ARK | How to Tame a Pteranodon + Tips (Beginner’s Guide)

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Fellow ark players in this tutorial. Im going to show you everything you need need to know so you can tame your very first pteranodon so lets go pteranodon. Which is commonly referred to as a terra is quite possibly the best early game dino in arc.
Its gonna allow you to travel the map much more quickly. And you can kill high level dinos with it which means you can level up rapidly once you get your hands on one the largest barrier to entry youre going to encounter is the fact that youll have to be at least level 38 to build the saddle for your pteranodon. Even if you are high enough level.
The saddle isnt the cheapest thing to build youll need 75. Chitin or a keratin or a combination of both 125 fiber and 230 hide by the time you reach level 38. And are able to craft a terra saddle.
You should have a berry collecting dino like a triceratops pteranodons wake up fairly quickly after being knocked out. So its important to have a stockpile of narcotics ready beforehand. So assuming that you do have the ability to collect large amounts of narco berries and you know how to craft narcotics.
Lets go over the checklist of things are going to need before you knock at ran and on out youve got a saddle crafted and in your inventory. You have a bow or preferably. A crossbow with at least ten tranq arrows and dont forget to equip the tranq arrows to the bow.
Youll be using next on the list is several bolas. But you really shouldnt need more than just one or two you also have 20 narcotics or more to keep it sedated and the next thing you want to bring is a spyglass. Its not a requirement that you have one.
But it will allow you to more easily pick out which tera you want to tame pteranodons spend most of their time flying around. But they like to land every once in a while so its nice knowing what level. The tera is before waiting for it to land so for example you you probably dont want to waste your time.
Waiting for a terra to land just to find out its only like a level 5 or something to build a spyglass youre gonna need to find two crystal. But if you dont want to spend the time finding crystal you can proceed with the taming mission without spyglass. If you do decide to go spyglass.
Less. How you can just wait for one to land and theyre not spooked by you so you can just walk up to it get real close and see what level. It is that way anyway the last thing youll need is access to raw meat to feed the tear out during the taming process terras do prefer raw.
Prime meat. Which you can get from larger herbivores and carnivores. But raw prime meat spoils.
Very quickly terras like raw mutton. Even more than raw prime meat. But mutton can be only harvested from ova tsas which can be hard to find if youre really hardcore you can tame your first terah with kibble made from dodo eggs.
But to be honest.

how to tame a pteranodon in ark-0
how to tame a pteranodon in ark-0

I wouldnt worry all that much about going overboard trying to find the best food for your first tera. Just use raw meat. You can go for a perfect.
Tame. Later. The most important thing at this stage is to simply.
Tame atera that you can use alright. So. Lets just quickly summarize that checklist youve got the saddle crafted.
And its in your inventory. Youve got a bow or preferably. A crossbow with tenth ranked arrows or more.
Youve made sure to equip the bow with the tranq arrows you verified that youve got at least twenty narcotics in your inventory. You also have at least two bolas ready to go optionally. Youll have a spyglass to verify the terras level.
While its flying around and youve also got access to raw meat. All right finally now its time to track down. A tera that you want to tame terras can be found in many different areas on arc maps that have tranny dons.
But usually youll find them flying around bodies of water where theyll then briefly land on the beach. Once the terra has landed and youve identified there level throw ebola at it this will keep it grounded. While you knock it out shoot it in the beak with tranq arrows until it collapses.
And it really shouldnt take a whole lot of tranq arrows. Before this happens. Now thats tranquilized put the narcotics into its inventory.
At this point. You can go out and look for larger dinos to kill for raw prime meat or a novus to kill for raw mutton. But dont worry about that too much raw meat will work just fine for now especially if youre limited on your ability to obtain the higher quality foods you can dump the raw meat into its inventory right away or you can wait for its food level to drop a little bit.
I personally like to wait for a little while for its food levels to go down before i feed. It now all you have to do is monitor. It sedation level also known as its torpor level.
Once the torpor bar drops to around half force feed at several narcotics to keep it sedated as time goes by its food bar will deplete and it will eat the raw meat. Thats in its inventory. Every time it eats.
Youll see the taming bar progress at this point.

how to tame a pteranodon in ark-1
how to tame a pteranodon in ark-1

All you have to do is make sure it doesnt wake up and keep an eye on the raw meat. It has left to eat in its inventory. If its starting to run out of raw meat to munch on just force feed it some narcotics and go grab more raw meat.
As quickly as you can once the taming bar fills up youre done youve tamed your first tran adan. Just equip. It with the saddle and youre good to go.
I always feel like the taming of my first terra and an arc file is like a catalyst to greater things you can traverse the map much more quickly and with much more ease and you can level up way. More quickly speaking of which heres a quick tip you can level extremely fast by finding alpha dinos and killing them with your terra. If you can find an explorer.
Note. Nearby before killing an alpha dino youre almost guaranteed a couple levels. Even if youre already at a high level.
The barrel roll move does love damage and its great way to kill almost any dino every barrel roll takes a good chunk of stamina. So i would recommend leveling your taras stamina first and foremost stamina is the most important step for a tara in my opinion. Then mainly damage then weight or speed.
But how you allocate the stats is totally up to you and your goals for your pteranodon. Another thing. I think that is really important to mention is that youll need to watch out for raptors thala koleos microraptors and any other dino that can knock you off your terra.
You might be right in the middle of killing. A t. Rex or alpha dino.
And youll swoop down. For a barrel roll. Without noticing a pack of raptors nearby next thing you know youre getting knocked off your terra you get killed and your tariff lies off or gets.
Killed as well i have over 3000. Hours in arc and that is probably the most likely way for me to die. In any file.
So just be aware of that so if you are watching this tutorial. Youre somewhat likely to be a newer arc player. So heres just a couple more tips that should help you out i touched that briefly earlier.
But i do want to stress. It a little bit more the pteranodon runs off of stamina. One of the best uses avatara is for leveling your character more quickly by killing large and dangerous dinosaurs the barrel roll.
Attack is going to be your best friend for killing.

how to tame a pteranodon in ark-2
how to tame a pteranodon in ark-2

Monsters and can be really easy to forget about your stamina bar. If your stamina bar runs out in the middle of killing. A t.
Rex. You will be forced to land. And if that happens.
The t. Rex is no longer your only concern. You are also more likely to get knocked off your mount by raptors increasing melee damage can offset.
How many barrel rolls. You need to perform to kill something though too so a good balance of stamina and melee damage is gonna make your terra an awesome killing machine which in turn allows you to make levels more efficiently so one last tip. I would like to impart is to not skimp on finding a high level tara you could tame the first hair you came across.
But if you can find a max level. Tara or one thats close to it you are that much closer to breeding pteranodons. Once you have a perfect or near perfect male and female tara.
You can start breeding them and bred taras are gonna be extremely useful for you even if you are playing on a map with argents and wiggins bred taras still stand up pretty well in the late game theyre faster than argents they do more damage than argents and terahs are also much more agile than wyverns or argents. So i would recommend going for a quality tara. If possible if you can tame a low level pteranodon.
You should be able to tame a high level. One. As well no problem theyll just take a little bit longer.
Which means youll need to use a little bit more meat and a few more narcotics during the taming process. If you have any questions about the actual taming process as a whole feel free to check out my tutorial on how to do that i dive more into the details in that tutorial. So.
If you have any questions. Please leave them in the comment section. I try to be really good about checking.
The comments and addressing your questions anyway. I hope you found this tutorial useful. And if you did please consider dropping a thumbs up on this video that would help me out a ton and if you really like this video a subscription would be amazing.
Ive got a lot of other art videos on the have a gaming channel. You can check out. And theres more to come.
So. Thank you very much for watching. Enjoy your tara and godspeed music you .

how to tame a pteranodon in ark-3
how to tame a pteranodon in ark-3

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