Candy Crush Level 409 w/audio tips, hints, tricks

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Friends. This is susy your candy crush guru. Were playing level 409.
Which is is a hard level. We have 50 moves just to bring down two ingredients which gonna help us to collect the 20000 points. Thats not a problem.
The problem is the ingredients are coming down from here and we have to put them in one of these columns down. Here so we have to shuffle things over now we can use the slappy hand. If we want one of these switch hands because even though it says to switch to candies you can search a candy and an ingredient and if youre really having trouble thats a good way to do it the other thing we need to do is remove these because we cant reach the receptacles until we get rid of them so we have a lot of work to do weve got some hoppers here.
Im just gonna start by making any wonderful combinations of specials that i can now lets talk about how to move things around if i could manage to get a red over here. I can move this thats how we have to shift these if were not using the slappy hand. Sometimes.
Its a little easier than others sometimes its much more difficult to spot. I see purples lining up no my purple went away that happens a lot too the way these slide around its hard to predict how its gonna happen i can still try to get that purple back. But i have the feeling youre gonna detonate something before i get that far so im just gonna worry about making some specials.
Checking here to see if i can move anything here to see. If i can move anything my strategy is focus on these and these to help with this.

how to beat level 409 on candy crush-0
how to beat level 409 on candy crush-0

But always look each time for these once youve got these cleared out. Then you can focus on getting these moved over unless you see im just one you know just one move away from being able to get things to work. Then you might want to try for it.
So. The reason. I say that is twofold number one this will make it crazy and number two its easier to get rid of these.
When you dont have the ingredients in the way now some people say well im just going to take out one of these and im going to earth like ill take out this one ill concentrate on this one. And ill move both ingredients over this way thats tougher than it sounds because this column doesnt shift. So if youre thinking about doing that you can with a slapping hand it should be easy.
But it might not be as easy as you think all right trying to figure out how i can get some specials to line up together and still i always have to look to see if theres any way i can move these thats always my first goal. Its not my recommendation for your first goal. But its kind of always mine.
Im a puzzle solver so i like to figure that out like getting these greens together. Although the greens arent the issue. Lets see scooch this over a bit.
I can move this this way. I could put it over here like i said you shouldnt do okay.

how to beat level 409 on candy crush-1
how to beat level 409 on candy crush-1

So now weve got something that we can aim toward here. And thats a good thing for us. Im going to keep track.
Oh. We created and deployed a color bomb right away okay looking to see if i can move things over looking to see usually when its down in this little crevice here you cant but all you have to do is keep cycling. This through and itll come out of the crevice lets see making more specials that we can deploy against this seeing if i can move things over this special isnt going to help us very much its not gonna help us as much as this oh and this is nice if we could get these to line up okay.
I can almost move that over. But then not quite just things shift. So wildly oh.
Lets see if i can make some specials in here. Were getting these clothes up and here. We go move that over scooch this over this way.
If i can get this here. It can detonate. These and really help with that cake bomb both cake bombs.
Actually i get quiet when i get serious now. See this is a little bit in the way.

how to beat level 409 on candy crush-2
how to beat level 409 on candy crush-2

But thats okay. Im glad i was able to move things over if i could get this purple to cycle through and get back up to this top that would be good. But i dont see a way to do that this as soon as i do this the purples moved over.
But maybe a new purple will come oh look at that thank you for the gift. And then if i could get another red over here or another blue okay so im gonna leave that alone for a little bit. I still really want to get some of these specials to coordinate here.
We go alright time for a little detonation celebration and now we got this over okay. So now we just have the hard work of getting these removed it seems like it should be easier than it is but its tough to make these specials and these connections when things shift so wildly this will help now if i can pair this with something if i try to bring that blue down it doesnt matter thats all gonna be connected. But lets see if we can do it by moving it orange.
All right well this is gonna turn into a striped candy. But look how the firepower. Well have facing there will only have a little bit here.
Lets see if we can i know when i do this no no its gonna its gonna kiss skied wildly out of control i have to rely on this and then oh good. I was gonna say and then hopefully. The center will get out so thats how we beat this level 409 top level.
Remember you dont have to do it this. Way you can use your slappy hands and move those ingredients over you could just focus on these first once these are gone move those over and bring them down not a problem. But if youre still stuck and you want some specific advice put something in the comments section.
Ill try to help you if you found this helpful please hit like and if you want to see more videos you can always subscribe thanks so much for watching. .

how to beat level 409 on candy crush-3
how to beat level 409 on candy crush-3

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