Boston Massacre Engraving by Paul Revere Analyzed

who is the silversmith that engraved the bloody massacre? This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Boston Massacre Engraving by Paul Revere Analyzed. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Everyone today were looking at a super famous primary source. Which has been used used a lot on ap test. And that is paul reveres engraving.
Which depicts a bias. The boston massacre that occurred in march of 1770. Were going to briefly discuss the historical context.
The boston massacre itself and reveres depiction of it but possibly more importantly. We are going to discuss how this is a piece of political propaganda. And what type of effect.
It has on the revolutionary time period. Okay lets get into it first the historical context. The french indian war ended in 1763.
The british had spent an enormous sum in that war to fight and defeat the french and their indian allies in north america prior to the french indian war. The british north american colonies. Enjoyed what is termed as a policy of solitary neglect by the british government which meant that the colonies could by and large govern themselves and various taxes and restrictions were only lightly enforced.
That came to a crashing halt with the french indian war as the british became much more hands on with their colonies. They passed acts like the quartering declaratory and stamp act in the mid 1760s. These were unpopular in the colonies who were successful in getting one of the acts repealed after some protests and boycotts.
However. A new series of acts were passed in 1767 and 1768 called the township acts. These were a series of acts.
Some of which resulted in tariffs on common items. Like paper and tea and additionally.

who is the silversmith that engraved the bloody massacre?-0
who is the silversmith that engraved the bloody massacre?-0

These acts. Empowered british officials to force more compliance of the taxes on colonists. Some colonists especially those in port towns that were in the merchant industry objected to the townsend acts their main arguments were that they were against their colonial charters.
They were against natural laws. Which signals back to the popular enlightenment ideas of the time and john lockes philosophy. And they went against their constitutional rights.
As british subjects in 1770 at the bostons customs house. A disagreement between a merchant and customs official. Turned violent.
Which then drew a large crowd of a few hundred bostonians that shouted spit and taunted. The british officials at the customs house. A few british reinforcements came and the situation became extremely tense after one british soldier was struck by an object.
He fired his gun and the others did as well when the dust cleared. Several colonists were injured or dead. After the incident.
The governor of massachusetts. Immediately ordered an investigation. What also ensued was a battle in the media with patriots showing the incident as british barbarity while loyalist media largely blamed the mob.
This is where the patriot paul revere steps in to create his influential engraving of the incident. Okay now lets analyze and source. The engraving.
The first thing we need to look at is the creator paul revere. Who was a prominent boston businessman and one of his main trades was as a silversmith.

who is the silversmith that engraved the bloody massacre?-1
who is the silversmith that engraved the bloody massacre?-1

His businesses. Had been negatively affected by the british tariffs starting with a stamp act and during the time of the engraving. The townsend acts.
He was also a patriot and member of the sons of liberty. Which is very important for students to know so you can identify his point of view next when it comes to the engraving itself. It is an example of political propaganda.
Revere was not concerned with creating an accurate depiction of the event. He wanted to show the british in the worst possible light. So his engraving depicts the british as the aggressors and there were several other key aspects in the engraving that is supposed to invoke sympathy for the colonists and hatred toward the british like the woman in the back and the dog in the foreground.
One of the most obvious examples is a sign of the officer saying butchers hall. Which as you can guess is saying. The british are butchering these innocent colonists.
He even draws the soldiers with grins like they are enjoying it and finally revere titles. The piece the bloody massacre in king street. One thing to think about is how a loyalist might portray the incident.
Im sure would have a different title for starters. Maybe something along the lines of a drunken mob on king street. Ok.
So we know this engraving was intended to rile up resentment against the british and it was very effective in doing so the engraving will be published in newspapers. And will have a long legacy. Speaking of which lets take a look at the rest of the story.
So. The british soldiers involved in the boston massacre were put on trial.

who is the silversmith that engraved the bloody massacre?-2
who is the silversmith that engraved the bloody massacre?-2

And they had an unlikely lawyer. Yes. John adams.
Who at the time was a patriot. So why did he defend them well adams was definitely a principled man. And felt the soldiers should get a fair trial and another lawyers were willing to take up their case.
He did a great job. And once the evidence was laid out the jury acquitted. The soldiers of most charges with the exception of manslaughter for two of the soldiers who received a reduced sentence of a branding on their thumbs overall.
The boston massacre is considered a major event in the revolutionary time period. However keep in mind this occurs in 1770. Lexington and concord are still five years away.
And the declaration independence. Is six years. So.
This does not immediately lead to the revolutionary war. Paul reveres engraving would become a very effective piece of propaganda that would continue to be used in the following years as the event was commemorated by groups like the sons of liberty every year and millions of us history and ap us. History students have listened to their teachers discuss the event and in reverse engraving helping to make sure this piece of history lives on okay.
That does it for this primary source. Please. Subscribe and share.
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who is the silversmith that engraved the bloody massacre?-3
who is the silversmith that engraved the bloody massacre?-3

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