CAN I CHANGE MY JEWELRY? | Signs Of A Healed Piercing

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Guys. Its gretchen and welcome back to my channel. So i just recently did did a video on science of an infected pearson and you all seem to really it.
So i thought for todays video. I kind of do like a companion video for signs of a healing pearson. Know one if a pearson is healed or not is sometimes tricky because cartlidge pearsons especially cant a quite a while to heal completely.
Some can take anywhere from like three months to six months to an entire year to completely heal. I know personally mine seemed to take a little bit longer to heal than others. I will say my septum pearson was probably the fastest one to heal.
Whereas. My single here lets over here took roughly two and a half years to completely heal up until that point. I would still get a bump every now and then id get krustys.
Id even get the occasional bleed in whereas now its perfectly fine. Im also noticing that my rook is not completely healed because itll get bumps every so often now i havent had that one an entire year yet. But itll be a year next month.
So keep that in mind when trying to determine if your pearson is healing. But i am gonna give you some signs to look for to kind of help you determine if its healed or at least healing keep in mind again everyones different everyones bodys different same with infected piercings. You know what may work for one person wont work for it now.
There also keep in mind. That i am. A pearson enthusiast.
I am. Not a professional piercer and i dont also have a medical degree. So take everything that i say with a grain of salt because this is all kind of personal thoughts feelings experiences with heal pearsons also i apologize i have no idea if i sound odd.
But im still sick so one thing to look for in a healed. Pearson or a healing. Pearson is less bleeding less boozing and less krustys you know you may still get these every so often especially christies christies just kind of crop up willy nilly.
Whenever they feel like it i still get krustys on pearsons that are well healed.

how long to wait to change earrings after piercing-0
how long to wait to change earrings after piercing-0

Theyve been healed they just kind of show up. But youll notice that theres less that using gross goopy stuff coming out even though krustys are normal youll notice that that using goopy stuff that comes out from a new pearson or an infected. Pearson is a little bit lessened same with bleeding.
You know every time you clean. It you may not notice bleedin. A lot of people dont even experience bleeding after the initial pearson or even from the initial piercing if thats the case you are lucky.
But youll notice less of all three of those again the crusties will just happen on their own when they feel like it. But it wont be to the extent that theyre at when you get the pearson initially and when its going through the healing process. Another sign are no bumps.
Those dreaded. Piercing bumps. And there are various forms of the pearson bumps.
And maybe we can get into that another time because i feel like that could be a video all on its own. But youll notice that the bumps are either completely gone or theyre small where its like i noticed on my brook every. So often itll be perfectly fine and then often a bump pops up.
I take that to mean that it is not completely healed. Yet or something irritated like i said it took about two and a half years for this single helix right here to completely heal. It would seem fine one day and then all son theres a body took that ass and it was not healed yet.
And it was just kind of react until whatever irritated it so if you notice that the bumps are lessening or theyre just you know theyve completely gone. I take that as a sign of healing. Id also say no redness and no tenderness are pretty good signs of healed piercings or healing piercings.
If you can hit your ear or your piercing site. I tend to focus on the ears. Just.
Because that seems to be where people have to those questions or have the most pearsons sometimes ill get a question about nose piercings. But theyre also cartilage. I take it that if you dont notice any redness around there or if you like accidentally bump the piercing site.
Theres no tenderness it doesnt hurt.

how long to wait to change earrings after piercing-1
how long to wait to change earrings after piercing-1

I think that is a pretty good sign of it is either healed or it is healing which leads me into does it feel okay youve know your body better than anyone else does the pearson actually feel okay to you pretty good sign that its healing. Along with feeling good does it look good is it aesthetically pleasing. I mostly just wanted to say ask that please i dont know why.
But its fun to say thats your pearson look good does feel good does it look good. This is a huge one with healed pearsons can you change out the jewelry or can you move the jewelry freely without it partner a lot of people want to change out that initial jewelry. Most initialed rory is not pretty.
Its not aesthetically pleasing haha got to say its second time. Its usually your standard like silver looking or gold. If you pick that look in jewelry.
And its not cute or anything like that so a lot of people are like when can i change out my jewelry. How long do i have to wait before i can change out my jewelry you can change it out and its fine and it doesnt hurt and its not tender and it doesnt become super red when you do it unless youre me because youre pale and every touches just makes your red. Then i would say its healed on its way to being healed.
So if you can move your jewelry around pretty easily you can change it out if you can change it out and not like panic about doing so then id say thats also a pretty good time like when i change out my helix piersons. I dont panic. What i do it were not trying to change out something else.
Thats just me mostly because im like freaking out that effect stays out too long itll close up. Which could be the case. You know some people have said that theyve had a certain piercing for years they left it out for like an hour.
And it started to close up. I wouldnt take that as a sign of healed versus healing. Because thats just the body being like oh well theres an opening lets close so.
If you can change out your jewelry you can play with your jewelry. I wouldnt suggest that but if youre capable of doing so i would say thats pretty good sign that its healed or healing. Again.
Its a little bit easier slash harder to tell if your piercing is healed. It may look like it. But it all depends on how it feels as well and how it acts you know anything can irritate.
A pearson.

how long to wait to change earrings after piercing-2
how long to wait to change earrings after piercing-2

You can have had a piercing for years and then all of a sudden something completely irritates. It and its just like whoa. Oh.
And it just passes out also keep in mind that everyones body is different. Everyones body heals at a different rate and in a different way you know how my days. Doc pearson.
Healed may be completely different from how someone elses heel um. Some people may not have been able to keep that pearson because it didnt heal. I mentioned in the last one that i have a friend who is an industrial pearson and theyve had it for years and it just wont heal.
Some peoples bodies. React fine to some pearsons whereas others may not always err on the side of precaution to dont just assume that its healed you keep taking care of it its basically the bottom line. Even if it seems like its you just continue to care for it keep.
The upkeep also remember that cartilage pearsons especially can take three to six months to heal. But can also take up to a year you know three to six is kind of like average where you can start thinking about changing out your jewelry. But some cartilage piercings can take an entire year to completely heal.
So keep that in mind. But these are just some of the healing sons that i personally have noticed they may be completely different for you or someone else. This is just to help those that again i get questions daily.
Asking me is my piercing healed can i change my jewelry again let me reiterate like i did in the infected piercings video. I am not a professional. I am also not someone with a medical degree.
So if you really have any concerns go to one of those two. But this is just coming from a person enthusiasts who has been around the block. And seen a few issues with piercings arise as well has seen some pretty good heals.
But that is it for this video. If you enjoyed it please give this video a big old thumbs up going down there and hit that subscribe button wherever it may be cuz. I dont know even though i do this is just my shtick now also hit that notification bell in case you want to know when i upload and in case youtube wants to let you know when i upload.
Because i would really appreciate it and until next time bye guys music .

how long to wait to change earrings after piercing-3
how long to wait to change earrings after piercing-3

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