Destiny 2 Factions REMOVED (why bungie??)

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Weve recently got some very terrible news regarding factions from luke smith. The man man himself hes all but confirmed factions and faction rallies are officially retired andnt being worked on behind the scenes and heres exactly what lukes statement was lots of folks have been wondering if faction rallies will return we have no plans to bring back faction rallies. The reward gear hasnt been used that much our character cast is growing too large and crucially.
They didnt drive a bunch of engagement with the game. That said there are some sweet looks in that gear and were moving the faction rally armor to legendary and grammar ward pools in season 10 alongside a few popular faction weapons. So lets take a look at the positives they finally addressed factions.
But damn this is not what i wanted to hear from them on the topic of factions for me. Destinies. Factions were one of my favorite aspects of the game during destiny.
Won and while ill agree with luke that faction rallies in destiny. Too were unengaging. It sucks that theyve chosen to shelve them rather than improve.
Them or return factions to their original design. We saw in destiny. 1.
And for those of you who didnt play in destiny. 1. Factions were an extremely important part of progression and were some of the most major vendors in the game at the time new monarchy future war cult and dead orbit.
These names really meant something to us d1 players during year 1 of destiny. 1. They could be leveled up by wearing a class item specific to that faction leveling them would make you eligible to purchase some pretty cool armor and weapons as well as reward faction packages that contained randomized weapons and armor does anyone else remember those faction package.
Opening videos. Every single day of your life.

how to join factions in destiny 2-0
how to join factions in destiny 2-0 People were pumped out of mind just to see what faction weapons or shaders or ships.
They could get and it was super exciting each dlc release or what would be equivalent to a season and destiny to these weapons and armor pieces would go away and couldnt be obtained any more weapons like the red hand. 9. The vanquisher.
8. The hung jury people coveted these gems because shortly these fantastic weapons would then be replaced by new stuff. This is an aspect of destiny.
Too that is severely lacking destiny to stour and world vendors have never been able to garner a similar hype around weapons and armor. Even zur. Has been an absolute joke in destiny.
2. Factions. In destiny.
1. Were a very big part of the game for all the right reasons. And taking king would improve upon them introducing the pledge mechanic and adding quests for exotic class items.
These faction tower vendors were so simple. But the hype around their inventory. Their shaders their ultra rare ships and the continuous progression and earning of rank up packages kept people like myself.
Playing and always interested in them. Thats why i really dont understand the decision to simply cut them out entirely the destiny.

how to join factions in destiny 2-1
how to join factions in destiny 2-1

One faction system worked perfectly for the game. And i believe they still have a place in destiny. Oh.
Well i dont make the decisions at bungie and on the topic of tower vendors. You know what else should return. Arms de banshee.
44. Was another tower vendor that was far more engaging that he ever has been in destiny arm stay was again something very simple. But kept players always anticipating a potential god roll from one of banshees packages.
I still remember my god roll pd x. 45. From one of these packages.
And it was just another great concept that has been stripped from the game. And hasnt seen a return all of this talk of great ideas and systems from destiny. One that havent been introduced in destiny just baffles me.
And i think were still feeling the effects of the horrible launch that was destiny to a release so many great ideas stripped and ruined or removed entirely. And i just cannot wrap my head around. Why why do this bungie.
The groundwork was already laid so many things worked and destiny. 1. Why are you taking away some of the best features and never bringing them back.
I was just discussing the other night with a buddy of mine. That destiny.

how to join factions in destiny 2-2
how to join factions in destiny 2-2

One was in a damn near perfect state at the end of year 3 pre destiny of course. It had its problems specifically with the state of pvp after age of triumph. But the pve side of the game the economy.
The tower and other social space vendors and the leveling. It was in a very very good place. And its hard to believe that destiny.
2. Launched. The way that it did it still is dude how even three years in a destiny.
It does not even compare to destiny 1. By the end. I know theres a lot of people who dont agree with that and think destiny.
2. Is some far superior game than destiny. 1.
But i dont know im just not one of those people. I mean nobody can convince me the game is in a better place now than it at the end of d1. So many things worked hand in hand.
All the leveling and progression systems. Just worked perfectly in tandem and on top of that ever verse was there yes. But it didnt completely hijack.
So many aspects of the lute ah man. It was simpler times back then and man.

how to join factions in destiny 2-3
how to join factions in destiny 2-3

I just miss destiny. One. It was just it was a better designed game anyways guys sorry for that big rant.
I just i love destiny. And theres so many great things from destiny. One that have just been completely abandoned and not reintroduced.
And its so surprising to me anyways thats the end of my rant guys. Thats the end of the video. Too so i hope you enjoyed it i hopefully you got through it without thinking im just some sort of d1 nostalgia crazy person.
But honestly guys i mean let me know what you guys think do you think destiny. 1. Was in a better place overall than destiny.
2. Because i am a firm believer that they had it so right with so many aspects of destiny. One with dilute systems and the progression systems and destiny.
2. Is still playing catch up. I dont think its even close to destiny ones state of quality of life or anything.
Its just its still leagues behind in my opinion destiny. 1. Still is the superior title.
But thats all i got hopefully you enjoyed and i will talk to you guys in my next video. .

how to join factions in destiny 2-4
how to join factions in destiny 2-4

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