How I Got Into Vet School with 2.85 GPA!

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Back everybody it has been a long time since ive posted a video up up on my channel and you read that title correctly. I got accepted to vet with a two point 85 gpa. Let me tell you guys how i did it.
So a little bit of background by myself. I am. A 23 year old college student in fact i am in my last semester of college before i head out to vet school and in fact i do have a two point 85.
Gpa but to be. Clear it was my science gpa that was in. 285 my overall gpa was a little bit.
Higher it was a 32. So either way. I was on the low end of that spectrum when it came to me a competitive applicant.
So how did i start out getting interested in the veterinary field when i was 18 and she started volunteering at a clinic. Where i did about three to four hours a week. Because you know i was doing five classes as a freshman and i was working.
I wasnt getting paid for this position. So i had to work another job on top of that be honest that clinic wasnt a fit for me and therefore. I only lasted a couple of months and then decided to leave and that there i seen that that wasnt a fit for some reason in my mind.
I thought maybe. The veterinary field isnt for me maybe. Im not cut out for it because in.
Fact my first year in. College i ended up with a 26. Gpa to be very honest with yall.
I didnt think. I was gonna get ever again to vet school especially on my first try so for my sophomore and junior year. I decided to focus on my schooling.
I was no longer working 35 40 hours a week and going to school full time. But in fact. I was working about 10 to 15 hours and then go to school full time.
And then focusing my energy on studying bring out what techniques work for me. And asking all my peers and friends what their study techniques were and that eventually helped me improve. My grades so my gpa went from.
826 my first year to. 833 and then i kept going up and up until you know that. 26 and the other grades eventually ended up being a 32 or worse for five years in college.
Yeah you heard that right its taking me five years to finish college. Now the four years that majority people take. But took me five years but let me show you what my grades where i can see my grades did improve and as the courses got harder for some reason i found that these general chemistry general and bios organic chemistry were very tough and that was due to multiple reasons.
One the classes were huge my genkan class. I believe there is about 700 to 900 students in one lecture hall electro had two floors so he could fit enough people and that kind of you know it wasnt my style of learning and therefore i didnt excel in it again biology was the same format. Organic chemistry was the same format as the classes started to get a little bit harder.
You know my cell biology genetics. Even so.

how to get into vet school with bad grades-0
how to get into vet school with bad grades-0

The core is called advanced topics in microbial pathogenesis that i actually aced. I saw that my grades werent bad because i was what im called dumb or stupid. But its because i didnt know how to study prepare myself for the exams and actually understand the material that was given to me so that change in attitude.
And that change in perspective helped me move my grades up along with the grades. When youre applying to med school. Youre gonna have to have a variety of veterinary experience and i know experience.
But it is hard to come by and you can apply all you want and i did i applied positions in zoos you never heard back i applied for a job in an exotics and avian better net clinic. Got an interview. But never heard back so i decided to try again with a small clinic and lo and behold.
Ive been at that clinic been working there for the past year and a half and its best job. I can ask for ive learned a lot you know the veterinarians who i work with amazing and they go out of the way to explain things in a matter that i can understand since i dont have the immense medical knowledge and background that they do but they give enough information that i can understand what theyre doing why theyre doing it so in reality. The only veterinary experience.
I have is small animal prints your dogs and your cats. Thats the only veterinary experience that i have but where i like the veterinary experience. I decided to up and animal experience.
Which ive explained in previous videos is experience with animals and does not include veterinarian supervision. So before i actually started at stella clinics. I did volunteer work at the aspca volunteered.
My time to interact with the dogs and cats that were kept in the kennels after that i decided to get my certification in tn r. Which is travel during release. I also have a bunch of experience in farm animals.
Because my grandpa actually have farms. Where i since the age of six would go on the other summer and work with pigs chickens. All these other animals that they might have in their fund.
I got some interaction with animals in that way so i kind of had 1500 hours in farm. Animal my small animal hours were around i think 1200 or so i was pretty much the the range of animal experience of veterinary friends that i had but i also included some research experience because i spent the summer in bahamas in an island called bimini and i did dolphin research for about two weeks over there. But we looked at softn communications.
We swam with the dolphins. We took pictures. We did all this other stuff trying to understand how these dolphins interact with each other.
So with a low gpa with even in lower science. Gpa and not that huge of a variety of veterinary experience animal experience. I decided to take my shot at the gre and i didnt actually start studying intensely until about a month before the actual exam.
So i bought hope at college. I bought this big book right here and to be honest. I didnt do this whole book look at this goodness thing bigger than my face.
I took the gre and february of 2019. I took it once and my gre scores were about i think average. I dont know what theyre wearing.
One was a. 151 the other was a 153 and then my writing skills were at 45. So they werent something to you know be jealous of or anything so where did that leave me they left me with a subpar gpa mediocre gre score.
And you know certain amounts of veterinary experience that majority people have when applying to veterinary school. So what was the next step.

how to get into vet school with bad grades-1
how to get into vet school with bad grades-1

What was my final way of proving myself that i was worthy of a spot in whatever veterinary program. Accepted me so that left me with recommendation letters and the interview process so i had to depend a lot on my recommendation letters and i asked one professor and three veterinarians to write my letters huh at the end the professor didnt read my letter she totally forgot to write it and that actually made me unable to apply to one of the programs. I already put a deposit in which wasnt cast so yeah i ended up with three letters of recommendation from veterinarians.
Ive been working with for the past year and their letters of recommendations you know helped me get my foot in the door with an interview at two schools. I got my interview at st. George university and about i think late september.
And i got my interview at the western university of how science in california. I think it was like early november. I had that interview this was like the final you know the final round to prove myself to the committee prove myself to the people who are doing the interviews that i was worthy of a spot.
I hacked their program. But those were the only two schools that offer me an interview. I ended up actually applying to ten schools.
Which ill thats right here now that those ten six of them were rejected the two that id lost before see georgia western university. Gave me interview the other two which is clicking memorial they wanted an updated transcript which it did not provide because i decided i want to go there anymore. And then ross and say kids.
I became ineligible due to the fact that my professor. Never wrote. A letter recommendation so that left me with weston university.
In saint. George. Where.
The interview was the last blast stuff and getting in acceptance. So i went to those interviews and my soup put in sophias help the most important thing that i thought to myself and i kept reminding myself. What is that b school saw something in me that made them offer me an interview.
It was my job to go in there and prove it that i did have what it takes to be a veterinarian then so whatever questions they had i didnt immediately jump to an answer. I took a moment thought about the answer to the breath and responded to their question the best of my abilities. But you know at the other day i felt confident myself went home and you know it is what it is if i get in i get it if not im gonna try again.
But lo and behold i got my acceptance from st. George and i got an exception to at western university house science. But i declined my cs in western university of how science and ended up putting a deposit down and sink to a university for the class of 2020 for starting this august.
And i look back at things. And i remember this one professor. Who was actually a veterinarian tell one point ended up being an animal behaviorist.
Who told. Me that i would never be a veterinarian because my gpa was so low. But im here to tell you guys that gpa is not everything when it comes to being in competitive you want to be well rounded.
You want to be well spoken you want to be confident in your abilities. And you want to be the most important confident in yourself. If theres a dream that you guys have to go for it dont let anybody tell you otherwise because even if youre not down the first couple times.
So what get up and do it again like that ill see you guys next before i forget you guys like to enjoy this video. Please give it a like subscribe and comment. If you have some ideas about video content that you want to see leave me a message down there and ill respond for sure umm.
Im still willing to let you know that ill be going to see george and early march to go visit the campus. So thats the video you guys should be looking out for if you always wanted to see what the caribbean schools look like and starting august. Ill have more content on veterinary school since thats when ill be starting and right now.
Im so in college and only have much estate some guys have taken .

how to get into vet school with bad grades-2
how to get into vet school with bad grades-2

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