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Video witness boy theres a lot of elevator video on the last various yeah yeah and this one is also a very serious elevator video of bow wow. And girlfriend or at the time. Girlfriend leslie.
This was them in the elevator at their building. This was moments before the explosive fight that went down at their place that led to them both getting arrested both getting injured and we can see in the video. You will see exactly how heated things were theyre on their way home from a party.
She says that bow wow. God was jealous that she was talking to another man and then they get in the elevator to head up the other place. And you can see hes enraged trying to grab her phone does grab her phone it looks like a key charles is the key shes holding her phone in the left hand.
And it looks like theyre arguing over the key cuz. Remember they both lived at the same apartment and not as where theyre going in this elevator. So it looks like hes trying to grab that and eventually he does get it.
But of course that is not the end of this he actually gets up in her face as you see right here unclear. What hes saying. But he looks upset i can assure you this is not really about the key.
This is way deeper than the known the key is a symbol of whats going on probably that because remember what what she says happened they got into the building into their their place right. And he said get your stuff and get out and she actually did pack up her stuff. But wouldnt leave and he says thats when things got physical.
Its really interesting because bow wows people after this after they were arrested. He said that he was wrongfully arrested that she was the out of control intoxicated woman that was the aggressor and this is moments before you know that incident had happened and it paints a very different story to me to be fair to bail out theres nothing where hes not physically attacking her here. Hes grabbing her in this situation.
It looks. Like he is the one losing himself. And she is the one that is showing restraint and thats being fair to everybody because i dont know what happened when they left this elevator.

who is bow wow beefing with in atlanta-0
who is bow wow beefing with in atlanta-0

However if youre looking at this is the aggression in her face. And she is the one turning away not taking the bait not doing anything just off this video. Shes not moving.
Shes nothing at all now we know the amount that man is trying to get in the middle of this situation. Whoever this guy right here. Yeah.
You know with the nice hair is hidden in this situation trying to make sure this doesnt get worse yeah with a nice hair. Thats becky with a nice hair that means salon connecting. But yeah so what happened inside.
He says that she threw a lamp at him but missed him and when they and youve seen the photos of the space substantial damage to both they were visible injuries. Which is why they were released. They could see her art there was the red marks on the elevator video.
The elevator definitely is more aggressive on his part. But what happened inside so i guess at what point. I hes certainly amping things up here.
But when they walk off the elevator. We know inside there all right and ultimately thats what theyre gonna have to prove if they really pursue criminal charges. You know what happened inside were there any witnesses you know theres a guy has to be a witness.
Though i mean he was long he stayed youre right. I mean. He may have been inside and then again is he bowing does he have credibility if he testifies on his behalf.
There were witnesses in there. And i believe it was that they were in the report. They talked to people who were there youre right its gonna depend do they work for bow wow.

who is bow wow beefing with in atlanta-1
who is bow wow beefing with in atlanta-1

He goes tricky though cuz anybody okay well he works for me so of course. Hes gonna say that but by the elevator video. Though you see him apt up.
But its a different situation. Though cuz she could just be sitting there with a bunch of anger. As soon as she lets loose its like okay boom.
Hello. She could be but the fact is that the only video. Theyve got is that and thats listen if it ends up going to trial that video is going to be presented like prosecutors against bow wow to say they do prosecute her for battery.
Shes going to admit that evidence and say look im standing there hes coming in my face. But hes gonna come back and say here are the photos of my injuries where you can see not only the scratches on my face. But marker and shell say its defensive because he was attacking me and look at how agitated.
He was in there burbank california troy rawlings in burbank. Hey. They say the internet is undefeated.
But these elevator videos are undefeated. I was selling wolf tickets and he has no street knowledge. If you argue with somebody and they looking around you like the calm person in a boxing match.
You might the you bout to catch it and from what it seems like she i dont know like you said. It looks like she was the one that said okay ima wait. But how do boy when you know its gonna be a problem.
And she was very calm and looked like she had to get away from the situation. But when it popped off those wolf tickets didnt help yeah okay. .

who is bow wow beefing with in atlanta-2
who is bow wow beefing with in atlanta-2

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