How LONG is Xenoblade Chronicles X? Hundreds of Hours to Enjoy

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There lovely people its a lesson in terms of life here and today we were gonna briefly discuss the length of the gameplay in xenoblade chronicles x. Now youve seen our previous video. Which showcases how large the world in this game is youll know that its absolutely chuffing massive.
But many people have been wondering how long the game will take to complete well we feel confident in saying that if you focus on the games plot primarily youll get about a hundred to a hundred and twenty hours now that is a lot of game. Im sure i dont need to tell you and as far as weve been able to tell the amount of grinding actually required to progress the story. Its pretty small.
There are a few instances where if you just run past hordes and hordes of enemies. Youre gonna be too weak to take out an upcoming boss. But realistically thats the fault of the player for being too impatient.
However of course. The plot is not the only area of the game.

how long to beat xenoblade chronicles x-0
how long to beat xenoblade chronicles x-0

And there are countless side missions available for you to complete if you wish you can see here. Even though. Ive not progressed past chapter.
5 on this save file. There is an absolute wealth of side quests. Available for me to complete should i wish to do so these additional parts of the game are so substantial that it bogs down the game to our whopping 300 hours of gameplay.
Which is nearly as much time as ive put into splatoon. But whats most amazing about this game is that even though its absolutely gargantuan in size a whole third of that is the main storyline. So many open world games will have a main story arc.
That only lasts for a small fraction of the amount of play time available and thats fine. But for the main quest to be a whole third of your time playing should you wish to play.

how long to beat xenoblade chronicles x-1
how long to beat xenoblade chronicles x-1

Its a completion thats incredible so if youre looking for a game to toe off everything. Else you own on the wii u. You could do far worse than xenoblade chronicles.
X. Its a gorgeous titan of a game that will happily take over your life just as much as your fall. Outs and your elder scrolls.
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how long to beat xenoblade chronicles x-2

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