Code enforcement warrantless search 1/2

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Yep and its basin. Hey theyre not done glad you recorded me go go around and record. I dont kind of sent the searches just for the but sarch okay ah.
Youve been issued a citation you get this cleaned up. I didnt consent a search last time and i am in the process of getting things cleaned up just for the record. Yall have got in the process of buying apartments for you building.
Yall fail to do that also okay. Well. You said some things last time.
Ive got it didnt say anything about anything like that i got one too yeah. Future up you already got a feature of that chris and mounds of they pick up the top and discloser thats the probably the first bag that shes talking about that with this place ever. Okay yeah give me any questions for me falling not especially okay.
Ill be feed your mama. A citation for 15 days to abate all the issues here yep with the tires jump household garbage trash rubbish debris and permitting the storage buildings their right hand by 10 or larger okay you dont have any questions for me. I dont have a good job on getting that part done.
I know that was probably a lot of work. I wish i would have accepted the help that was offered to yall. So it wouldnt be so over well thing about it is you gotta take into account that hell i mean i have slipped on that thing a million times coming down here well i dont know if those church people take into account those workers dont have to come down that hell actually.
He told. Me he would have to but well. I mean yall.
You been one thing that alerted us to you live and down. Here was that you were coming through the backside of other peoples property. What my uncle no not on their side.
Hi. Chris.

how to find out who called code enforcement-0
how to find out who called code enforcement-0

Did you get to building here and the debris around it interesting probably so ill be contacting mark. I also get we go about the power issues that you talked about on the safety code. You hear one oh yeah.
Im hearing and i totally appreciate exhaust leaving out because that protects me and you know questions about what was said all this stuff you know tires and stuff. Theyve got to go because theres picking up rain water. These flat tires have to hang out off receipt save and turn it over to me when i come back in two weeks.
The document that there wasnt illegal definitely somebody elses property. We never did content to them coming down here the first time or the second time we got all those garbett we got rolling down and handsome girl okay i appreciate yall. If you dont mind if you guys could leave and let us continue than what were doing id appreciate it well theyre going to be a duke get everyone.
After department. Really. I was looking to see if maybe it whooping eight by ten.
So he wouldnt have to permit it good evening that and that became the clap back there yeah anything that can buy theater. Larger you have to have permits. Okay.
Id be getting questions for me. Fargo ah. If its the undergrowth.
Youre talking about overgrown high grass. Yeah danny youre worrying on that yeah you still got always go on that one way up said. I got it in for that but all theyre trying my black baby.
She got all this right here. I can find that my black nursery you know what you can contain your blackberry bushes if you want to put something round and contain it but you got other weeds growing up in it and stuff so take care of that but you got stuff buried in there youve got junk plastic and stuff like that very nice got to come out. But to have you a place that you maintain not just the overgrowth wild stuff like ive tried to explain to you you cant handle just.
And i am my black baby. I need you can have some black are you done yet me no.

how to find out who called code enforcement-1
how to find out who called code enforcement-1

Why you can have some blackberry bushes. But as ive said repeatedly. I have them just growing approaching over on your neighbors property neighbors.
Im done what do you thing on my neighbor. Spot or not on her your neighbors. Probably. Oh.
My nice. Dont pack your own pictures. Okay.
I read that stuff. You say your pop mom just forget it and forget it on the over go ftsz encroaching on your neighbors for me are they okay lets see if we can weed our way through see what weve got here to know. These weber issues that youve got okay hmm.
This is a blackberry booyaka do that back a black hood. All of it is not blackberry bushes its ways that women. See my blackberry blue cheese rules over bra all that though all make it whatever youre said is the hires gonna pick up so you just jot the breed.
Okay sit plastic in there we all those fall back music thanks brad im going on the fan does that actually cut down my bedroom. Now you just have to maintain you saying. What is spencers last love the balance.
Thats both of yall. I guess i bought this property was here so i said both of ours well. Im not going to make that one with you okay laughter.
I got when i had this camera. They didnt want to stick around no downtime huh. The bug.
I when i just camera out they didnt want stick around no downtime you .

how to find out who called code enforcement-2
how to find out who called code enforcement-2

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