how i get sand out of my hair and off my scalp

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I have a paddle brush pretty shot stoppers and a comb to find youth and and we are gonna get to stand out in here. So the first thing you is you just brush through your hair. I like to do this in the bathtub because all the sand thats gonna fall out of my hair.
Its gonna only into the bathtub. But im doing it on my floor. Today so whatever yes yes yes okay this so i live in hawaii.
So um sand in my hair is a very real thing i dont know how good you can see that but i dont do this every day because im pretty sure its terrible brooder. I can guarantee you at least one persons not gonna listen to that and then im in a different bride mondo. But um dont do this to your hair every day.
I only do this if like i have somewhere to be the next day usually i just kind of wash me hair like normal. But yeah so the first thing youre gonna do after you brush. It is get in the shower and put shampoo it and then rinse it and then put conditioner.
I will be right back after so i realized that i forgot to tell you how to put the conditioner in because you know usually you just kind of like put it in your the ends of your hair. Because that looks good there okay youre gonna put it on the ends and then its so bad for your hair. But youre just gonna run it on to the scalp like literally trying to get it on the skin focus on the skin.
Because thats whats gonna get this hand out of here.

how to get sand out of hair-0
how to get sand out of hair-0

Its probably terrible for your hair. But someone here isnt listening probably not even watching this with sand on sand on sound on and then next thing you know bread motto is gonna be watching me and being like yeah guys dont do this because your hairs never really told you you know if i do if i thought brad monday. You had this denim jacket.
One time and it wasnt it the neb jacket had my cow print on it and i was everything i needed in my life. So let me know where you got it okay on your scalp. You are going to take the comb at least start on the bottom at least give that much to your here.
Thank youre doing this because its probably so bad for your hair. But my hair is just really thick in this and out here. Its thicker so like the the sand sticks.
And they smell really easy okay. So see i dont know how good you can see that but theres like sand in the conditioner. Its gonna kind of like start forming on the outside of your hair.
Theres instead of like being on yourself. And thats kind of what you want it to do because then its gonna go from sticking to your scalp to like staying on this part your hair. Which were gonna go in on this next.
Step youre gonna put more shampoo in your hair.

how to get sand out of hair-1
how to get sand out of hair-1

And then thats gonna pull the sand off. And then when you put your last little bit of conditioner in it it just works. Okay anyways.
I like to do a second pass with the comb and then rinse the conditioner out and then i will see my hair again. Its a bath with shampoo in my hair. So heres the paddle brush again which im going to rinse all the sand from last time and again start at the ends.
Okay all right now. If you have my a really bad day. Like you had planted into the direction.
Ahead or you like wait in the sand or something i would go through it with the comb one more time while the shampoo is in but guys something the fact that ill never be able to see you again. Yeah. Im gonna go make this out change.
I totally realize they forgot to like cut me a shirt well thats tag because i havent been getting the shower. Like that which is kind of pointless cuz. Its getting something what anyways.
But you know alright no once the shampoo is out just put the conditioner in like you normally do which i hope to heck youre not just slathering.

how to get sand out of hair-2
how to get sand out of hair-2

It on everywhere. Because first of all you are the person that has the greasy hair second of all thats so bad for your hair follicles like literally the conditioner just gets in there and clogs. It and then its like your hairs like well not growing into day fan.
So yeah just were one in three minutes. Because we all know that thats the part that you put the straightener on in your hair or if you attempted a home haircut. And you used the bad scissors or ends are probably like dying right now so conditioner on the ends.
Only anyways and then you just rinse it out full rinse it out and then ill show you the difference of myself. I totally just forgot what i said and got in the charter with my shirt. But its whatever i forgot to tell you at the end of albanist or at the end of every time you wash.
It and really rinse it with cold water because thats gonna work wonders for your hair. Its gonna make your hair feel softer if it doesnt mine have an opal with and also it makes your hair like ridiculously shiny. So okay so as you can see i no longer have sand in my scalp.
Which is wonderful because let me tell you waking up and rolling over onto your pillowcase. And theres like a pile of sand that just kind of fell off your scalp no bueno. But yeah.
Thats how i get the sand out of my scalp. Dont do this every day and .

how to get sand out of hair-3
how to get sand out of hair-3

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