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Music music today. Were going to show you guys how to use a rope. Rope.
Come along take our half inch rope. Looking through your pulling end go through so the tail comes through the ball of course. We added shiv to basically get the operator away from the top of the tree because the tree is relatively tall and its going to land.
Its gonna lay within 10 feet. So if something ever happens it gets the operator. Way in this trees got a lot of lean into it today is pretty windy and we were gonna just hook.
The rope into it and pull it over with all the tops on and everything. But better safe. Inside theres a.
Powerline theres a. House theres no 30000. For that over there.
Its not worth the risk amount of time it takes to take the top off and whatnot. Its less time than it takes to fix any of those things so were going to show you what we kind of do im going to show you the situation and show you how its leaning and where im gonna be aiming basically we can hit this guy get a good look at the tree. Its gonna its got a kind of an awkward lean its leaning towards and other patch of trees over here so its kind of on an angle from way we want to be so were gonna have to change.
Where we aim because the sights in the saw arent gonna be necessarily where the where the tree is going to land were gonna end up having to kind of leave the tree one way or the other way so that way it hits where we want to hit because if it had all it had all that extra weight on it and it starts to go i have to bring it another an extra 30 degrees farther than where i need to bring it so its got that much more movement. So i could break a hinge and then the feet. If one hinge.
One saw. The hinge is a little bit bigger than the other side.

how to fell a leaning tree in the opposite direction-0
how to fell a leaning tree in the opposite direction-0

Then it could end up breaking that and the whole thing twisting falling and hitting a power line or hitting half so this one. Were gonna do im gonna make a pretty good sized open at least 90 degrees. If not more face cut and what im gonna do also is pour into the tree and do a plunge cut get it so that i have about probably an inch hinge max.
Because i dont have any weight up top. Its basically just gonna be the rope. Come along pulling getting him to go over.
And me eating it with some wedges just to be sure just in case. If something happens to the rope. Lets see what happens music music what you end up doing is i gotta make at least a 90 degree opening here cuz the trees to fall at least 90 degrees.
If not more i want it to kind of break off while the trees still in the air. So that way it will fall mostly level instead of our proms up top hitting then hitting the ground and when youre doing a you doing hinge something wrong thumbs of how big to make the hinge or how far we want to be at least on this half of the center of gravity to help if something happens. And it can rest back on to my back cut.
And if its 80 that means. I got relatively a good amount of wood to holding capacity and the thickness of your the thickness of your hinge should be around probably an inch or about 10 of the 10 percent of the diameter of the whole entire tree this guys about a. 16 so is about is about 16 inches.
But he doesnt have anything on top. So i can make a little smaller just because im gonna have to overcome and break that one inch boy that ill even do i finally mean make sure that the tree is in line. We want to go and hes just on the pulley side of that little thing hopefully make it so hit that were gonna have ryan tighten up the boy go ahead ryan.
When im gonna be boring into this into this tree. I can either decide to do it so that im on my attack side of my bar is on the inside or its on the back the back cut side and on this one. Im gonna be on so that way those saws gonna be kind of forced me to my back strap.
So that way if i had it on this side of the tree. What would end up happening is the saw would try and force me to go into my hand and then i could end up cutting my hinge especially seeing how im on the side of the tree.

how to fell a leaning tree in the opposite direction-1
how to fell a leaning tree in the opposite direction-1

Where i want to end over here. So what im gonna do is theres way more raiment room here and im gonna in the sun and the light for filming is better on this side so im gonna come in right through here bore right into the tree go through the whole entire tree come up and get the desired hinge thickness. I want and then set up my backup music.
A two and a half inch by about an inch back strap right here holding this is my wood thats holding the whole entire tree up so i can get my wedges in there and whatnot tighten up my my pole line and then push it over in this situation. Dont worry about cutting your hinge off you can take your saw go above or below. Im gonna go in this situation.
Im gonna go below so that way the thing doesnt grab my saw and bring it up and over with it if you go above. It what would end up happening is you can have a little bit of wooden here too and the whole thing to take away. But if i go on the bottom side here.
Its gonna break away from the stump and then leave my saw in the stumble. If somewhere doesnt happen ok tighten it up applause music well you can automatically see what ended up happening. This is a way to tell how how big your hinge was with relationship to how big it should have been when you start to have fiber pole like this that means that you have too much wood on your hinge.
So i did see you always have something in the center especially if you if your bar is pretty close to the same diameter of your of your tree. That youre trying to cut a lot of times youll have a little bit left inside. So what youre going to want to end up doing is this is where you get to practice a little bit and you get to get to see exactly what works what doesnt work and you can see were right on cue.
I think our little thing went flying somewhere yep so we hid it so no problem that was easy basically i counted for about three feet extra this way for lean. So that way the tree would hit exactly what i wanted to do because we had a little bit lean that i had i had to account for and basically the back strap werent perfect. I had to inch by about an inch right here.
And it was a little corner. So i had that really dive right in there and get it to what we had to do. But thats it simple and easy and always never leave spikes like this i dont know how many people with you ever hunting in the woods or youre doing things hiking or whatnot and you go to sit down on stump because youre tired these things will poke you and they could actually kill you so go through cut.
All your cut all your little stickers. But top branch with malayani grooving applause music. .

how to fell a leaning tree in the opposite direction-2
how to fell a leaning tree in the opposite direction-2

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