Coaching Corners: Left Turns for Cyclists

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So heres the thing how do you probably dont remember this but back back in my day stall ride my bike a lot a lot believe you me made a lot of turns on my bike. And you know not all those turns were right turns true story some of them were left most of them were left now this guy here this guy were gonna see right away here just hold on your pants. Hes one of them ill one of them you know what are they called.
I have no idea of course. Not i uh they anyway. No no here.
We oh yeah oh yeah. Yeah bike helmets. So i was putting on my bike helmet uh left turns ron we were talking about left turns.
I was getting there so uh so this guys riding his bike in hes got his bike helmet on and he wants to go left remember how hey do we have the clip. We bought the clip. I think weve got a clip of this no so anyway.
This guy heres some next level bike riding. I wish we had a clip. But i guess we cant go to the clip.
So are you kids there we go so all you kids an old f tension youre gonna love this so hes frying the bike in the bike lane right easy okay now hold there for a second you see the dashed lines on the bike lane. There thats his guy. So he knows where the left turn lane is gonna stop now if you roll it again now youll see he gets to uh where he wants to turn hes gonna shoulder check can we stop it over set see right there hes shoulder chest.
Now hes gonna signal that hes changing lanes and folk there we go now if you missed it just look there hes going doing it again shoulder check signal lane change. So now you want to turn left okay so he waits for a safe gap in the traffic and just signals and goes now. If you notice.
It doesnt go into the end of the bike lane. Now thats a mistake a lot of rookies would make but this guy knows what its all about you make sure to turn into the perfect leg and shoulder checks and signals and then moves into the bike lane wide up duty. Yeah.
Thats how its done i tell you just like youre a car. But youre on a bike. So for all you kids out there dont let nobody out there.
Tell you therefore that guy is some kind of namby pamby. If i try to be safe safety first like i always say and just so everyone at home knows you can actually make a left turn acting as a pedestrian to can we will run the tape a bit no no okay so when you dismount your bike you can act as all right there we go so when youre turning left as a pedestrian. Its important to remember that you have to dismount your bike.
When youre on your bike. Youre considered a vehicle when youre off of your bike in the crosswalk. Youre a pedestrian and you have the right of way so if you can roll the clip.
Well see the cyclist approach the intersection in the bike lane. When he gets to the corner. Hell hop off of his bike move up onto the curb and wait for the pedestrian walk light.
Now he has the right of way. But its always important to look dont assume anything so he walks the bike across to the other side and waits for the light to change again now. This is the tricky part a lot of people get this one wrong to ron.
He crosses to the other side. Then goes up on the curb and walks the bike over to the bike lane making sure. Its safe before getting back on it just like a champ turning left is what separates the men from the boys.
I tell you so they have it two easy ways to turn left on a bike like youre a car and like youre a pedestrian. Easy easy now i all you kids at home you can go turn left like a real champ. All right words to live by ron.
Well be back after the second period for an interview with rider hedge dal. You dont want to miss. It hey.
He won the giro death for the pacific. Thats a guy who knows i dont wanna fight. .

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