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Whats going on some of the things to expect when youre going into into a delivery job or even questions that people ask me about delivering how much you make per hour. I cant really tell you exactly how much you make i can tell you what i make anywhere between fifteen and twenty dollars an hour to deliver pizza the downside of that is you can destroy your car. Youre going to have brake problems youre going to have oil changes all the time if you dont change your oil.
I guess. Thats not such a problem. But youll run your car that way um.
Another thing is its a dangerous job. Theres youre going on to someone elses turf and you dont know what to expect and you have to be careful. Theres going to be people that are going to try and rob you i dont know where you are in the country.
But you have to be prepared for that even where im at its pretty relatively safe area. But still dangerous um. Youre going to get stiffed.
So youre not a waitress. Theres going to be times. Where youre going to get stuffed a lot youre gonna have nights.
Where almost all your delivery is our stuffs youre gonna hate a lot of people who stiff you regularly and then they continue to call and they dont even know like theyll look at you like they think you shouldnt like them. Why why would you like them when they stiff you every time and they dont understand they dont realize that a tip is necessary. I dont understand why like if i get a four for pie.

how old do you have to be to deliver pizza-0
how old do you have to be to deliver pizza-0

Which is four different pieces of four different locations. You think that the person that im going to deliver to first is going to be the person that says me thinking theyre pizza dead last every time i dont care if they ordered it first every time so if youre if youre a person who is not delivering and youre wondering why your pieces of its cold you probably stiffed the driver. If you dont know that youre supposed to deliver her to the delivery driver youre an idiot.
I dont know why you wouldnt know what but i honestly believe you if youre starting out you need to understand that people really dont know that theyre supposed to tip you theyre gonna look at the receipt where it says tipping billy. Whats that whats that and then theyre gonna hand to you and smile. Tell you to have a good day and youre gonna want youre gonna want to be like what.
But you kind of have to be nice so many ways because youre working for a company um. You know how much do we get paid for gas that varies. Wherever you go when i started over seven years ago.
We got 60 cents a run now we get 110 for the first run at 70 cents for any additional pizzas. We take with it um you know it seems like you could add up not so much sometimes youll take a 12 mile delivery. And theyll sniff you and then youll burn up all that gas.
You know depending on the gas mileage. If you have a prius. Maybe youll be alright.
But for the most part your gas money is not going to help you out what what i find funny is when people deliver with like diesel trucks. Weve had people like that come to where i work i dont know why theyre doing it theyre gonna be spending all their money. I guess and actually we have a guy right now who drives a big truck says he uses part of his tips for gas.

how old do you have to be to deliver pizza-1
how old do you have to be to deliver pizza-1

I dont see how you could afford to do that with i dont know maybe maybe. Hes making like eight or nine dollars. An hour whereas mine.
I drive. A honda civic si. So my car.
You know sometimes i make money depends on where i go um yeah. So how much hourly. Do we make we all make like minimum wage.
But a lot of pizza places around town pay less than minimum wage. So thats not so bad i mean you get like 725 is a minimum wage here so you get 725 plus. All your tips.
Which generally can be like 15 to 20 and the way youre gonna make money is if your store is busy like lets say you get 46 deliveries and each one of them averages. About 3 per. Tip.
So right. There you have um about 138 bucks or whatever that would be and 138. Lets say you work day seven hour shift you know so let me.

how old do you have to be to deliver pizza-2
how old do you have to be to deliver pizza-2

Im gonna need a calculator for this for a second so 138. And this is not uncommon. Seven hours so you make a 1971.
An hour just in tips plus adding on your 725. An hour and youre making 2696 and this can happen you know its not always going to be the case. Some days youre gonna make 15.
An hour sometimes even twelve just you know you need to get at least like 20 deliveries. A shift in order to make decent money. If you dont you better hope your short your shift is pretty short mostly at pizza jobs.
Youre not gonna get 40 hours a week. Sometimes you will theres been cases where i got 50 hours a week. But uh it depends on where you work.
I know there there are people out there that work for small pizza companies and they dont even get an hourly wage. They rely always on tips and delivery charges. So like lets say you get zero dollars per hour.
Like i would never work for that but maybe you do you do get a bigger delivery charge. I heard like two to four dollars. But uh thats going to take away from what they want to tip you so i dont know i think thats mostly all the information about delivering just be you know dont drive like an idiot be safe.
Enjoy the job as easy as about as easy as its ever going to get for anyone and good luck a money .

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how old do you have to be to deliver pizza-3

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