Depression, Anxiety and Social Security Disability: What Does it Take to Win in 2018 and Beyond?

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What does it take to win a depression or anxiety case in 2017 does it it take a an inpatient hospitalization. Does it take drug prescriptions. Significant psychotropic drug prescriptions can your doctor do to help you hi.
Im. Jonathan ginsberg. Im a social security disability.
Attorney and i will tell you that as of 2017 and earlier for that matter winning cases involving depression anxiety has become a lot more difficult at social security. My sense is that social security judges. See depression anxiety.
A lot and they are much less likely than before to improve. These cases. And as a result on a lot more selective when it comes to taking these cases.
Because while i completely understand that someone with a diagnosed level of depression anxiety is going to be very difficult time working. The fact remains these cases are really really difficult to win. And im not again thats just the reality of the situation.
So what does it normally take to win well first of all and again this basically will be unfair. But judges are looking for people that are a little bit older in their late 40s early 50s you can win appear in your 30s or 20s. But judges are going to be a lot more sympathetic to people in their 40s late 40s and early 50s stop being i think that judges realize that significant mental health conditions can develop over time and somebody when youre younger you may have a little more reserve to deal with those things.
But as you get older. It may become more difficult your life circumstances change perhaps youve gone through a divorce. Your kids are gone.
Whatever has changed in your life. That your focus is now all yourself a little bit. More judges just seem to feel that people who have been able to survive and get through things in their 30s and 20s and early 40s.
Just cant do so as much with a little bit older. So i look for people who are in their late 40s or early 50s. I think judges are looking for inpatient psychiatric.
Hospitalizations and this may or may not be a suicide attempt. It could simply be a nervous breakdown. At least one if not two or more.
And again this just demonstrates that the mental health condition your mental health condition is really really serious they were serious enough that it cant be controlled about how to you and put in inpatient because again judges are just not going to approve cases if they feel are moderate in scope. If its severe enough to put you in the hospital and their own health hospital. Once or tired for the last couple of years thats telling.
The judge. This is a pretty significant case they look for ongoing treatment and i realize that money can be an object insurance commune object. But its difficult when your treatment has been at the local county extension office and you go every three months and get a medication refill.
Theyre looking for therapists. Theyre looking for ongoing treatment every few weeks monthly. Not just once every two or three months.
Theyre looking for doctors who are prescribing heavy duty medications for psychiatric conditions. Prozac abilify wellbutrin. Some of these these medications that have significant side effects.
But that are used to control significant depression and anxiety. So if youre not getting any kind of medication can be very very difficult to win it youre only taking one medication or at a very low level can be a lot more difficult to win judges look for unsuccessful work attempts. And i think that the model would be someone whos worked at a job for a long time very successfully they get laid off or terminated.
Then now theres a series of three or four or five work attempts that lasts. A week or two and the person gets that lets go where theyre there they quit because they cant handle the pressure something very typical. But i think unsuccessful work attempts do demonstrate that there is a significant problem and one that would prevent somebody from working going forward in the future.
What i do a lot of times is ill ask the my client to give me the name of a former supervisor or a co worker. Who can put together an affidavit or statement describing what the problem was at work. Thats really good evidence to say what could happen in a future job i just look for people with behavioral abnormalities crying spells very typical so if you have crying spells several times a week that lasts 3045 minutes thats the unscheduled break in a workday and that demonstrates somebody who has his condition is out of control maybe somebody whos bedridden with severe depression or afraid to leave the house and that happens two or three times a week thats the level of impairment.
The judges are looking for and they want to have evidence in the form of maybe a a relative or someone who sees it or the doctor describing it someone who doesnt shower for two or three days at a time doesnt doesnt leave the house. Its afraid to go to the grocery store then the judge will ask do you drive you go to the grocery store do you socialize and so again not that you shouldnt try to do these things. But what theyre looking for is people theyre just saying.
I just cant do it you know i cant do those normal activities of daily living that i used to be able to do because im just my anxiety is through the roof my depression is really bad. Maybe physical symptoms. Or another.
Things gential. So for people who dont rem. Urge your shakes because theyre so nervous or they simply freeze up or they they run away from situations or again shopped and late at night.
Because i dont want to be asked to have people see them these are all examples somebody with the significance and living a problem judges will many times want to know what the source of their trauma. Was that maybe you brought this on and maybe a lifelong pain. There is no trauma.
But sometimes it could be a very bad divorce. It can be a physical attack. It can be a sexual attack.
It can be military situation we may be getting into psd territory. Which is different issue. But many times.
If theres something you can point to that make things going to get a lot worse. Thats something well help the judge wrap his or her mind around your situation and be more sympathetic and be prepared to give you a favorable decision. So those are some of the things i the point.
Im making here is that the level of impairment. When youre getting into significant mental health problems for depression anxiety. The level of impairment has to be really really severe the days when you could say im depressed.
I dont feel really good. And itd be really difficult for me to work. Im not going to do any more they want to see judges want to see again hospitalizations the heavy duty medications.
The feild work attempts the abnormal behaviors. Those are the things that judges want to see and i realize there may be people out there who have significant anxiety and depression that dont have some of those things. But again.
If you want to win disability in 2017 thats kind of what you have to have so i hope you found this useful. If you did please give it a thumbs up on youtube like on facebook subscribe to our youtube and facebook channels. If youve not already done so please download nice free its free my website secrets to winning secrets to winning so scary disabilities survival kit it is something you can download and get by email.
I think i put a lot of time into it i think youll find it useful as well so for now. This is jonathan ginsberg. Any questions youve got for me please reach out to me.
And till next time. I wish you the best thank you hi. This is jonathan ginsberg and i hope you found this video.
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