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Right good everybody welcome to another video and welcome to some forza horizon. 3. Do dont mind me just kind of be dressed around on the ice lake a bit here while im making this video so over the past few days.
Ive been getting a ton of people asking me the same question and i thought id answer with a video. Because i literally cannot answer everything on one of you in comments. I cant its impossible for me to keep up with everybody answer like pretty much answering in the comments.
Plus. Its just me being repetitive every time. I do and its going to take a long time of like just me going around through comments and answering this one question.
How do i sell my shares in forza horizon. 3. As you guys have seen in the past.
Ill do in this video as well just so you guys can sort of see as you guys have seen me in wheel spins in the past every time. I get a carrot. It gives you an option for me to sell the car right now the only way im going to give you guys this information right now to start the video.
See if you guys dont want to watch any more of it you dont have to if you want to get the option of selling your car. You must first have the car in your garage. So i have the majority of the carrots from the wheel spins.
I think i have all of them actually in my garage already so every time i do get an option or every time. I do spin that that specific hair and its already in my garage the game immediately asks me if i want to sell the car or do i want to decide it to my garage.

how to sell cars on forza horizon 3-0
how to sell cars on forza horizon 3-0

That is why every single time you guys see me do a wheel spin. And i land on a specific hair. It asked me if i want to sell it or if i want to keep it that is the only way you can sell carrots in this game.
Now if you go into your garage. And you want to get rid of a car you can get rid of a carrot like you can actually just get rid of it. But you just have to remove the card from a card you get no money from doing this at all so theres really no point of you like just removing the care.
Now. If you want to sell a car like lets say for example you build something kind of rare you build something thats thats really really good. Even.
If you just have somehow managed to get something like lets say you go to ford real quick here. Lets say you just happen to get two of these for gym kind of nine focus rs rx is right somehow i managed to get two of them and i got them both for free because dont want one you can put it up on the auction house. Ah lets just go ill start an auction and then select the car that you want to put up for auction and thats another way you can try to sell your cards.
But that you have to sell those to actual people then you dont sell it back to the game. And thats pretty much the only way you can get rid of your cares and actually getting money back from it also real quick. Im getting a lot of people joining my club and leaving and joining and stuff like that but ive been getting a lot of people joining instead of leaving so right now were at 2 and 56 number.
So thank you everybody thats been joining the club thats pretty awesome and everybody has been subscribing to the channel. Thank you very much for supporting the videos and stuff like that so it should of wheelspin videos. Im going to do a couple of wheels.
Just so you guys can see what the deal is here so hopefully i get this super impressive. Because i already have this i know 100 that i have this thing.

how to sell cars on forza horizon 3-1
how to sell cars on forza horizon 3-1

I never mind ill get 40 grand. I laugh if i go through like a whole set of wheel spins right now. Oh.
My god if i get a horizon dictionary. Just accidentally i would offer it though i what if i get her eyes district. I just accidentally itd be so funny just keep you care that i already have game.
I dont want cricket. I just want a carrot. Just like a show an example to people i have pretty much all these guys that are popping up right now.
I know that for 100. I know that i have all these guys that are popping up cuz. Weve gotten ive gotten them before in the past like in videos or stuff like that stop of the car god it doesnt want to stop on the car just so i could actually show you sake.
Oh my god game its just making me waste my credit for no reason. I just want to show you guys the way that the option pops up for people that maybe havent seen it before. Oh my god thats alright.
I have loves money the moneys pretty easy to get in this game. I made a video on how i usually get money in this game. So if you guys want to check that oh my god stop on the car you guys ought to see that then go ahead and click the video description box below.
Its actually very recent video as well so hopefully that should clear out some things on how i actually managed to get so much money in this game. Game just give me any care.

how to sell cars on forza horizon 3-2
how to sell cars on forza horizon 3-2

I dont care what it is oh my god i get a verizon listen here always i really am. The luckiest person ever ever the greatest game so i already have this car yeah in my carriage not that normal m3 but i have the horizon edition m3 so if i go to spin it gives me an action do you want to sell the car you already own the bmw m3 horizon. Asian would you like to add the create a carriage or sell it for dominant.
Im not going to sell it because thats pointless for selling this car for 40 to 500 ricans. Thats pretty much how much the normal m3 costs. So all you have to do is just add it to your garage or you can sell the car if its something very expensive.
I like so you get like an lfa for example you can sell that ship for the convert 50 grand or like 300 grand. So thats pretty much how it worked and then like i said if you want to sell your just go to the auction house and sell it if you want to do a separate like selling thing like that but you cant actually sell your cars. If you go into your if you go into your garage.
Like you just cant do it you just remove the car or or yeah. Thats pretty much it you just remove your car and thats thats it you have to specifically have the car before and then if you get the car as a drop in the wheel spins that is the only time that youre able to say okay. So thats it thank you guys watch this video.
Hopefully. Its clear that a bunch of so im not going to be answering any more questions in comments or videos of people asking me. If anybody asks me and you guys see it please redirect.
It to this video or tell them to just go check out the video on my channel or something like that because i cant keep answering every single person. I literally get at least one comment every single a on the wheel spins asking me how the hell do i sell my carrots. How do i get the option to sell the carrots on on horizon 3.
So yeah. Thats it again thank you for watching hopefully. This was the formula for everybody and ill talk to you guys next time goodbye.

how to sell cars on forza horizon 3-3
how to sell cars on forza horizon 3-3

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