[For Honor] How To Rep Up FAST (2020 Edition)

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Honor remains is one of my favorite games to play still to this day. And and what started as a fun personal challenge to wrap up each of my characters times. It blew up and grossed over 30k views on this channel between multiple videos.
And ive often gotten the question as to how to wrap up characters quickly and how to get the legendary here i showcases some of my videos so todays upload is gonna be just about that in this video. Im gonna be going over how you can wrap up your favorite characters up in a decent amount of time and how to get your preferred gear at a higher level. Some of the tips that might not be all that secret to some veteran players theyre more catered to the newer players who are just jumping into the world of her honor.
But if youve been playing the game for a while stick around anyway just in case. You might learn something new. So lets get started just keep in mind that my overall reputation count cost.
Me over a thousand hours of play time thats including xp events. Extra loot events and more and some gear you may be looking for might be exclusive to certain events like the apollyon wolves event. But to wrap up your main character will not take nearly as much time as you think as you might know the current reputation capper hero is 70 and throughout the grind you can obtain many rewards.
Including ornaments effects exclusive colors and patterns supposing and even an emo. I am currently grinding for the max prep with kensie and i got to say its a lot easier than it looks the giant rep 70. Seems daunting at first.
But there are a couple of ways to make the grind. A little bit easier for yourself first and foremost you want to activate your champion status. Which is without a doubt probably the most important part of this whole grind.
I typically activate the status for every three days which will grant me an xp boost for myself as well as my teammates and will give me more loot steal and salvage for dismantle gear renewing champion status every three days will cost you 2000.

how to get reputation in for honor-0
how to get reputation in for honor-0

Steal each time if you dont have enough steel for whatever reason just play. Normally until you have it as of now steel is pretty easy to get and you dont need to spend a lot of time farming for it xp boosts are also crucial for boosting your grind. This feature was implemented post launch to give salvage more use instead of being used exclusively to upgrade gear.
As long as you have enough you can use your salvage to grant you an automatic 250. Xp bonus on your chosen character at the end of the match. The salvageable cost will increase every time you use it and the starting cost will reset each day.
So. What i personally do is use an xp boost three times every time i play this will to me 4500 salvaged. If youre someone who plays every day this might be difficult for you starting off because the only way to get salvaged right now is by dismantling high rarity gear or getting it in the battle.
Paths. Dismantling gear is very important in piranhor every time you start grinding on a new character youll start obtaining the base time in gear. The rarity of your gear.
All depends on what rep. You are with your current character. The rarities start with gray.
Then blue to purple to yellow and then finally at turquoise sitting at legendary status and starting all the way back a common gear. You should give you should really focus on saving up your gear. Until your inventory cant fit anymore and then dismantle all of the gear.
You dont currently have equipped once youre maxed out you shouldnt focus on upgrading because the usefulness of gear has changed since the older days of piranhor purpose on your current gear can help out a little bit.

how to get reputation in for honor-1
how to get reputation in for honor-1

But the game is more skill based now rather than rpg where you can choose certain aspects of your character to upgrade. So dont worry about the perks. Because the higher the rarity you grind towards the more of the perks will fill in by themselves.
And at random you start getting the best looking gear at rep speed and up thats when you finally get to the legendary cosmetics and you basically have limitless customization options in that area just as long as you have unlocked appearances for what you want unlocking certain. Looking armor and weapons can be tedious as it is solely rng at this point where you are constantly getting legendary gear. You should use the loot crates that you get for winning or participating certain events infection war seasons.
The loot crates will give a random assortment of gear. But you can also use steel to buy certain packs like armor or weapon crates exclusively. I personally never open my packs and i just grind my characters for the year.
The champion status helps out with that alive were fine gear isnt something i really aim for either because its pretty pointless in my opinion. But if youre the type of player who likes completely maxing out their stats go right ahead. But it might be a little expensive game modes are another really important part to leveling up.
I mean how else are you going to wrap up if you dont play the game. Unless you have orders to play a specific game mode. You should focus on playing dominion or breach exclusively at the end of the matches.
You play youll get a bonus in xp depending on the game mode. How well you did the time you spent in that match and strategic points on the war map. Which is really something you can control playing against bots or real people is all up to personal preference player matches tend to be a little longer granting more xp.
But bot matches get much harder the more your while rep count increases playing against level three bots will normally sit you at the same amount of xp.

how to get reputation in for honor-2
how to get reputation in for honor-2

You would get from a real player match as they are longer. But theyre a little bit annoying as they tend to alter instinct their way through entire teams at times and light areas literally everything. But last.
But not least the space source of your xp and steel. Without including champion status is borders. Daily.
Orders and main orders are a great way of getting massive a massive xp for doing specific things like playing certain game modes getting kills and playing a specific factions and reviving allies daily orders are your main source of steel and battle points for the battle paths and main orders are your best shot at getting a lot of xp at once daily orders reset. Every day and main orders reset every 1 or 2 days depending on the day of the week. But really it all comes down to how dedicated you are to a certain character.
If you want to hone in on a certain character and max them out to rep 70. Then by all means you can do so it might take a little bit. But it is definitely easier than jumping from character to character you should hone in on that character use your champion status xp boost on them exclusively and dont really deviate away and play as other characters unless you have orders to do so.
But by all means if you have orders to play as other heroes do not waste. The xp because you never know when you might want to go and jump back on that hero that you got an agile slayer thing for but guys. This is gonna wrap up this video.
I really hope that you like the tips and the kind of little secret. Things that are in for honor to help you grind out and become the master of your character. If you did like this video make sure you press the like make that thumbs up blue.
It really helps and sub to the ragequit channel for more content like this and let me down let me know down in the comments. What you guys want to see more and what kind of things you need help with in brawner. But guys is gonna wrap it up for me thank you all for watching and as always i will see you on the next one you .

how to get reputation in for honor-3
how to get reputation in for honor-3

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