How I Get Villagers To MOVE OUT With A Super Easy Method In Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Back to animal crossing new horizons. I hope youre all having a wonderful day. Day.
Im getting tons of questions from people on how i routinely am able kick out villagers on my island and ive covered a couple different methods in previous videos. But i think ive really honed in the best possible method to be able to do this. And i can typically get a villager kicked out that i want within about 10 minutes.
Which is pretty darn good now were gonna go over this entire method today. Im just hoping to see somebody with thought bubbles right now because that would make my life significantly. Easier.
If we could find somebody moving out right now to start showcasing this method. But this is going to require some time traveling. Ive been working on a really effective method without using time traveling.
But to be quite frank with you if you want to kick out a villager and you dont want it to take literally forever. Then i highly recommend using the time. Traveling methods now.
I will come out with some other methods as well thatll hopefully take like a week. Maybe two weeks hopefully significantly less without time traveling. But i still got a lot of testing to do on that havent seen any other villagers look like theyre all hiding inside.
But lets go ahead and get into this method. As i mentioned we are going to be time traveling as you can see weve already kicked somebody out weve got bad here sniffing some flowers. We got to pick a villager that we actually want to leave so i was looking for tipper because i really wanted to get rid of tipper in this particular video.
Were gonna get rid of tipper and simon now hopefully both today so i guess well go talk to simon since we know where he is now its not mandatory that you talk to a villager first. But sometimes it does seem to help hone in on the villager that you want removed during this process. But by no means do you need to actually do that simon is gone.
He knew we were coming for him. So first step to this process find the villager that you want gone. And were just gonna go ahead and talk to that villager real quick now once were done talking to this villager.
Were just going to immediately save and close the game. Now you dont actually have to do that because it does take a little bit longer so what were gonna do is go to these settings.

how to get villagers to move out acnl-0
how to get villagers to move out acnl-0

Here. Were gonna switch the date forward just one and day so were gonna go ahead one day. Were gonna keep the time the same.
Were gonna close that and i go in here. And then were gonna go ahead and save and close and this is going to push us forward a day without having to completely restart the app now just keep in mind that while youre going through this process pay attention to what isabel is saying because occasionally even if you have already 10 villagers on your island. You can still get a campsite visitor and you can replace somebody on your island with that visitor more often than not its not gonna happen.
Though so weve only pushed forward a day and the chances of finding a villager today. That wants to move out is going to be very very. Slim.
Unless youve already had a villager that was pretty much already on the outs. Then youre gonna have to do this a few times. But every time you skip forward a day youre going to want to make sure you check on all of your villagers.
And make sure. None of them have a thought bubble over their head. If they do if youre gonna want to check that villager and see if they are wanting to move out if they are wanting to move out then make sure to take note of that date that date is going to be very important for speeding up this process for the future because once you find that date.
Its going to be very easy for you to kick a villager out and thats exactly what were going to be doing right now. Now it looks like ive pretty much checked on all of the villagers. Nobody is ready to move out today.
So were gonna push forward another day and continue this process until we find a villager that wants to leave. Oh god we had another cow move and oh great. But we are on day 2 of this time traveling method and usually at this point.
If i dont find any villagers ready to move out on day 2. The next thing. Im going to skip to is 15 days after this so right now.
It is april 24th on the calendar that were using for the game right now so were gonna skip 15 days ahead of april 24th and more often than not were gonna find somebody with a thought bubble over their head on that day and once we find out what that date is getting any villager to move out is going to be much much easier now that weve skipped those 15 days just make sure to double check every villager from here. Its only gonna take about 1 or 2. More time skips before you find a villager thats gonna want about and the process relatively simple now the only downside of doing this particular method well theres two actually one is going to be if you have turnips they are going to spoil because more often than not youre going to pass another sunday and then at some point in time youre going to need to rewind time as well.
Which means the turnips are going to spoil. So do not do this if you have turnips purchased and then secondly weeds will grow so if you are sick of picking up weeds might not be the method for you.

how to get villagers to move out acnl-1
how to get villagers to move out acnl-1

But it looks like all of our villagers are hunky dory and nobody wants to move out right now so were gonna skip forward one more day and see what we get and wham bam. Thank you maam weve got monkey boy ready to go exactly the villager that we wanted to leave which is fantastic. But there is a method for this where if this was a villager that we wanted to keep we could remember this specific date that a villager wanted to move out on which is for us may.
11. Is very important because say. This was a different villager like morena or something like that instead of talking to them and kicking them out or telling them to stay were just gonna completely ignore them because they cant leave unless you let them leave you have to actually physically talk to them before they will leave so what were going to do is were going to pretend like that wasnt simon.
Im going to show you how to cycle through different villagers to actually make the one that you want to leave leave. So were gonna try and get rid of tipper this time. I guess or just show it pop up on a different villager on this date.
So what we need to do now is go back to the original starting date of this method now we started on april 22nd. Because i had already time traveled a few days testing a different villager kick out method. Which ill have a video released very very soon on a legitimate way to do this without actually having the time travel.
If you dont want to but for us. I start on april 22nd. So were gonna time travel back to april 22nd and get the started alright now that were back at april 22nd.
All we need to do now is once again and just go ahead and go into here go to your settings. Were going to go down once again to system and were going to time skipped to the day that we had somebody move out already which was when moreno wanted to leave now. I did push my clock back a few minutes.
Because i dunno that at this particular time the two villagers that i actually want to leave were outside villagers tend to have a time of day where they like going inside. And if youre doing this method. Where a villager wants to be inside during that time.
Youre gonna be wasting your time. So make sure your time skipping to a time of the day. Where your villagers are actually going to be outside its very important and just like that ladies and gentlemen.
The thought bubble has transferred to a different character and tipper wants to go. Which is fantastic. So what we did was we went back to the original date that we started.
Which was april 22nd. We immediately jumped to a may 11 and wham bam.

how to get villagers to move out acnl-2
how to get villagers to move out acnl-2

Thank you maam tipper is ready to go and were actually gonna send her away this time now. Its not going to happen. A hundred percent of the time where when you go back.
And then jump back to the original day that theyll have a thought bubble over your head. Because sometimes. The villagers will be inside or something like that but usually more often than not youre going to find a new villager with a new thought bubble over their head and theyre gonna be ready to leave now if it happened to be a villager that you didnt want to leave once again then you just go through the process again until you land on a villager that you actually want gone.
It is the most effective way to get rid of villagers. This is the process that i use to get rid of villagers for pretty much every single live stream. It takes me about 15 minutes especially now knowing that may 11th is my move out day.
I can continue to use may 11th as many times as i want and it could take as little as three minutes for me to do villager kick out so its a very very effective method and hopefully it helps all of you get rid of the villages. That you dont want so you can get the villagers. Yet do one now we got to get rid of this other cow and i actually am curious to see if we could do this like two days in a row like two times in a row.
Technically the bad thing about this is you dont want to try and kick out multiple villagers in a row. Because eventually if you have to do this like two or three times. Then another villager is going to be moving into the spot that you kicked out on your first villager.
So. What i would recommend doing is getting this cow person to leave finding the villager that you actually want to get them to move in and then go through the process again for the next villager now inevitably because were going to have people in the comments that cant follow directions or try and make up their own shortcuts. Which ends up making the method not work were going to do it a few more times.
Just to showcase how this process works. Once again so weve pushed back to our original starting date. Which was april 22nd.
And were gonna keep the time around the same time that we know of that the villagers that we want gone are outside and then were gonna push it back to may 11th. Now. I do want to say that this doesnt happen.
A hundred percent of the time so far in this video. It has happened 100 percent of the time. But you might have to jump back and forth one two maybe three times for it to work.
But lets go ahead and jump forward. And see if we can actually get this to work this time so were gonna go back into the game were gonna hit this lovely button here and then were gonna save in it and just like that weve got another villager already wanting to go right on the next skip now unfortunately.

how to get villagers to move out acnl-3
how to get villagers to move out acnl-3

It is octavian and i absolutely 100. Do not want octavian to leave so in this instance. We could tell him that we want him to stay or we could go through the process again until we get a villager that we did want to leave.
I also just realized that i told tipper to stay which i feel superduper stupid about because i definitely wanted them to leave or wanted her to leave so for octavian. Were gonna say no i dont want you to go. Because i absolutely love your octopi face.
But this method definitely works and you can use it as many times as you want to kick out as many villagers as you want and its a great method. Especially if you feel like trading villagers out there and so you can use amiibo cards to invite them. And then you can use this method to kick them out and very quickly now unfortunately.
I still need to go through this method and get tipper and that monkey boy out because since were recording this video. I had to keep them just to showcase how this worked um. So i got a kick one out for todays livestream.
But this is how i go through the process for every single live stream to be able to hunt down new villagers. It works. Its very effective and quite frankly i do not think.
There is a better way to do it in the game. Other than obviously using amiibo cards. Which you have to purchase you dont have to be mean to your villagers.
You dont have to be superduper. Nice to them. Its just a very quick process now that being said i will be coming out.
Where is the monkey dude anyways. I just wanted to like say hello. I dont think you can have two different villagers trying to move out on the same day.
But im curious to see if that ever does happen ive never seen it happen so far. But i will be having a non time travel method. Ive been working really hard on trying to figure out the best method for that are you testing pretty much every single day.
But regardless. I do hope this video helped you out if it did make sure to slap that like button. And its time for me to go ahead.
And do this process all over again to get either the monkey boy or a tipper out of my island. .

how to get villagers to move out acnl-4
how to get villagers to move out acnl-4

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