How I Faked 200 Hours of Community Service (on Xanax)

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Is up ladies and gentlemen boys and girls. Its your boy goblin and today. Today.
Were coming in with a hoot and a holler today. Were talking the time that i went to do my community service on probation. And said.
You know what this ive had enough were faking all of it hope you guys enjoy this video drop a like if you do and also cop your goblin merch. Today ladies and gentlemen linked at the top of the description go check out the site check out the designs. I think youre going to love it very high quality beautiful designs without further ado lets dive right into it so ive been waiting a while to tell this story uh really honestly i mainly waited when i got off probation.
Because i was like well i dont want to tell this right off probation. Because im pretty sure my po knew about my channel. I wasnt positive.
But i i had a hunch which well get to in another video or like well talk about it on stream or some. But either way. I had a hunch that she knew my channel.
Which is why i kind of waited to talk about this for so long. I believe ive touched on this on stream briefly. But today were going to talk about the whole thing so when i was on probation back in 2017.
I was ordered to do 200 hours of community service of those 200. I completed six and the other 194 were all faked and today. Were going to talk about how i did that on a xanax induced rage.
Not a rage like a. I dont know dude just a xanax induced scheme. So basically when i was on probation right for those guys who dont know i got sentence probation for retail theft.
Right stole a bunch of from walmart. I have a bunch of videos about that you can go look up ill link that in the description. If you guys havent seen that and wants a backstory to this one.
But in this particular instance right. I was sentenced to my 200 hours of community service. And it was coming to the point.
Where i only had like a month and a half left of probation. And i was gonna have to start working like literally full time eight hours a day at the community service place to even dream of getting my hours right. And i initially had been given a year to complete these hours.
But i just i just procrastinated so it came around when there was about two months left on my probation. And as some of you may know ive talked about in the past while i was on probation. There was a couple instances where i took xanax right i never really talked about i was on probation.
Because obviously im on probo. But since i couldnt smoke weed. There was occasional instances towards the end of my probation.
Where i was just fiending so hard to get up that i would take like you know the occasional zan. Just one or the occasional kind of thing right and on this particular instance. I show up for my first day of community service and i popped the bar.
And i wasnt consistently popping bars at this point. Because i was still getting drug tested so it was like a once a month. Kind of thing you know like if i had a really bad shift at work ahead of me you know id take like half a bar and go in just to mellow me out because i couldnt smoke pot or anything you know and i i didnt really like drinking at this point either so i pop this bar.
And i go into my community service and im living dude. Im feeling wonderful. Im talking cloud nine on the throne.
Feeling great. And i go to a food pantry. Where essentially the the objective of this food pantry is you go in there.
And they have they have these like boxes. And you just take the bags of like like rice and like like dried food and pack. The boxes right and then theres like another person who seals.
The boxes. Its its very simple repetitive mindless work right. But its an easy way to get hours and a lot of my friends went to this place.
So i show up for my first shift and im barred out and im doing my community service and i just i hate it now i like normally i could go through it. But even even barred out me couldnt take it dude. Even bartered.
Me couldnt handle it you know what im saying like we just could not like i couldnt comprehend. This community. Sir i couldnt take it i kept zoning out i kept checking my phone.
I kept like time felt like it was going a quarter of the speed. It should have been it was horrible so after my first two hour shift goes by im like this dude. Ive had enough right and i go and they have this system right you go in and you complete your shift and then you go back to the front area of the building.

how to fake community service hours for court-0
how to fake community service hours for court-0

And they have these little pieces of paper laid out in the front that are unsupervised right nobody watches them you take one of these pieces of paper. You write your name and you write the time you worked on it and then you go get a staff member to sign it once the staff member signs it you save that paper and then once you have all the papers saved up to show you did all your hours. You turn them into these people and they write a letter saying you completed your service right so i get this signature and immediately.
Im trying to think of ways to scheme. And i had known quite a few friends like i said that it went through this place so i hit up one of my friends who were gonna call andy and im like yo like how did you bang out all your community service hours like what did you do right because barred out me is just not having it right. There was nobody there even near my age like the thing is this this was not a community service place that was filled with delinquents like me.
This was a community service place that like the church would go do field trips to and i just happened to be there on xanax you know so it was never like an environment where i could maybe enjoy it or maybe meet someone to talk to no no its all church goers and im on drugs. It couldnt have possibly worked so i hit up my friend andy and im like yo. Howd you bang out your hours.
And hes like dude. I could help you out with that if you want to pay a little bit. He was like i could forge your sheets for you and get you your hours as soon as he threw out that idea a light bulb went on in my head and im like well thanks.
Ill just go do that myself so of course. Im just telling ya hey. Ill definitely get back to you ill probably hit you up on that not tipping him off that im just gonna go do it myself right so so i go hop in my car in between these these shifts here right and im kind of chilling out bumping some music you know feeling the bar.
Its kind of wearing off and im sitting there and im like okay. How the am i going to figure out what to do next right. How the like is it worth it and im weighing out my options and im like okay.
If i get caught faking these hours. I get booked right like im pretty sure thats just a violation and im i go back to court and im boned. But if i dont get caught.
I literally have just saved the next two months of working 40 hours a week for no pay. Which is a huge deal because im lazy and i dont like doing so im like bet. Were faking them i decide then and there were faking them so i go back in and i finish up my second shift.
And i didnt have another zan so at this point it kind of started wearing off like halfway through my second shift by the end of it. I was relatively sober right and by the end of that i go and get my second signature and luckily enough its a signature from a different staff member. So now ive got these two separate signatures and im like yeah i go home that day right and im thinking to myself.
Im scheming. Im like okay. I just need a few more signatures and then were gone right then were going cuckoo out the wazoo so i go in right i go on the next day.
And i have an early in the morning. When i specifically picked a time that i knew maybe the same people who worked yesterday wouldnt work again because they worked late the day before so maybe they wouldnt be there for the first shift. So i show up at literally eight in the morning and lo and behold.
Its a completely new set of people and im like bet count me the in so were chilling in there i go through my shift. Once again. Theres nobody to talk to its the same thing especially at.
8. Am the delinquents really arent showing up at 8 am. So this was literally just like karens and church moms and soccer moms and bringing their kids who didnt want to be there so i complete my shift.
And i get my signature and i stay for a sec or this beginning of the second shift right. I dont actually complete the full second shift. Because now.
My plan is in action. This the first ship finishes and the second shift starts and i go in back. And how it works right everyone gathers in the front room and they get like a briefing on what theyre supposed to do right then everyones taken into the back room.
Including staff and the front room is left completely unsupervised the front room just so happens to be where the forms are the blank forms are that you need the signatures on are located so i asked to go to the bathroom during the shift and i walked to the front grabbed the entire stack of sheets with the exception of a little i left a little bit at the bottom grabbed a fat stack of them shits and i left right i go get in my car and i whip out there and i go home and i make sure after that to wait like two weeks before i come back or do anything else. And i said you know what if im getting 200 hours. Done i feel like i need to show up like one or two more times between these weeks.
Just so people can be like oh yeah. Ive seen that guy around you know because its one thing to fake like 20 hours. Its another thing to fake five full work weeks you know five 40 hour work weeks by that point.
I think you recognize someone so im sitting there and i kind of realized like oh. Like i might be going a little too balls to the wall. So i wait a couple weeks.
I go back one or two more times and then im like okay playing in action lads. Lets go cuckoo. So i get all these forms.
One night and im sitting there with these forms. Im looking at the real signature and im practicing on a piece of paper and i realized like i shouldnt really be doing this right like i shouldnt because i was trying to trace it and i realized like the signature would be more suspicious if it looks so perfect. I should just get some of the mannerisms down and go with it right and i remember there was one signature in particular now listen i can barely read cursive.
Okay. Cursive is just gibberish to me. But i think the name on it was gina the the first letter looked like a giant g.
So all i did was just perfected that g and then i just for every signature. I was like okay. Im just gonna try to figure out like one really stand out feature and nail.

how to fake community service hours for court-1
how to fake community service hours for court-1

It and then ill just forge the rest of it right and thats exactly what i did so i sat there for what felt like hours. It was probably maybe two hours because i was really being meticulous with it just doing the best. I can getting all these forms.
I had to do it form at a time you know two hours four hours. I was switching up some of the shifts some of the dates. Forging dates.
I had to put so much thought into this i was tweaking right like i was just absolutely tweaking out. I was like going on their website and checking scheduled times and then copying them and i was going crazy with this but eventually i get all my forms done. And ive got my 200 hours written down.
So now the moment of truth comes. Where its time for me to bring these forms in and cross my fingers. So i have all my forms and i go in one day at the beginning of a shift.
And i say hey you know i got my hours. Done. I was hoping to get a letter they bring me into the office and im so nervous at this point.
I remember sitting there and i was just like holy bro like im tweaking because that that first community server shift. I showed up for when i popped the bar that was also the last time. I popped the bar at this point right so i needed some goddamn relief right i couldnt smoke couldnt i needed some relief dude.
But i couldnt get it so im standing in this office with the director of this place. And shes looking at the forms right and shes going through them. And it seems like shes almost like looking very closely at them.
When she is and im just like oh. My god im sitting there like what like what even happens. If they call them out like would they call them out like what even happens.
What if they just call my po go like look at this. Idiot but i realized very quickly they dont know who my po. Is they dont even know im on probation.
So im probably okay so they kind of looked through these forms for a minute and she goes. How many hours did you say you had and i said 200 and im like oh. Shes starting to ask questions like boys.
Its its falling apart. Here and lo. And behold she busts open microsoft word and whips up that sheet and prints it out dude.
She prints it out fills in the blanks on this little template. Thing or whatever. And she prints it and hands.
It to me right there with her signature on it and i was like theres no way that this chick just did this like theres absolutely no way and i i was just like thank you so much and i watched her literally take all the forms and just like throw them in the garbage. I was like thank you so much you think i it was a pleasure serving here its a pleasure giving back to the community dude. It felt so good to help the hungry children.
Thank you i thank you you know. And shes all like oh. It was a pleasure.
Having your help thank you for coming so much im elliot. I came all the time baby. I went cuckoo 24.
7. You know so i get my form. And i damn near skip out of the joint and i go to my po right i have a pro.
Ive been meeting with my probation officer in like two weeks. I show up with a little surprise you know i figure hey this might help me out. So i show up with my form for my community service and i show her and im like hey i got my hours done early for you right.
Shes like oh thats amazing and she goes you know what youve been doing so well on probation. Shes like i dont really think i need to call you back in for the last meeting right because this was the second to last one right. I had one more meeting with my po before my court date where i got left my probation lifted right my po.
Never called me back in she said to me that meeting like yeah you know im not going to drug test you anymore youre fine. I felt like it was christmas. But it also felt like it was a setup.
So i didnt go smoke immediately. I smoked four hours later instead of immediately right so thank god it wasnt a setup but either way i was like holy thank you youre the best po. Ever youre sick and she even gave me a five dollar mcdonalds gift card.
She likes me that much my po gave me a five dollar mcdonald. If only she could see me now shed probably be man. Shed take my ass to prison.
So quick dude she would not be happy. But hey thank god we got away with that one hope you guys enjoyed this video drop a like if you did thank you guys for tuning in and i will see you guys next time peace. .

how to fake community service hours for court-2
how to fake community service hours for court-2

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