how to tame a monkey in ark-2

E. And then you can do this whoa. So is it kind of far.
I guess you can compare this to the throwing on there on the jaw go again to pittacus gigantopithecus. It just pooped on my shoulder it pooped on my shoulder. Why im gonna pick this poop up.
I want this i want this pick up and cut the poop. Why does it not want to let me pick up the poop. We go pick up poop excess inventory on it to have poop in his inventory.
So you can throw it what you need to be able to throw the poop craftable. So were going to give him a nice little hat because as you can see it can in fact wear a hat. I dont have read the hat that the cowboy hat skin on me.
But now it has this look at it its like a baby come with me oppa. I saw a dodo lets fight it lets fight the dad oh okay. This thing is gonna spit dodge this bit on back this target.
Whats he gonna do hes going in hes fighting pun chips. Okay so its gonna fight. Its got a jump attack.
Oh yeah. Stan. What is another one come on boom flinger more spit yeah wow yee im gonna die im gonna die im gonna die guys once again guys i still want to say this thank you guys so much for watching.
Im sorry about the annoying noise caused by their dying sounds. But i hope you guys are as excited that this thing is in the game you can throw it it can throw poop. We did not get to see that im gonna look it further into it now i can get it to throw poop.
But it does seem to be combat capable and something really cool you can carry it on your shoulder. And im pretty sure you can do that while also writing the gigantopithecus if i was still around there if it didnt run off run off. We could have done that but this is going to be it for the episode.
Thank you guys so much for watching. I really appreciate it and as always stay awesome you .

how to tame a monkey in ark-3
how to tame a monkey in ark-3

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