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how far can you drive on 0 miles to empty This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How far can you ACTUALLY drive on . Following along are instructions in the video below:
Hey guys its mike here welcome motovlog. Ive just been out running a a few errands and i just noticed that i have about mc. Hell show i have four miles to empty.
So i thought why not do a little experiment and see how far you can drive until you run out of gas. Now. Its going to go down to say about zero miles so empty and thats what i want to know how far can you drive on zero miles till empty tank now obviously its going to vary from car to car my car here is a ford fusion four cylinder and also today we have cold weather conditions.
So thats going to affect it as well so what im doing is ive set up two gopros. One right there and then we have one right here on the steering column that is going to monitor how many miles is left and once it hits zero miles to empty. Im going to reset the trip meter or the trip computer so we can actually see in real time how many miles im driving until the car completely runs out of gas and im stuck on the side of the road all right you guys ready want to turn on the gopro on the steering column four miles to empty lets go all right so we got three miles to empty right now and im just turning out on the highway.
I know for a fact that i have at least seven miles of highway driving to do until i get to a not home. But im close to where i live so were just gonna have to see if i get stuck on the road on the highway or in a more of a residential area two miles till. Empty music all right.
We got one mile to empty crap. All right. We got zero miles till.
Empty zero zero. Okay. Im going to reset one of the trip meters here music okay so right now.
Im on i 70. Nine its an interstate here in pittsburgh and ive. Gone.
16. Miles on zero miles till empty. Im going to flip back.

how far can you drive on 0 miles to empty-0
how far can you drive on 0 miles to empty-0

So you guys can see that its at 0. Miles and ive gone 19. Miles all right so this is my exit.
Weve gone four miles almost. Its three point there it is four miles maybe. Ill make it all the way home.
Who knows. Im going to flip back again just to show you its zero miles till empty. Oops im going.
43 miles alright. Im coming up to a really busy intersection up here and this is not a spot where i want to run out of gas. I hope i have a green light.
Here i dont wanna get stuck in as you can see. Here. 49.
Miles gopro set up right. There you guys are right there come on i dont want to get stuck right here might make a fun video. But not right here that all right so i havent run out of gas.
Yet all right so i just hit ten miles. Weve been driving driving around here for a while and pretty interesting you can at least drive 10 miles on a normal midsize car. Like this one right here.
I didnt know you were going to be able to drive this far and just to check back here. Still says obviously zero miles to empty trying to document. It here as good as i can all right so were at 14 miles.
Weve driven now and im getting kind of like what the hell a lot of gas left in the car at zero mile.

how far can you drive on 0 miles to empty-1
how far can you drive on 0 miles to empty-1

So im almost like disappointed. But again i guess. Its a good thing.
I mean if youre stuck out in the middle of nowhere. Im in a sort of residential area right now i mean if youre stuck somewhere. And you have a little ways to go until you find a gas station.
Its a good thing. Were just going to keep on driving until i run out of gas. Okay we got fifteen point four miles.
I mean this thing cant just keep on going for too. Much longer. This is crazy all right women go up this long ass hill here see this hill go i want to get stuck in an intersection all right my battery on this one gopro is about to run out so i mean im its gone 18 miles now 18 miles.
But i figure now its gone. 17 miles and i currently have 18 miles per gallon. So if there is one mile or one gallon left when it says zero miles to empty.
I would assume that i can probably go about one more mile until. The car has zero fuel left in the tank. All right there we have it i tried to pull out of this street here onto another street and it wouldnt really do it for me so right now.
Im ill show you here. I just pulled off of this is called green tree road right out here. So i pulled in right here.
And im going to try to get up this little incline here. I dont think. Its going to work just to make sure that were completely out of gas.
So im going to try to start it again here all right.

how far can you drive on 0 miles to empty-2
how far can you drive on 0 miles to empty-2

So as you can tell here we were able to drive 216. Miles. On zero miles to empty.
Now obviously. I knew that this was going to happen. So i did bring an extra canister of gas so lets get some gas in scar.
So i can get home and being a ford. We need this thing right here. Capless fuel tank system.
Then get some gas music all right so i got about point nine gallons of gas. All right lets uh try to start it up here. Okay.
So obviously we still have low fuel. Well see how it says still says zero mouse toy empty. But however now i know i have about almost one gallon of gas.
So i can get to a gas station at least so let me know what you thought of this video here in this little experiment that we did did you find it informative did you think it was stupid. Its up to you if you did like it though share. It with a friend you know would like it as well and remember to follow on instagram at auto blog facebook at autoblog and twitter at auto blog.
Whatever is your personal preference when it comes to social media. And if this is your first time stopping by and you have it already please subscribe. Ill see you in the next video bye bye get real quick before we end.
The video as you guys notice. This was done in my fusion. I also have an f 150.
Completely different vehicles and engines obviously four cylinder versus a half ton truck with a big v8. If you guys liked this video that we just watched here and you would like to see it done on a truck with a big v8 give it a thumbs up and let me know and well make it happen music. .

how far can you drive on 0 miles to empty-3
how far can you drive on 0 miles to empty-3

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