Breath of the Wild – Yiga Clan’s Hideout Location and Mission Guide

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Everyone and welcome. This is carlos from last game in paradise. And i this is is my tutorial for on how to get the steves ida.
So the go. The main gate of the forbidden city on the side that its got the shrine and grab a seal and go towards the shrine. And youll see some structures coming from the ground.
It should be easy to spot because the landscape is different on the on either side. So all you need to do is you just keep going up and up and up until you reach a point. Where the seal cant go any further.
There are some boulders on the way. So be careful the best ways to stay on the right on the first law and then stay to the left on the second law and you should pass them without much trouble just remember that you need to be to collect as many arrows as possible and if you wanna steal youre not going to be able to collect any arrows like i did so i was left with very little arrows and youre going to need them further down the line. So when you reach this point.
Here youre going to have to let your seal go and make your way on foot for the next part of the mission. So go left in here. Dont go right go left in here and keep going up all you need to do is keep going up along the way youre going to find some they look like monkeys.
Well they might even annas so there must be monkeys. But i still didnt figure out what they are because theyve got masks on them. But they do look like monkeys.
These ones are easy to be all you need to do is let them jump and throw and like shoot an arrow or if youve got any other type of errors. Thats going to be much easier like i did just now. But if you havent then let them go up shoot an arrow and then they have to come down and when they come down just go towards them and and hit them with one of the one of your weapons.
These are very easy nothing major just try to get away from there arrows. I didnt have any arrows at all in here. Very very little i had four arrows in this mission.
So it can be done with very little arrows. But its advisable to to do it with more more arrows like you know at least 2530 in here is getting very unlucky just get away from there fire from the arrows and then run towards them when they come down malicious after they shoot the arrow. And you should be all right.
Theres some both here as well so if you if you are in need of a bow. Youre going to be able to find many in here also bear in mind that they drop red rubies and other jewels and mighty bananas. As well so these are handy further down the line so in this section.
You get three just go towards them and try to kill one of them at least. If you can if you cant just just do the same method then i explain let them shoot the arrows when they come down just go towards them. And they do exactly like what i did just now and just keep going up you cant avoid these ones as well you can just run run away.
But i decided to show you just how easy it is to actually do them to actually kill them so once you get to the top. Youre going to get to these these cave here that will have like an altar in the center and many many stairs going from the side the first thing you need to do is grab yourself. A torch and light your torch from the entrance to the right the first door on the right that youre going to see is going to be your way into the hideout.

how to get into yiga clan hideout-0
how to get into yiga clan hideout-0

So burn that that pine and staircase should open right to the top and thats where youre going to go and and set it on the level. But there are also other goodies in here as well i speed up the video in here soon. So i wouldnt bore you with it.
But like rubies just be careful with the bats as well there are bats inside here. So if if there are no rubies. Then theyre going to be bad spiritual things as well so its always good to to have them for sale.
They can get some money so pick up everything that you can and burn. All the pines. All the hidden pines that you you see in here.
And and collect all the goodies. There are no arrows here so if you havent got any arrows thats not going to be any way to get some arrows if youre in here when you finish burning everything just go up the staircase and continue with your mission. This is the clan hideout.
The proper clan hideout that was just the entrance. So get grab the mallannas and speak to the girl that is being trapped in there. And she she will say that its better not to engage in fight with these guys because theyve got many friends and they are not friendly.
They are really dangerous. Its better if you dont engage with them so try to do this on a sneaky side and pass them without engaging in fighting because if you do then youre going to have problems you going to end up dying. So the first thing you do is just go down and climb up that the rock in the center and just wait for him to pass theres a lot of god god further down.
And theres a fence a spiky fence in between you just jump off this and glide glide down and hide behind the rock next to the second guard you will see you but thats exactly what we want because we want to take him away from the door. So just neat to the side of the rock let him go to the other side. And then just sneaking to the staircase behind him behind where he was so just keep going up.
And theres a staircase right at the end go all the way to the staircase and go up to the top once you reach the top turn right and then keep walking all the way down. Theres going to be a lot of pressure here and loads and loads of bananas. So just grab the mighty bananas and to the right.
Theres a chest as well just grab. Whatever is inside the chest. Its a topaz this time so and then go back to where you came from and ill fly through theres going to be a gap in a window.
So all you need to do is if you cant jump to that structure in the center. But i didnt make it so i fell down. But it doesnt really matter just make sure that hes not around like in this time this time he saw me on the ground they needs it its very sneaky.
But its really cool i really like this level. I think its its really interesting because if you engage in combat you most certainly die so you have to sneak all around these things. But theres loads and loads of jewelry jewels in here like amber topaz diamond opal you get all sorts of things so once you finish collecting all these jewels on the ground.
So you know like me i try to jump to the to the center structure. And i fell down just make sure that ease know around that area or were you trying to jump because if he sees you there then yeah then thats it youre going to have to restart again from the top of the pillar grab your bananas hold and throw them down to the ground towards the guy on the further left. And then glide down and hide behind one of the pillars when he sees the banana is going to run towards them.

how to get into yiga clan hideout-1
how to get into yiga clan hideout-1

And thats your chance to go to the leather on the far left. So keep you can just run because he is so busy with the bananas. There hes not going to see you try to climb up as quickly as possible when you reach this top just go to the right here and grab the bananas along the way along the path and go to the top of the structure.
Now thats it depth. If you didnt make it on the first jump. If you made it on the first jump.
Then you dont have to do any of these. But if you want to collect the jewels on the ground. Then youre going to have to go down.
And then keep going go back the way that you came from and keep going towards the right. When you reach the end of these. Where you see theres a guard by the entrance right at the end so all you need to do is grab your bananas again and throw them in front of the guard.
So about this area where im in just throw them in front of the guard. And thats all you need to do to get him away from the entrance. And then you can go and sneak behind him just glide down and sneak behind him just like that in this area.
Here. Youre right. Because theres no god so we just collect anything that you see this spots on the ground have f arrows.
So you want to collect all of them. Because youre going to need them for the next boss and on the on here. Theres going to be another bowl.
Theres balls everywhere in here and this chest. Varied so take them out and collect whats inside is going to be loads of treasure on just three intel. Oh buried on the ground so just make sure that you get all of them.
And theres also one in a center of the altar. As well so you need to get that one as well and then theres a hidden door. Theyre going to need to open in order to pass and fit in go to the finish boss.
Just dont forget to pick up the arrows because that is most important on the next boss. If you have no arrows. Its going to be impossible for you to be you need to have some sort of arrows.
So if you havent got any arrows in the next boss just die and then we start again from the inside. And youll be able to complete the next boss. So thanks again for this video.
I hope you enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up if you did so i can produce more content like these consider subscribing. Thank you very much for watching ill see you in the next one goodbye. .

how to get into yiga clan hideout-2
how to get into yiga clan hideout-2

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