Did Brie Larson Get Bad Youtube Advice?

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re a tiny girl. Id love to see some sketches from you honestly. So so word on the street is brie larson.
Just started her own youtube channel ins video. Were going to be checking out breaking down. Whats interesting about her appearance on this youtube.
Platform and we can also learn some new things together for our own content for those young familiar brie larson is a hollywood actress in a lot of huge big blockbuster movies and also a lot of very dramatic oscar y movies as well she has done a lot of cool stuff and so its sort of interesting shes appearing on youtube. The questions that come to mind for me before ive seen any of her youtube channel is is she going to be showing a new side of herself. Is she going to come off as authentic relatable down to earth in the youtubery way or is it going to feel a little different a little more produced all right enough chattering.
Its time to check out some brie larson on youtube hi. Im brie larson. Oh god hi.
Im brie larson. Im an actor you might know me from captain marvel or maybe you know me from nothing. Maybe.
You just randomly from the algorithm clicked on this but regardless hello. Im starting a youtube channel. Why am i starting a youtube channel.
Great question youtube has been a place that i have learned so much this is like the place to talk about things that are important and that matter. It doesnt mean that there isnt also silly content that theres ways for me to express myself personally. But there will also be deep conversations anti racist rhetoric inclusive content.
So with all that said. The following video is just me. Getting warmed up and feeling this out and getting to talk with a lot of really brilliant.
Awesome creators. So here. It is wow okay so right off the bat.
I am. So happy with how this is going. I was a little worried.
It was going to be overly produced not feel very personal intimate like all of our favorite youtubers. Feel. But i mean so far.
This feels great. This is awesome hi. Oh justine hi.
Wait. Im trying to figure out how to record this. Okay.
Oh shoot. Um. Quick.
How do i do this im recording yeah. Im recording and you can click on the bottom i think theres a record button yeah im sweating hi hi justines so used to the youtuber like lets traumatize this stuff hi. Bree waters.
Today. Hey. Whats up how are you doing hi getting ready.
Because im embarrassed to meet you because ive watched your videos and now were talking and i oh my god well im equally fangirling hi. Im wampa very nice to meet you its so nice to meet you i wanted to talk to you to learn how to do it ive not done anything right. I forgot to plug the mic in and then i didnt know how to record the zoom.
But we got that the fact that shes clearly new to this is fun to watch how is this hollywood youtuber worlds going to collide uh. What is she going gonna learn what can we learn from these interesting interactions. I do like that shes not overly taking herself seriously.
Though shes like shes highlighting. Shes including in the edit all the ways that she like doesnt know what shes doing that she doesnt know how the space works that shes hitting all the wrong buttons a lot of youtubers try to hide all that seems super polished be taken super super seriously. Why we all make mistakes were all learning together were all excited about certain things were all discovering certain things.
Why not show that real discovery process that real personal side to us on youtube youtube do you have content ideas do you have fears do you think that this is a bad idea. Do you think that this is a good idea. Okay realistically.
I think we should talk about feelings. You should talk about like growing up. And figuring out the things weve figured out so far.
Which arent that many things. But also significant in terms of coffee. Youre a tiny girl.
Id love to see some sketches from you honestly theyre a little more effort. But i think sketch comedy would be really good people love just living vicariously through youtubers. They love it its weird like you just go through my comments.
People are just saying. I love just seeing you be yourself on camera be relatable by just being honest. I think a lot of the like celebrities get like dehumanized in some way.
But its like there are those things that we all can relate to what are your hobbies. I have a garden that im really proud of exactly exactly look at my lettuce. What exactly like thats okay.

how to tell if brie is bad-0
how to tell if brie is bad-0

Thats freaking. I didnt actually think it was gonna be like a beautiful lettuce. But okay i have beautiful lettuce.
Exactly okay even you just going and like having a little fun like playing with them. And then like making a salad is like i dont know maybe. Its funny that superwoman said do sketches like thats what she has done.
But i i mean i dont really want to see a sketch from brie larson. I i feel like her being herself her making content. She actually wants to make is excited to make cant help herself making thats usually what uh people want to see ive always wondered why huge celebrities we dont see peaks into the behind the scenes of their projects.
And not just like the im on set. No your emotions while shooting. Youre a human.
Too. What are the ups and downs of shooting. A movie that takes so many days and so much of your effort.
See youtubers understand this so well that feelings are what people connect with people dont tune in to youtube. Every single day for topics how tos tutorials. They tune in every day to hang out with the creator.
Theyve connected with that theyve weirdly shared some life with and what creates that connection feelings. And that real discovery process. I love what superwoman said here dont just show like hey.
Here are some behind the scenes behind the scenes like we would see on a dvd no show behind the scenes like this is what it feels like to be on set this is what its im nervous about this is something ive never tried before that is something that is universally compelling. I love how they bring this up. This is this is great love.
Watching your videos so much i love to craft looking at my backdrop right now and looking at your backdrop did you make your backdrop yourself. I did so i made like a little series on painting like the big wave thing across the wall. And everything redecorating.
People love just like being a part of the process and everything heres your first diy video making your backdrop queue that is actually the place to start because its sad people love it before and after you know a good before and after transformation. I do too i really do too i love how when its framed like this you see how much expertise youtubers really have theres a lot of things youtubers. Intuitively understand thats actually pretty remarkable pretty hard how to capture attention how to connect quickly in an intimate personal way with strangers how to make things look personal.
But also produce these are things that youtubers are super super good at things that people know you from are things that perform really well. Im sure its literally just a video of you showing your workout. Which may or may not be interesting content to you will perform well and its kind of finding that balance of what videos are gonna perform well and hit that audience already i already have and then how can i warm them up to the idea of maybe im gonna do a short film that i produce by myself and direct just you being you and us getting to know you more on a personal level.
I think thats just so exciting. And i think thats why people love watching youtube like when i watch youtubers. I love watching people who are just themselves.
And you know youre like oh. My gosh. Were all the same the first advice.
I could give you is find whatever thing is that you truly love to do you know it doesnt have to be something crazy you know if you love golf you know make videos about golfing. If your make videos about making muffins like as long as you do anything that you love doing your audience is gonna really enjoy through your joy. What are you doing this advice is great for helping a celebrity be a youtuber.
How to be relatable. How to not make things all super scripted. Overly produced.
If youre a small youtuber. Though. As you probably know.
Theres a lot more to it a lot more to growing on youtube. Creating your first super fans true fans than just being yourself in her case. Brie larson can do this and itll totally work perfectly.
She can make whatever she wants and it will probably be a new side to her that a lot of people are excited to see brie larson already has an audience people know who she is so yes. The part thats super awesome about youtube is that you can be yourself and other people can connect with that celebrate that but if youre a small youtuber. The first couple years you spend on this platform shouldnt just be about being yourself.
And expecting an audience to come it should really be about how can i figure out who i actually am when we first started on youtube. We dont know how to share our story on youtube quickly to strangers in a way that connects in a way that resonates. We dont know how to capture peoples attention.
We dont usually know how other people see us. We dont know the things about us that stand out to other people that other people get excited about it takes a lot of practice trying things out to figure out who we really are and how we can share all these wonderful scattered sides of ourself in a way that makes sense for other people thats why on youtube. Theres all this information about being yourself doing things you love so you can sustainably make content.
But also about niching things down focusing things so people can actually understand what it is your channels about this channel is actually all about helping creators bring those two things together authenticity. But also making sense on youtube. I have this system called the content smoothie that helps creators dig around for what ingredients theyre really bringing to the table and how they can design a recipe that blends those ingredients together in a really really special way thats really really them.
But also makes sense and stands out on this platform being a youtuber is all about being you. But it also involves so much more than that if youre trying to grow your audience for the first time. I love how transparent and honest you are you always have been since ive known you sometimes to a point where i dont even want to know.
But you know it comes with the territory you make warming up a tortilla. Interesting and fun and delicious. All the time warming up a tortilla with brie cookings very okay.
This is actually really really great i love how shes not just talking to other youtubers. How to be a good youtuber. Shes talking to other people who know her in real life.
I talk about this so much on this youtube channel that if you dont dig around for it were actually not very self aware at all we might be used to our own thoughts. But we dont understand how we work we dont understand what stands out about us to other people. When you actually ask people what stands out to you about me youre gonna get some really really.

how to tell if brie is bad-1
how to tell if brie is bad-1

Surprising answers and a lot of times those are exactly the things that you want to bring onto your youtube channel. Because those are things that you cant really help there are things that you embody. Theres things that you believe that you stand for that you you yeah.
Its just you but because youre you and so used to it you cant see it. But someone like your mom your best friend or whatever the people around us notice. Things love things about us that are just normal for us getting feedback from friends asking.
These questions is a really powerful way to start seeing ourselves and the opportunities. We have what do you love well thats the thing. Theres i mean theres a lot of stuff that i love.
But i guess am. I supposed to pick one thing like am. I only supposed to be muffins well thats you can do golf and muffins and gold cards.
Thats the beauty of internet. You know theres no limitations. No ones gonna tell you yes or no theres no auditions.
Theres no auditions. Why didnt i do this sooner. Why didnt i do this sooner.
It doesnt usually work if you just share random sides of you at random times for no real reason. I love that he said that you can talk about muffins and golf you can connect a lot of really disconnected things with youtube. And it can work the most important part of the content smoothie process is about taking all those ingredients trying to blend them together into something special something that has a real taste.
Thats really memorable for the viewers watching it just like your favorite smoothie isnt a random blend of ingredients completely different every single time your youtube channel your content. Smoothie is a unique blend of all these different sides of yourself. But the patterns really matter the recipe still matters what through lines are you putting into your content.
So that when people show up to your channel. It doesnt feel like random ingredients. It feels like something that makes sense something that has a real taste creating those through lines those patterns.
That story takes a lot of practice. But usually when you get that down thats when your channel starts growing thats when people start going whoa. Ive never seen this before whoa the next video.
I just got that same feeling i love from the last video. I want to subscribe. I want to tell my friends i want to check out what they do next.
I added for star wars. Howd that go we want to know about that we want to hear those stories. This is a very good idea because like i auditioned for hunger games.
I auditioned for the terminator reboot one. I actually was thinking about the terminator reboot today because i got a flat tire. And i was like oh.
The last time i got a flat tire was when i was driving into my audition for terminator got a flat tire at the audition. And then didnt get the job. What game brought you into gaming back in the day um.
I had the original nintendo. And it was the first super mario we want to hear about that you can get the actual titles of the game can i start gaming on this and if you have any embarrassing stories about past dates or past boyfriends. Who didnt like you playing video.
Oh. My god i definitely have that i threw my first boyfriend out of my house because because i was trying to beat the final level in super mario galaxy. He said that i was taking it too seriously so i threw him out of my house.
Im gonna cut the video here because its getting a little long. But i think you get the idea. Its not just celebrities who have great stories perspectives personality to share on youtube.
We all have so much to offer. Its just we usually cant see it we dont know how to find to thrive on youtube. We the creators need to put in the hard work and find what we have to offer bring it to the table.
My favorite part about this video is how much brie is asking everyone how do they see her what do they want to see from her what do they not know about her what are they curious about her world. Asking those questions. Gave her so many awesome ideas helped her see herself in a new way got her excited to make new content exist on this platform.
These youtubers she talked to are experts at turning their experiences their perspectives their personality into stories. Theyve been practicing for years. How to connect the dots package things so they make sense to strangers.
If youre a youtuber whos trying to grow an audience for the first time from scratch. Its so important you put in the work to practice that same skill do you really know what you bring to the table. What resonates.
What connects or you just making content blindly expecting people to come if you guys want help designing youtube news. That actually fits your personality. All the content.
Smoothie videos are all in this playlist. Right here free for you to enjoy on the other hand. If youre feeling a little stuck.
What expertise do i even have i think this video could point you in the right direction. Lets see if youve seen all these videos you want more personalized one on one help i do offer consulting. Helping you design your content.
Smoothly regardless. Whats the right fit for you thank you for being awesome thank you for being here you are the change maker of your own life. Lets think more deeply.
Ill see you guys in the next one peace bye. .

how to tell if brie is bad-2
how to tell if brie is bad-2

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