Getting OSB/plywood sheets on the roof by yourself!

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Can try this at home hey guys. Ive been working solo on a 560 560 square foot addition. I know its kind of crazy.
Ive had a bit of help here and there. But for example all the rafters. I did myself and basically everything except for a couple lifts.
Where i had a little bit of help like on these 2 lvls. I my brother just happened to come in town. And so that i let him help me out with that which is great because it would have taken me three times longer myself.
Thats kind of the name of the game. It is everything solo just takes four and so these are a couple extra two by tens that were from the rafters. I just ordered two extra and my god these quality issues.
I couldnt possibly use something this bad the other one is not much better. But then i was like hey you know i could cut some little wedges and shuffle.

how to sheath a roof by yourself-0
how to sheath a roof by yourself-0

Osb up to the roof. Using those two spares. So let me show you how this works.
So know what youre thinking that was pretty bad. Theres some room for improvement. These are four foot spacing.
Id say three foot would have been better because im having some hard time getting a four foot range. Im 6 feet tall. I have a 6 foot arm span total.
So i kind of thought you know i could probably push it up there. But these these supportive ribs in the middle here. These hips are whatever you want to call.
It seems like ive already moved that one and i just cannot find a good spot. Its always in the way so thats why i was struggling so much in that spot.

how to sheath a roof by yourself-1
how to sheath a roof by yourself-1

I think it was actually easier before i moved it anyway. Its a really good idea in concept and if i had done it just a little bit different execution. It would have been much easier.
But you get the idea and this cost me nothing of course because its just a couple of extras and some scrap would turn into wedges. I will say i dont know how long the screws will hold up where the wedges will hold up rather from throwing it up where it passes and then clamps down one nice thing about this though is if you do screw up. And it comes back your way itll only go so far as the previous wedge.
So you know its kind of safe in that regard. But if i was to do it again. I think i would have done three foot spacing and like i said no matter.
What there just doesnt seem to be a good spot for that i think maybe if you were to kind of put it halfway so you could get your hands in there before i had it too close to that edge. And i couldnt get my fingers in there so i hope that you guys find that helpful and i wish myself a lot got and wrapping up this project. I taken forever the worst part is that its the wintertime and all the batteries for my portable tools are frozen and they just dont work so well and so i only get a few stuff like maybe a few minutes at work time today is going to hit 45.
So hopefully i can make some really good progress. Because this has been extraordinarily rough just based upon the cold temperatures.

how to sheath a roof by yourself-2
how to sheath a roof by yourself-2

And doing it on my own you know just trying to take a measurement. Something so simple with just doing it on your own. Its hard to get anything even close to accurate so everythings been a challenge.
But im doing the best. I can if you found that helpful please like and subscribe and of course always give me your feedback let me know if you guys have tried anything similar or or better for moving sheets of osb or something like that in retrospect. I kind of wish that i had a drywall lift for doing this and i did order one that does 16 feet.
But it wont be in for a while so i think a drywall lift might have been a really good option for this potentially. But this will this will do in the meantime. It didnt take me long to rig.
It together it just has a few areas that could be better good alright. So obviously ive gotten all my osb up my rig. Worked fine him i had a few times that sort of thing.
But nothing to write home about i used a lot of wood screws to temporarily hold things and to realign them. And that sort of thing.

how to sheath a roof by yourself-3
how to sheath a roof by yourself-3

That was helpful having a little towline there for safety. And when i get a little tired or i have my hands full the tools. Thats really helpful and the last tip here is using clamps to hold the osb.
I need to get it just about an inch past these rafters here and these clamps work really well for that because i can just kind of tap tap tap and you know roughly adjust their resistance. Holding up the piece. And then again.
I kind of tack. A corner with the woods grew and and then do the final alignment and then i start with a nail gun. So thats how i have done this whole roof by myself.
Its been pretty exhausting. Im pretty sick right now so that hasnt been helpful but you know its just about done and im gonna throw a tarp over it tonight and then it can nature can rain for the next. Two days straight.
My only goal has been to get the sheathing up here so that i can protect the structure from the rain. .

how to sheath a roof by yourself-4
how to sheath a roof by yourself-4

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