Do NOT Join This Minecraft Server…

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Okay so i thought it would be a funny idea to try play minecraft dating dating servers and just see what happens. But little did i know i logged into most messed up minecraft server. Ive ever played seriously do not play this minecraft server.
Whatever you do and in this video. Youre gonna find out why. But first heres a good server.
So recently. Ive been playing mc prison. Calm as many of you guys know mc prison.
Calm is minecraft best prison server. And im not just saying that this server is honestly the most fun ive had in minecraft in a while and if youre looking for a great community to join come check it out as many different features everything you love about prison servers. Is in this my favorite feature is to pvp mine.
Because i just love pvp in my last video be sure to check that one out after this i announced a giveaway. I was doing on the server. Im literally giving away hundreds of dollars worth of ranks to you guys for free.
So. Join mc prison comm today to get started and try win a rank okay were on google right now and were gonna search minecraft dating server oh my god i need to delete my history after that after a little bit of looking around i found oder craft right here online dating and roleplay. So a very very weird.
But as you can see there its online and theres 27 players so thats enough thats enough to get us started. I think mine men in mind okay weve copied the ip. Were gonna join the server and wish us luck guys.
Im gonna need it were in okay. This is um. No alright so on the side here.
Weve got our name mad maker. 7. Wed have 0 coins.
Were not married and we dont we dont even have a gender. So thats awesome thats a good way to start old geezers everything. Its so pink in this server.
Austin said welcome man maker. 7. So im gonna just start by saying.
Thanks austin single. Choose your gender over a hundred and twenty one choices non sexy. Play oh.
What is this server. What do they mean by non sexy players. I really have to consult the chat about this type of stuff.
What do you mean by non sexy players is that is that some type of rank you can buy all right lets do slash gender and lets look at the list. I suppose holy oh. Its even got information for them oh geez alright.

how to see who is on a minecraft server before joining-0
how to see who is on a minecraft server before joining-0

Okay. Im gonna go slush gender set attack helicopter that that works right click on this sign to view roleplay places ok player places and featured places and buy a war. I assume these are like homes and warps.
At players upset so we have visit my home we have luke sees place hats. It oh my god you can tell like some seven year old kid whos just jumped on so quickly set this warped and then logged off. Were just gonna go to the first one visit.
My home because that that sounds the least intimate a line nothing awesome alright somehow. Weve type slash spawn and weve ended up at the city. Find.
An apartment and have fun role playing okay so its actually actually like a real life simulation minecraft server. This is different weve got odor craft menu weve got phone and weve got a city. I assume this is like a guide we are going to look at odor craft menu first so weve got roleplay places fair game sexy settings donation info.
General help music pets cosmetics. So basically i assume you just buy. An apartment and then you decorate.
It and then you have people over whats in my phone. Thats what im interested for alright. We have games.
We have chat rooms. We have snapchat at least theyve actually like thought about this server. Were gonna go chat rooms okay lets go snapchat then okay send in your snapchat.
Me i dont have any friends friends. Add new friends all these will the players online is it or just general players what about not master. Im gonna go with nut master.
He sounds like youd send some some pretty good some pretty good snapchats okay. Im just adding everyone we got a decline and we got an accept so im gonna go to snapchat. Im gonna go to send a new snapchat message and im gonna send it to this guy and what can we do hes selected.
We can add a message and the message is going to be hello with a wink. Hello with a wink send your snapchat jibba boom. Snap has been sent thats what i like to see head admin head admin.
Hey. If i dont want any other server and i say something like this i get bandwidth. No rank hey dad me.
Anyway did i get a snapchat back. I didnt what else is in the phone. Weve got older bay.
Which okay and weve got games i want to look at some of the games. So it looks like theyve actually put some thought behind the games that they have here. Im gonna go with dino run because that sounds quite fun.
Oh my god theyre actually interactive games. How do you jump okay. This is um.

how to see who is on a minecraft server before joining-1
how to see who is on a minecraft server before joining-1

Im not gonna lie. This is this is kind of cool. This is kind of cool okay so what you want about the dating aspect of this server.
That was but if youre familiar. Weve had the vellum and works holy that would have been hard to pull off so uh you know you gotta you got to respect some good development. When you see it but anyway enough screwing around on my phone.
We need to start with finding an apartment. So a s. Find find an apartment find rents 150.
No right okay far out. So as a bit of a reflection. This minecraft server.
Its not that bad i mean they say a few weird things in chat. And its a dating survey yada yada. But ive really liked the phone feature overall its definitely not my thing.
Its not for me im not the target audience for this type of server. Its not the worst thing ive ever played moving on to the next dating server. Were gonna try and get elem see so lets give it a crack this one has a few more players.
But i dont think they only do dating. I think they do other things so lets have a look lets check. The compass.
Theres roleplay skittle and skyblock so i think roleplay is is the server. Were looking for because it has free fly marriage eusocial. Okay.
Marriage yep. Okay a dating. Were in the new server.
A lot of players a lot of players we even get a kid so thats thats quite nice. Im happy about that haha it starts again the foot itll say it all just comes around doesnt it queen at least club. We can collector that i dont know how to feel about that how do we play.
I dont have a rank. So no ones gonna care. What i have to say to be perfectly honest warp strip and wop sex.
Lets just do it honestly with way far beyond any any beating around the bush. Okay. I think im gonna give everything the benefit of the doubt maybe.
Its fun to to roleplay. I dont get it. But maybe.
Its maybe its fun i dont know im not trying to offend anyone the place these type of servers like i said. This is video is just just just for a joke. If you feel like im missing.

how to see who is on a minecraft server before joining-2
how to see who is on a minecraft server before joining-2

Something you can comment down below the way i should play these servers or any recommendations. But for now. Its just yeah yeah.
Its just this okay before we go any further. Id like to issue. A serious warning.
If you are very sensitive or youre young or anything. Like that i dont recommend you watch the next portion of this video. And im not saying that as a joke.
Im saying it because this is seriously yeah. Its its just restricted content. Lets just say that whats your own risk be warned.
Im sorry you have to see this all right guys. Im gonna do it im just gonna put this warning out there i dont know what im gonna find when i go this way if this video. So far already has been too much then i suggest you just stop watching alright.
Lets just do it lets just go so. While i was commentating this live. I didnt exactly say anything i was in complete shock.
The whole time i was walking through this server. I was just i couldnt believe what i was seeing on a kids minecraft server. It was it was kind of ridiculous like i keep saying and not really my thing like what is this guy even doing.
But i dont know i dont know i i dont know oh my god that guy that is in there with with the other player read the chat. What what the is this so yeah. I think i think ive officially found the weirdest genre of minecraft servers.
There is whether you want to call these servers roleplay servers or you want to want to get a bit more specific and call them dating servers. However you really dont want to beat around the bush and call them mike. I dont even want to say that i just dont want to say it so closing off is a little reflection on that server.
Ive just played i dont know why that exists. But im just gonna pretend that i didnt play it and move on so overall minecraft roleplay dating servers definitely not my thing maybe theyre your thing i wont judge. But overall.
Ive played the genre i dont want to go on there. Again unless this video gets. 20000 just.
Kidding im just kidding. 10000. Likes regardless guys i really dont know what else to say.
It was quite a weird experience to anything else ive played in minecraft. But other than that guys if you enjoyed the video. Please leave a like i dont forget to comment.
Whatever you want to comment you can even subscribe to the channel. If you want you want to check out mc prison comm. I highly recommend you do in my last video which will be on screen right now im doing a giveaway for mc prison.
So go check that out and find out how to enter to win yourself a rank. And you can also check out another minecraft video. There on the screen as well theres theres gonna be two click on either of them or click on my face to subscribe every guys thats gonna do it peace .

how to see who is on a minecraft server before joining-3
how to see who is on a minecraft server before joining-3

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