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As you can see ive got aquaman at level 20. And i literally started started at level number one just a few hours ago and we got them all up. Its a really really simple method by which we get these characters maxed out and get them to level up.
Quite quickly and im going to share that with you guys here today. This is a method that some of you guys in the community actually shared with me. And then a lot of you guys have been telling me like hey blitz.
I want to find out how youre getting about getting your characters leveled up this quickly. So were going to cover that here. Today and foremost ladies and gentlemen.
We have a sponsor for todays video. And it is the lovely folks over at raid shadow legends. Who have sponsored this video.
So thank you huge thank you to them and ive got some cool stuff to share with you guys for the game itself. So lets hop into the game itself. As you can see here we are on the main hub world of the game.
Theres tons and tons of different things that you can do here from the tavern. The sparring pit. Which unfortunately.
I dont have unlocked yet because i havent reached level 15. Yet the market the great hall. But one of my favorite elements is actually the portal.
Because you get to open up stuff. And see what kind of items you might get or what kind of champions you might get so lets see were either going to get a common or uncommon or rare champion from this come on give me some good please is that a common. Darn.
It uh sister militant level one has been unlocked still a cool looking character thats for sure thats a giant broadsword that she has as her weapon of choice. But outside of opening up champions using them and upgrading them you can go on ahead. And obviously play the actual rpg of this game.
So if we go into the battle mode. Youll see that theres a ton of different modes that you can play through you can play through campaign you can play through dungeons mode faction wars or arena and clan boss mode well in arena with patch 115. Which has just been released this may.
Which is absolutely awesome you are able to compete in a brand new arena tournament you earn points. According to your own tier and you are earn awesome rewards as a result of that in local and global tournaments you can go on ahead and challenge yourself to your edge in the ongoing tournaments compete against the entire raid community while fighting the spiders dan. The ice golems peak.

injustice 2 how to level up fast-0
injustice 2 how to level up fast-0

The almighty fire knight or the notorious dragon and so with that in mind guys of course use the link in the description box below to grab the game for yourself. But if youre a new player to raid shadow legends. You actually have a giant bonus waiting for you because you will receive a hundred thousand silver by using the link down below plus in addition to that you will get a hero for free known as grumbler looks absolutely epic looking so check that out hes looking pretty stylish indeed and with that all out of the way ladies and gentlemen of course.
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Youll be helping out the channel. A ton. So thank you to ray shadow legends and thank you to you for going on ahead and grabbing the game.
Now lets get back to the video. All right guys so it is time to get into it and im going to walk you guys through in a step by step program here so that you yourself can get your characters all leveled up quickly as well especially. If you dont have the time to sit around and actually go through the battles.
This is a super convenient method not only is it really quick. But its a very convenient method as well so in my opinion this probably is the absolute best way to get your characters powered up while also being rewarded with gear and mother boxes in the process. So its a really really great and efficient method to go by im going to walk you through in a step by step format as i mentioned already just because i feel like i dont want to skip anything so that nobody actually gets confused during the actual process so step number one were gonna head into the customized characters tab were gonna click that and once weve launched into here youll see that ive already done this process with several characters like black manta batman aquaman.
Im just kind of picking my favorite characters in the game like harley quinn hellboy. I got them all leveled up. But for the sake of this video.
Lets pick another character that i want to level up next. And thats going to be the joker so the first thing. Were going to do is were actually just going to select the joker so typically as you can see over there.
We can see the player loadouts. Which just shows us basically three different player loadouts. But were not really interested in that at this point in time.
What were more interested in is the ai loadout so were going to scroll down to that option then what youre going to want to do is go through each and every single one of the different gears and still try to pick the absolute best stuff that you have available for your characters. So whatever it is that is really really good gear that you have pick that like even if its level one gear. But theres a variation thats a little bit better than the one you have equipped pick that one because that will increase your chances of winning fights.
And when youre saying well youre probably asking what do you mean by winning fights. Well cover that in just a moment so the first thing. Im going to do is im just going to scroll up to basically the most rare items and kind of the best loot that we have oh man.
I wish we could equip that but i guess for now. We just have to equip this and were just going to equip all the stuff that we can possibly uh equip here to make the process more successful obviously if you want for the sake of recoloring this to adjust to actually adjust the aesthetic of your character you can do that too now once youve done that the next step step is youre gonna actually back out back to this particular selection on the loadout and then youre gonna click r1 or i guess depending on whatever console you are maybe rb or on the pc computer. It depends on whatever key bindings you have so then youre going to see the ai attributes break down.

injustice 2 how to level up fast-1
injustice 2 how to level up fast-1

This is where youre going to really need to pay attention because you need to lower all your grappling abilities lower your rush down and the two only things that you want to focus on because you only have 60 points to spend are combos. Because that will allow your character to combo combos. Together a lot more efficiently and then counters to make sure that the character can parry reverse and out poke the enemy.
So youre gonna go on ahead and max out both of those selections. The other ones remain at zero. And dont worry about that now at this point.
In time youre gonna back out make sure that you save. And once youve done the saving youve pretty much completed. The most difficult aspects of this particular method.
Then youre gonna go up to single player youre going to select the multiverse and here you kind of can go two different routes. So you can do the regular multiverse challenges and those can work fine. And its going to be kind of hit or miss.
But personally what ive found to be the most successful method of leveling up these characters is to go into battle simulator and then go into endless mode. Because that basically will allow you to just keep playing until you lose and not only will you be gaining mother boxes for the wins that you gather so like five wins you get a bronze motherbox. 15.
Gives you silver and so on and so forth as you can see surmised right above me there but essentially youre gonna select this mode. Thats kind of the most ideal method to go about this just because you dont have to worry about anything except for every now and then clicking the x button or like the confirm button on your uh platform of choice so for this sake of course. Were gonna go into the joker now before you click make sure you dont pick your character right away.
Because ive done that mistake. The first thing. Youre gonna do is you see at the top uh left corner.
There you can see the little mask. And then the little settings icon. So thats your random selection screen this gives you loadouts youre gonna bring that up and then youre gonna scroll over to the left hand side to your ai loadout.
Which means that youre not even going to be playing thats the coolest part about this is that you can literally just let the game do all the work. While you collect the rewards for the work that the computer completes. So then youre going to just click x to select and that will take you into the fights.
And as you can see this shows you kind of a roster of characters that youre gonna face off against and this is just gonna keep going meaning that for example youre gonna start with enchantress is the first fight and youre going to keep going until you lose and the other cool thing about endless mode is that it is just the level of the uh enemies that youre fighting accordingly to your level so if we level up then the uh ai levels up as well and so your xp keeps growing relative to whom youre fighting and youre continuing to get a pretty good amount of xp. I will say you might still have some losses here uh here and there so by the way. Im not playing right now.
You can see theres the controller both hands literally jokers doing all the work and all we have to do is just sit back. And enjoy so you can literally be like hey i need to write an essay for school i need to do an assignment i need to clean i need to do whatever it is and every now and again the only step that youre going to need to kind of like input your um. I guess inputs will be when the fights are over you just need to confirm the wins and move on to the next fight so that would basically entail walking up maybe every minute or two to just click x to confirm the next fight to continue or should you have lost you need to reset.

injustice 2 how to level up fast-2
injustice 2 how to level up fast-2

And do the same exact process. One more uh one more time and just let it go through the same exact loop. So youll see for example.
Here joker laying the smackdown on enchantress. She did uh pull off a pretty good clash right there. But we should be able to still get the victory and you you will notice that obviously because we focused on combos and reversals your character will do really really well in terms of offense and defense.
Because others are two main elements that we worry about so here is what i was talking about about the input. So you can see i gained a bunch of xp right. There.
Which is terrific 653 to be exact plus profile xp. So not only will your characters be leveling. Up your profile will be leveling up too and then all im going to do is just press continue.
I got actually new gear unlocked. So as youre going through this i would also recommend like if you can take a quick moment to be like okay that looks like it could actually boost my strength by 23. But it takes away a little bit more defense.
So id rather not make that switch. But if this was a good item. I would probably equip it right away by pressing the triangle button to get my character to be stronger for the next opponent.
So that all im going to do is just press x. And thats going to continue the cycle. And now.
Hes going to move on to the next fight. Which is going to be adam and so by going through this process you will slowly. But surely level up your character at a pretty consistent pace.
And youll be able to in that process as you saw also be rewarded with gear and then of course. If you do well in the actual matchups and you win 5 15. 25.
And i think its 35 opponents back to back to back to back youll be getting mother boxes as well and those rewards reset with every character you play out so you can get mother boxes as a joker you can get mother boxes as aquaman etc. So its really really awesome. Because not only are you getting your characters level up your profile leveled up youre also getting a bunch of gear that you can then open up and get rewards that way and if youre a part of a guild.
This also applies to that so it really is quite possibly in my opinion the most efficient way to get your character from level 1. To level 30 or whatever goal. You have for a level for your particular character in the game of injustice.
2. So with that in mind i hope that helps i hope that this video helped you out to walk you through in a step by step program of course. Thank you guys so much for watching dont forget to drop a like subscribe if you havent yet and of course huge shout outs to our sponsor bye guys music you .

injustice 2 how to level up fast-3
injustice 2 how to level up fast-3

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