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Im gonna give you a recipe for an old oliver classic. Were going going to make a salsa and i think principles of a salsa for you guys are absolutely amazing right a salsa can lift the most boring piece of fish or chicken or roasted vegetable right salsas rock. Its basically about attack on the palate and tang.
So we need acidity so the acidity can come in the form of vinegar or it can come in the form of lemon or lime. Then its about crunch. I mean ive got stuff that ive got available here so ive got sweetcorn.
But you could use frozen or tinned. Ive got peppers. You could use jarred just get the seeds out and of course.
Tomatoes are classic in a salsa. You can use cucumbers. Im using a little bit of chilli not to make it super hot just have a little ahh ahhm ahhm.

how to tell if salsa is bad-0
how to tell if salsa is bad-0

I dont know why i did that so lets just put this to one side for 1 second. So. This is fresh and light feeling.
We can make it a bit more kind of frumpy by getting the sweetcorn and just running a knife. Very gently down the shaft of the corn just draining it if youre using the tinned corn. Now the family is getting to know that me and jools are doing the video for you guys basically whilst.
Were doing the video and theyre all going feral and stealing loads of stuff. We would not normally let them eat anyway. The veggies here and all the veggies that could be here that you might have in your fridge are fresh and raw and vivacious right what we can do is add contrast by charring.
We can just scald. It and that will give you a smokiness in here add some olive oil now if you havent got olive oil you can use any vegetable oil. You like you want about 2 or 3.

how to tell if salsa is bad-1
how to tell if salsa is bad-1

Tablespoons. In there. This will be enough salsa for 8 people.
Give or take. Then lets think about acidity vinegar. So lime juice will go in there.
If you havent got that a lemon is joyful right so im actually blending all 3 acids theres no right or wrong. We want to season. So we want it to be a little bit too acidic and then when you put that around veg.
It all settles down to be this kind of harmony of deliciousness. So im just going to put some herb in there i would go for an either a soft green herb like mint. If you want to go dry.

how to tell if salsa is bad-2
how to tell if salsa is bad-2

Herbs from your cupboards fine herbs go in and then spice now were teaching the family spice. So we cant go too spicy chili goes in and then if you have a little look. In here.
Then you see how its got like black and gnarly bits. Remember. This pan has no oil that caramelization.
There is the natural sugars coming out of the sweetcorn so while thats doing that and im going to take a tomatoe and just slice it up lets put the sweet corn in for that i can promise you even if it is now will be amazing and truly amazing with any kind of like pork chop. Roast a bit of fish. It could be like a little pan fried bit of chicken happy days.
We aint even finished yet so lets just take this over here and im gonna just slice this up the chopped up green peppers go in darling. The nations stressed enough as it is at the moment. We dont need you crunching on crispy bits.

how to tell if salsa is bad-3
how to tell if salsa is bad-3

So red peppers go in yellow pepper and then ive got the tomatoes amazing colour on the subject of fruit you could use pineapple. You could use tinned pineapple. It could be peach it could be apple.
It could be pear. You can even put a little bit of kiwi like its joyful. Im gonna put a bit of pineapple in here.
Ill remove the skin. So im just gonna slice all of this up now what you could do is you could have put this fruit in the sweetcorn and got little burnt bits. Im gonna put that in here mix it up and that is our salsa could you put like some feta through that and have it as a sort of a salad or would that be too much feta through that if you werent doing burgers fetas a really good idea feta if you just crumble it up.
Its got that tang. So jools idea is a really good one so hopefully you guys have learned that you can make a salsa of anything youve got in your cupboards and fridge happy days over and out its time to clear up and bath the children god bless you salsa do you like the salsa buds now theres a smile in there isnt there somewhere. .

how to tell if salsa is bad-4
how to tell if salsa is bad-4

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