Candy Crush Level 181 Audio Talkthrough, 3 Stars 0 Boosters

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Friends. This is susie or candy crush guru. Here tops of the puzzle of level level 181.
Which is a super hard level. We have to collect two ingredients we got 50 moves to do it the ingredients are here and weve had to get them through two three three and two layer thick frosting and weve got this entirely filled with meringue now we get an automatic opportunity here to start clearing things out. But i wouldnt be surprised if we get some reshuffles now.
I think one of the reasons. This is a super hard level is that golden spaceship thats so fun to bring in and destroy levels with it doesnt really count on this at least not for any of the boosters. I havent checked out to see if you get the advantage of the i wanted to use those together of the extra moves.
But you certainly dont get the extra boosters. Theres not enough room to put them i kind of planned that one out incorrectly lets see well. Im just gonna go ahead and start slicing through this is down to low.
But i can make a color bomb. And i can set that color bomb with the stripe and now what i have to do is get a lot of purple in this area. It would be better.
If i have more purple to strike through okay so weve got one two two and none. But i cant really expect any down here and some may drop down a bit before they get sent off. I just have to hope theyre all waiting to the right way well.

how to beat level 181 on candy crush-0
how to beat level 181 on candy crush-0

We got some of them okay. Lets see this one ill help for this one up top. I hope oh i was so excited about hitting that that with the setup that i totally missed that color bomb that showed up for me slow down how in the world could i let that happen you know i have often lamented that they dont on this game have a booster thats a take back booster.
So when i make stupid mistakes like that i dont notice them right after ive made them they can take back my stupid mistake. They dont allow me that okay lets see i think i might beat this anyway here we go gonna strike through so then weve got to get this twice. And weve got one set up here already if it sticks around look at that it gave it back to me now.
Heres the question do i want it or not they dont know that i do because this. But ive got purple up here this if i do it. Gives me one opportunity three opportunities here and two opportunities over here to get this gone.
If i do this i definitely get this taken out plus. I have a really good shot of bringing this down. Im gonna go for the safer route.
Ive got 19 moves to match this up with another blue and glad i chose that route well this one didnt turn out to be terribly difficult for me. But it takes first of all it takes observant so that you dont mess up really good moves. But also it takes the ability to try to make a lot of stripes.
And i think that that comes naturally to me if it doesnt come naturally to you think about using you cant bring in boosters. Really but think about using your lolly hammers or things like that to help you out on this board. If youd like to see more videos you can subscribe and as always thanks for watching.

how to beat level 181 on candy crush-1
how to beat level 181 on candy crush-1

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