AT\u0026T U-Verse (Internet) – Slow speeds, Advanced Wifi tweaking

how to change dns on att uverse router This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you AT&T U-Verse (Internet) – Slow speeds, Advanced Wifi tweaking. Following along are instructions in the video below:
When is your boy credential and today. Were going to be talking about the the internet service provider. At t u.
Verse. Now the model that we are working of the modem router is the pace 5 6. 8.
Ac. Rather that youre on a ont network aka fiber. That youre on a dsl network or coax cable.
Thats completely fine. Were working on the modem here. So with this page is universal with every other pages as well so how to get.
To this page you want to type. In. 1921681254.
Now. If this page does not display. For you all you got to do is open up your command.
Prompt. And lets go ahead. And do that here.
Im open up your command. Prompt go to i p. Config.
And itll say. Default gateway. And itll say your default ip address.
Now. Im connected to an additional router. So this is not going to be the same for you.
But it should be the one on to point one sixty eight point one point two five four that should be the ip address that you have to enter in on your web browser and itll take you to this display. Page anywho.

how to change dns on att uverse router-0
how to change dns on att uverse router-0

Were gonna be working with wi fi and on another video. Ill show you how to port forward. If you all are curious if youre trying to run a home server of some sort and another video is just basic troubleshooting and whatnot.
So ask for the wife. Flying lets go ahead and click on that now if it brings you to a page where it ask you what your access token is i dont know what your access token is you need to find that now everything can be referenced on the side of your modem that will have a orange slash yellow sticker. Or some type of sticker that will have your information.
So you can enter in all this and and whatnot. Anywho so on this particular. Modem it is a 24.
Band. And it also has a 5. Point.
Ah or a. 5. Gigahertz band lets talk about the.
24. Band first basically the. 24 is standard every wi fi device can connect to the 24.
And there. I should say older devices actually no i messed up my words every device can connect to a 24. But as for an older device they cannot connect to a 5 band so just want to let you know about that now its enable to be one and enabled if you want to as few devices if all of your devices are a 5.
Band what i would do is i would disable the 24. Band and make sure and make sure that you are enabled with this alone. Basically what this means for you is there is two frequencies that are being carried out and their mixtures in the two if we can get rid of one a signal.
So it doesnt interfere of the other signal that brings more clarity to you and has more of a faster speed. However lets go ahead and assume that all of your device is a little bit older. So lets talk about the next thing lets talk about the wi fi channels here now this is set to auto and thats good but if you are having problems with your network speed.
I would start messing around with it from theres one through 11. But i would stay away from 1 6. And 11 those are the default channels that your neighbors could be on especially if you are in a high traffic residential area such as apartments or just theres wi fi all around so if you just.
See whats in your wi fi network. And you see all these.

how to change dns on att uverse router-1
how to change dns on att uverse router-1

Peoples wi fi. Is then you definitely want to make sure that you are away from 1 6. And 11 because those frequencies will interfere with your frequency.
So if you were to choose 3 4. 5. 7 8.
9. I would suggest that basically if you can get a wi fi analyzer on your phone or whatnot. It will show you what channels.
These devices are on so you can stay our devices. That do you wi fi router. Modems are on so you can stay away from that particular channel.
Now basically why you want to stay away from those carriers or excuse me those wi fi channels because if youre on channel. One and that person is on channel one everything in the air is going to be distorted. Youre gonna have a slower speed low a higher ping higher latency.
So you want to make sure that everything is in the clear so hopefully that makes sense additionally. If you can stay away from the kitchen. Because the microwaves and frigerators and whatnot especially when the kids come home off of school and they start nuking something in the microwave and for whatever reason.
If your modem is on that microwave youre gonna have a bad time especially. If youre like in our skype conference or whatnot keep it away from the basement. The the basement in the floors.
Or the ceilings. I should say have some metal or some rock sheets. That is depleting the signal.
So if you ever go into a warehouse like costco or sams club. And you start to see your cell phone signal start to drop basically. Its in that analogy and also you want to have the modem router by itself away from other electronics.
Because it can other electronics can give off a frequency or some type of radio waves. So let me know about that if you can just in general. If you can have a hardwired connected to your router.
Awesome. I i would recommend that thats what i do i dont like wi fi.

how to change dns on att uverse router-2
how to change dns on att uverse router-2

I hate. It if i can have ethernet connected on my phone to the router. I would but however.
Thats not the case here were in the days todays world and we want everything to be convenient. I understand that thats why youre here so anyways lets go ahead and move on sorry a little bit of iran so im just letting you know that one six and 11 or. Bad.
Channels that you different stay away from and i go to speedtestnet and every time that you change up a channel just run a speed test. So you know make sure that you have a password that nothing gasps. Which you can use a custom password here the less devices that is on your network.
The better. It is for you that should be common sense. Its basically if you add more straws in the coca cola how much are you really gonna enjoy that coke so now as for the five band gigahertz basically this is newer technology and you will see more of the promising speeds that the package you sign up for if you sign up for a hundred megabytes.
Then youll start to see closer to that hundred megabytes just letting you know about that now you can change out the channels and these channels are different as you can see theyre not one through eleven. Its thirty six and it starts to skip every few numbers. So you want to stay away from 36 165.
And somewhere in the middle between the 64 and a hundred stay away from those. But you have all these other channels that you can mess around with and ask for the channel bandwidth. Its either with 40 that will deplete the signal.
So neighbors around you wont be able to see it or youre gonna have a 80 megahertz. It which will string the signal for that longer range so that thats where its at and after youre done messing around with a setting setting you need to you can go ahead and hit save reset your router unplug. It for 10 to 30 seconds and plug it back in and basically thats it that should help out with your speed better connectivity with the wi fi except for if youre in the basement.
Or if the routers in the basement. Youre gonna have problems or if its in the kitchen. Youre gonna have problems so hopefully that this video makes sense to you if it does please please please go ahead and subscribe to the channel.
If you havent already give the video a thumbs up and well see you in the next video and as our channel grows you grow with this we want to the world. And yeah. Take care music whats up getting back to my shitty candy jason you miss running till.
The very end you can every day. Im feeling great better than the day before you can see it on my face. Smiling with my glasses on like im blind to all the hate.
I can see all of you number ii like a cat. .

how to change dns on att uverse router-3
how to change dns on att uverse router-3

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