Dark Souls 3 – How to Respec (Reallocate Stats/Change Appearance)

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Is happening gaiz cowboy. Here and today were going to tell you how to to respect and dark souls. 3.
So the respect in dark souls. 3. You need npc right here.
Which is rosaria. Shes actually directly related to the rosarias fingers covenant and the first time you talk to her shell ask if you want to join the covenant simply say yes and then youll be presented with these options and then at this point. You simply need to give her a pale tongue to be able to reallocate your attributes as you may notice.
So as you can do it five times during this lifetime. Thats referring to the new game so after youve respect five times. You would have to go to new game to continue respecting additionally.

how to respec in dark souls 3-0
how to respec in dark souls 3-0

You can use those tongues to alter your appearance or if youre part of the covenant you can use them to it level up. Now the main way to earn pale tongues. Is by being in the rosarias finger covenant and invading other players with that being said you dont have to be within the covenant to actually use the effects as you can see even though.
I dont have it equipped and im part of the warrior of sunlight. I did still have the option to respec and change my appearance outside of earning tongues through pvp. If theres actually three you can find up until this point.
You have one actually right in the area where at downstairs by one of the giants particular. Its the giant thats by the staircase leading to the boss. Theres another one you can find back when you fight the fire demon with onion bro thats on a corpse you got to knock the corpse down and you can pick it up and theres a third.
But i dont remember exactly where its at so now with that being said obviously a lot of you are probably wondering how to get to this area. So were also going to show that as well start or traveling to the cleansing chapel right so from the cathedral going to run thats this is actually where well go right here. Im going to show you how to get to the spot.

how to respec in dark souls 3-1
how to respec in dark souls 3-1

Very quickly. Though since we came out of a shortcut door so as you make your way through the cathedral. Eventually youll come out to the bottom floor of it on the bottom floor.
Youll pop out over there. And it you can at this point run around kill the silver giants. So when you pop out over.
There. All you to do is just run straight across run through here. And this obviously gives you another shortcut back to the bonfire now.
While the shortcut to the bonfire is as easy as just continuing to run past and going right through. There. Theres also another door right here which you can open when you open this door.

how to respec in dark souls 3-2
how to respec in dark souls 3-2

Were going to go on up and now this area is completely optional. And its entirely possible to do the cathedral without ever going through this area. So.
It is easy for a lot of players to miss. Were going to actually be doing a bit of a suicide run past all these enemies. So were going to be going up this ladder.
And then making our way out along the catwalk here here. Youll just want to walk forward and drop down no need to roller anything there we go run up onto these catwalks so right across from where that guys at you see theres a platform right down. There we need to get to that platform and we need to roll off to reach it so we have an archer there give the swordsman there theyve successfully avoided them reach the platform goodbye.
Mr. Great sword. It was nice knowing you and then from here.

how to respec in dark souls 3-3
how to respec in dark souls 3-3

We can drop down to another sub platform. At this point. We simply run on over this way swing past and go up this staircase swing over here and right here.
We can find our door to go to the covenant additionally. Just because this is the pvp covenant. One other thing to note.
Is that therell be a little wormy thing right here just like these guys. Killing that worm is actually how you get your red sign soapstone. So thats another nice thing you can pick up fire here.
And thats it so definitely a little tricky to get to just because you know you do have to do roof drop to get down to this area. But once you get here. You do have a bonfire to freely travel to and from the location.
And that is how you respect in dark souls. 3. .

how to respec in dark souls 3-4
how to respec in dark souls 3-4

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