Defensive Battle: Final Prediction On Panthers vs. Broncos! – ESPN First Take

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Thank you guys so much for being here with us. We so appreciate you getting getting us ready to go skip bayless. Hes ready and steven naismith.
I gotta you i got no chance against that ensemble youre wearing today that is sharp. It is gonna blow me off my chair the rest of the day. I got no shot setting you up i do i do appreciate it.
But i dont get caught up in that because when it comes to the wardrobe. I think i got it every day just made its just made but i do appreciate the compliment and you look pretty dapper yourself. I look all right by the way.
I stayed yesterday and spoke to a bunch of people here. Who had driven from all over california and are now all over the west coast. Thank you all for coming out here.
So you know someone from all the way from australia. As well so were worldwide. Just like steam news radio show right well.
I think im worldwide radio show okay well i steven naismith. Guess who else is here. Hes certainly worldwide prime time in the house deion sanders.
Im not sure. Hes ready for this okay prime time. I think you can hang with you too.
Hes a bad man. But i would agree with skip. He does have something to prove hes really great after hours.

who is favored to win broncos or patriots-0
who is favored to win broncos or patriots-0

What do you do india yes do i believe in you and we know you gotta believe in yourself first right all right gentlemen lets get into it the reason. Why we traveled across country super bowl 50 so sunday cam newton will be looking for his first lombardi trophy peyton will be making his fourth trip to the super bowl and trying to get a second ring stephen a super bowl 50 from santa clara. Who you got i got the carolina panthers one during the super bowl.
Listen i want to say this i dont expect it to be a forty three to eight drubbing at the hand like they suffered at the hands of the seattle seahawks two years ago. Im talking about the denver broncos. But i do think about that game as it pertains to this one because i think the similarities between the legion of boom two years ago.
And what were seeing from the carolina panthers this year are somewhat similar not not entirely. But the similarities are there i think that carolina has a stout defense sixth overall. I think theyve got an elite front seven.
I think they can get at a quarterback particularly a station. Everyone like peyton manning. I think the fact that youve got a guy like owen daniels playing that your tight end whos played well.
But vernon davis. Who hasnt had a reception in the last four games for crying out loud. I think the fact that you got emmanuel sanders at the marios wait he left his hands and sam left to say he left his hands aceves.
Ive said that many occasions. But i think that in order for you to beat the carolina panthers. Its going to have to be a combo assault.
Youre not just going to require cj anderson and ronnie hillman. Both averaging over four yards to carry this season capable runners. But very relatively inconsistent because of their troubles at the offensive line not only do they have to run the football effectively.
But thats going to utilize them using play action. Which will allow peyton manning to throw pretty much outside the numbers between the demaryius thomas and emmanuel sanders. I think the combination of those two things happening against this carolina defense are slim.

who is favored to win broncos or patriots-1
who is favored to win broncos or patriots-1

Now obviously youve got denvers defense. Whos capable of causing. Just as much trouble for the carolina panthers.
I get that and when you look at jonathan stewart. Even though hes big time. I think hed i think the brother could play.
Hes no levy on bail or somebody like that hes a pretty damn good runner. But i wouldnt call him elite. The cam newton obviously buffers that running game to a significant degree denvers gonna send von miller after him hes gonna be all over the place demarcus ware malik.
Jackson. Derek wolfe. These boys are no joke.
And this secondary in denver. Is no joke. So obviously their defense fourth overall number one of yards allowed number one its the past number three against the rush.
They cant be diminished. But in the end that speaks to a tight game. Which i understand because the experience comes into play and it comes in every and you know you just assume.
Its going to be somewhat of a defensive battle. But in the end its going to come down to what are you going to do with cam newton does any of us. See the guy that weve been watching all season long get completely neutralized and stopped on the biggest stage.
Which is where he has customarily shined. I dont see that happening somehow someway first of all i dont think itll be you know i dont think itll be that much of a defensive battle. I think ten you know carolina will have a lead somewhere along the lines of like 24 to 21.

who is favored to win broncos or patriots-2
who is favored to win broncos or patriots-2

And then theyll score a touchdown later on i see the final score being 31 21 carolina wins by 10 game they captured super bowl 50. Put it on the board is this michael is this michael before i did youre all good yeah im not gonna mess my pickup. Im not gonna beat around the bush.
Im not gonna give you any pump fakes or any sleight of hand. I want adriana from seattle. Who drove all night to be here to get in position to put my pic up for me and she is decked out boldly and beautifully in my spurs colors look at that put it on the board for me i want carolina and by the way.
Molly is going to attest to this for me what score did i write right there 20. He went 31 21. I got 31 to 20.
So forgive me im off by a point from your score. And heres why that i feel so confident about this. Ive told you guys all along this is the year of cam.
And also this is the year of the carolina panthers getting on a classic late season. Superbowl roll. Unlike many ive ever seen.
Its its chicago. Saw the chicago bears last night 34 43085 bears. This is akin to that kind of super bowl roll.
Where you are virtually invincible at the right place at the right time they are going to roll. I think fairly easily over the denver broncos. I think peyton manning will play pretty.
Well. I think youll play about as well as he can at this stage and age of his game. I think hes gonna put up 20 points.

who is favored to win broncos or patriots-3
who is favored to win broncos or patriots-3

And youll sit back and say you know what the old man he gave a good account of himself. But i dont think payton at his greatest in his prime could be this team on this stage. At this moment.
I dont even think itll be close at 31 to 20. I think maybe payton will score a late touchdown to get from 31 to 13 up to 31 to 20. So im not with your youre.
24 to 21 close game iii dont see a close game. And heres why i believe that cam and company are as bad matchup for this denver defense as brady and company were the perfect matchup for this denver defense. What did i tell you sitting in this not exactly the same chair.
But in this seat ahead of new england at denver in the afc title game. What did i tell you that if i hadnt picked new england back in august to win the super bowl. I would not i would have picked denver to win that game because it was such a great matchup for this denver defense against can i remind you a tom brady with zero running game to keep the pass rush honest am.
I right about not say that do you say that tom brady was quote unquote protected by a battered patch for yes say that because the golden boy obviously had a lot to deal with your guy tom brady on me my goodness what he had to deal with its just such a shame and obviously my god tom brady is in mobile in the pocket and he can dance a little bit as you say something lets just say. This. He ai.
Nt no mobile cam newton. Right right. So.
My point was that that combination was going to be big trouble from my new england patriots and all of a sudden. We had the two best edge rushers in pro football von miller demarcus. Ware on your mark get set go the cloud.
The crowd was so loud they couldnt hear the snap count so they were just snapping it on rhythm and theyre like ready. He said go race to the quarterback knock him down tom brady went down 20 times he got knocked down 20 times in that jam which was the highest number of knock downs for any quarterback in any game this year. And it buy any defense right well thats staggering to me and yet despite al .

who is favored to win broncos or patriots-4
who is favored to win broncos or patriots-4

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