Candy Crush Level 102 Audio Talkthrough, 2 Stars 0 Boosters

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Friends. This is cece your candy crush guru. Here to help you solve the puzzle puzzle of level 1 m2.
This is my fourth playthrough for recording purposes. Im with it weve got to collect four ingredients in 40 moves. The problem is first weve got these ticking time bomb.
So weve got to pay attention to those this is what tends to do me in because i get so focused on everything else the other thing is that in order to get this down to here. I have to clear out the meringue frosting licorice swirls and more meringue frosting and the way to do that is to use stripes. Because i cant make any moves here and the stripes.
Only get as far as the the licorice swirl and then they stop dead so stripes or combos with stripes or color bomb combos. Something like that that can help us working this down to the bottom is a little bit helpful in the beginning just because itll get it out of the way for us. Im getting a lot of stripes.
Going the wrong direction. We also have these licorice swirls here moving this to the center is a good thing to get a color bomb here is a good thing. Lets see if we can do them not yet maybe on this side.

how to beat level 102 on candy crush-0
how to beat level 102 on candy crush-0

Ah stink just not working out. Im gonna go ahead and mess. All those up and do that okay.
But we have our next ingredient down on the board now we start to get this population. So now hopefully we can make moves over here. But we still need a little extra help oh and that might be the extra help we need so ive got a blue stripe.
I can match with okay. I think now is the time to do this and hopefully itll take this out to make some progress along here. So now we have three ingredients once already been collected two have been collected so that was really a big bonus for us this along the side is tricky.
But we dont have any ticking time bombs to deal with right now gosh. I wish i could clear that out maybe i could make a strike to help me clear through. There now i dont think so so lets do this and try to get that green down.
Where we can use it maybe and heres our last ingredient on the board. So actually im going to do this stink. I couldnt make a raft.

how to beat level 102 on candy crush-1
how to beat level 102 on candy crush-1

But thats just too far over the two ingredients. We have left are over here. We need to focus our attention over this way.
There. We go. Ah okay.
I think we got it ive got to read this. Way couple run along this route. I think thats going to be enough to take this out so on my fourth playthrough.
Did i say i think it was may fourth playthrough. We got this done a little bit tricky really just keep focusing on the stripes. Because we have to peck away at this in order to get all the way down to the bottom.
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how to beat level 102 on candy crush-2
how to beat level 102 on candy crush-2

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