Ebay 1st week of managed payments How long before I get paid?

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Right whats going on i figured id talk a little bit about manage manage payments uh. What to expect when you first get signed up. I just got up a week ago.
So im going to go through it this is my store right here i sell mostly photography items so about a thousand items per year. I really liked using paypal. Because the money was instant is not instant with managed payments as youll see here as i go through it um go to my selling here and when we when you actually get signed up and accepted and everything goes through youll youll get these new like payments up here.
And this is where youll get most your information. Now. This is actually laid out better than i thought it would be so you could go down on any of your items.
Here and it shows all the transactions really nicely. They did do good good job. There so if i uh well thats a shipping label.
If i click into a cell here it will bring up your actual fees everything that was taken out so with every transaction uh. A 30 cent fee was going to be taken off um and if you have multiple items it would just be 30 cents. So if somebody orders like three or four different items in the same purchase.
It will still just be 30 cents. Um then youll get your final value fee you can see here. 3699 i had free shipping on this one so uh 283.
So roughly uh youre looking at nine ten percent uh feed. Which is which is pretty good actually um. So if we go back here.
Its automatically set uh your how when youre gonna get paid. It says daily. So that you should be receiving money every day.
Ill go over that in a second um and let me just talk about this right now. So ive had uh had some returns and i figured it would be taken out of this money that thats in my account. But its not you could uh have got it set up for paypal here.
And i dont have any money in paypal. Since i uh hadnt been receiving money in paypal. So i have to switch that to a bank um.

how long do you have to pay on ebay-0
how long do you have to pay on ebay-0

So thats kind of a bummer. It should be taken out of this pending money up here. You should be able to refund them with the pending money or if you have available funds.
It should be able to take it out that way im not sure whats going on there. Okay. Lets go talk about the big thing here so um.
How long does it take to get paid. Ive watched. Several videos and that some people said well it used to be bad.
But now i get paid like the next day. I found that not to be true so. Lets just go lets see its uh what 8 20.
Uh. 9 am. So lets go back down through here.
And well find um one thats still processing. So this has been 24 hours basically see there the 19th so this hasnt processed. Yet.
Its still pending um. I i think the i thought this to be true. But its not exact so anything that sells like if this sold the 18th before midnight.
It probably would have been completed so its um and then it would go to a state of payout. As you see here so this was a payout it will say complete. But then your bank has to process it uh.
Ebay says your bank may take four to five business days to process. It my bank. It takes 24 hours so they always drop the money in uh.
Thats an odd time oh well it says that but uh. Its generally like on eastern standard time. Its generally uh between six and or eight in the morning and it will take like i said a while for them to process so basically youre looking at almost two days.

how long do you have to pay on ebay-1
how long do you have to pay on ebay-1

That will sit here and pinned and then another day for you to actually the money to get in your bank. So its roughly three days. Now also like say somebody ordered something um thursday at like one in the morning.
You would not receive that money they dont do they dont send out this money do payouts all weekend. So uh you you dont expect to get your money because theyll pay it out on monday and then you wont get for until tuesday. So if you sell something on thursday.
Dont expect the money until tuesday uh thats thats a long time for me. I know a lot of people are like me. They just have ebay as a side business and uh.
Yeah. Were were used to getting our money from paypal ive got the paypal debit card and and its instant i could go use that debit card so hopefully ebay does something like that and releases the funds a lot sooner in the future. So you could go to the atm and pull it out if you want or you could use that debit card with the with the money thats already in there.
And theres no reason this this should pin for almost two days before they process. It thats ridiculous to me um. I like to have money like i said.
I just use this kind of like my petty cash or whatever so like i went to the beach. This last weekend and i had like 700 in sales. It would have been nice to have a little extra money to you know have a nice dinner or something like that.
But um yeah. They need to make this a lot faster. So why is this sitting here pending uh.
So when you do your your uh. Even if though its pending here. Ive got three stings to ship out this morning uh you your shipping label costs will come out of this so when i print this out it will save funds available.
And it will say minus. So it will take that out there so thats kind of nice. You dont have to have a another place where its pulling the money out its available to print out a label.
So as you can see here shipping labels. Um. What else you have any questions leave a comment below um.

how long do you have to pay on ebay-2
how long do you have to pay on ebay-2

Yeah hopefully this gets sped up. I think i think the thing that they need to do is as soon as you print out a label or the tracking gets uploaded that money should be released to you theres no sense of them holding on to it and like i said they should have um. It shouldnt be sitting there for almost two days thats ridiculous to me anyways.
Some other people say they dont really mind that im just used to it i really enjoyed using paypal. Just the how the funds were ready right then and this this may right here. They could they they need to release this as well because i do a lot of buying off ebay.
So i dont have this money available to use right now. If i was able to use that money i could go and purchase some stuff right now so thats why theyre theyre kind of kicking themselves in a foot right there so yeah they need to they need to fix this a little bit better let me also go into this performance. So you can see um.
This will a split performance and then sales. This is kind of neat feature it doesnt really give you everything you need. But it does show you a nice uh.
Some nice stuff so this is the past 31 days my total sales and then it breaks it down. It says you know your uh. Where is it yeah your total sales fees cost basically it breaks it down all your fees.
Shipping labels and all that now this number right here is actually um with anything you charged for shipping. So you could deduct this number from that and then this this number isnt really um responsive to since i just got signed up it still has paypal fees on there so you can see them both. But theres the selling cost.
So you can deduct that from that and actually come up with your uh total cost there so interesting to look at theres also i havent used it much. But theres a report down here so ill be doing a video on that coming up. So go ahead and subscribe um.
And again. If you have any questions leave a comment below yeah. I could take if you get sell something on thursday.
You might not get the money till tuesday. But roughly it takes about three days if you like sell something on monday three days to get your money in your account. Now.
If your bank is taken longer than one business day to process that i would find another bank that would be ridiculous. If a banks holding your money for four or five days um especially now in 2020. This this uh them not releasing the fees to me seems kind of archaic when paypal has been doing it for many many years so anyway thanks for watching like i said go ahead and subscribe.

how long do you have to pay on ebay-3
how long do you have to pay on ebay-3

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