How to Become a Social Media Manager with No Experience (Entrepreneur Tips)

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So as a social media manager you have to have experience to get experience you you can be experienced. So that you can have more experience you can get experience can be more experienced. So you can have experience so you can get experience you can be more experienced.
So you can have experience you can get experience you can be more experienced. If you want to learn how to become a social media manager. But you have no experience you come to the right place.
Because that was exactly me three years ago. And now today. Ive built a seven figure business.
Where we work with clients all over the world and are able to make a massive impact and a great profit being able to do so theres lots of other videos on my channel. Too and i do put out videos every single week to support you in this journey and entrepreneurship. So be sure to subscribe for more videos just like this one before i was a social media manager.
I was a dental hygienist over hang nine to five cleaning teeth how boring. I know right you might be in a similar situation. Whether youre working at a nine to five or you have another business and you want to move into social media management.
Which is a great option because youre able to do this from anywhere. That has an internet connection. I got started with some local clients and then it grew from there.
But then i started having clients on the other side of the country or even in different countries. My social media career started because when i was in the dental office. I started doing their social media on the side just cuz it was something that i was good at creating content posting on facebook instagram twitter or whatever platform that they wanted to be on i knew how to do that their it guy saw that i was doing this and asked if i would be interested in supporting one of his other clients with their social media.
And asked. If he could refer me well from there he referred me to all of his clients. And i didnt even realize at the time that social media was an awesome and lucrative and flexible business.
So i was a dental hygienist full time but between patients id run to the bathroom and hide. So i could do my social media clients work from the bathroom and then evenings and weekends. I would continue to work on my clients work until i got to the point where i was like this is replacing my income maybe i can leave dental and begin to do this full time so for me it started through referrals that i found the opportunity to do social media for the dental office.
I was looking for and then the opportunities came for referral but from there. I knew that if i wanted to keep doing this i needed to find more opportunity. So where i would suggest starting is if you have a friend or a family member or a business that you know that you could use social media.
Help ask them if this is something that you could provide and if youre just starting. And you want to give them a discounted rate or something like that to get your feet wet. I would highly recommend that however one thing that i want to caution you on is not giving it away for free or under valuing your service.
This is a problem that i see a lot of beginners social media managers make is they undervalue themselves and because of that its hard to set a boundary in the future. Thats certainly a mistake that i made in the past where i just wanted all the opportunities. I wanted to prove myself.
And i wanted to gain this knowledge. But then i got to a point where i was making over a hundred thousand dollars a month from the social media mansion that i was making for this company that when i wanted to ask for a raise or that i had to say no to can you work extra hours or can you do this extra for us. They had a hard time understanding.
Why i said no which caused some tension between us so make sure that whatever you do even. If you do give a discounted rate or or something to benefit the client. While you get your foot in the door that you make sure that youre setting your boundaries from the start.

how to become a case manager with no experience-0
how to become a case manager with no experience-0

Its much easier for you to set boundaries from the beginning than to try to change behavior and expectations after the fact so start by going to someone that you might know or ask for referrals. If you have a friend or a family member that has other business owners in their circle. That can use social media by putting yourself out there.
And saying hey this is a service that i said i have or something that i want to start another common question that youll get as a beginner social media. Manager is theyll say well can you show me some case studies or show. Me results that youve gotten for clients.
And this is a common concern for people when it comes up and if theyre totally new. And dont have that is what can i provide as that answer now i dont recommend lying and making anything up what i do recommend is creating a result from something that you do have experience in whether its your own social media. Page.
Or something that maybe you learned and be able to say. This is something that ive this is a strategy that i would create for you and heres the result that it created for this person from what ive observed now. Im not saying to take credit for that but to say.
This is a case study or this is a strategy that i saw and ive studied and want to be able to implement for you and because youd be one of my first clients implementing this this is how im going to do it and not that you have to give a discount. But you can say this is what im willing to do if you give me this opportunity when i first started as i mentioned it kind of came up by accident. I was a full time dental hygienist and i wasnt even looking for this opportunity.
But when the opportunity fell in my lap. I knew that if i wanted to keep this going and gain momentum and become bigger in this business. That i had to learn and the personal development and professional development is going to become key.
So if you can find whether its a circle or its a meet up in your city or its an online course to help you develop your skills. Thats gonna go a long way and how you can grow in your business. And as a professional investing in myself was one of the most important things that i did.
But when i say investing in yourself please know that im not always saying investing financially. If you have the means to pay to buy a course or pay to hire some support while youre learning and growing thats great. But when i first started.
I was totally bootstrapping so what did i do exactly what youre here doing is i went to youtube and i learned everything that i could for free from youtube and then as i was growing and ready to invest financially thats where i found some online courses where i hired an assistant. I hired a graphic designer to be able to support me in the output of work. While i still had my full time job as youre growing in your business.
Youre going to encounter. Some roadblocks that youve never faced before so its going to be really important for you to find that community find whether its an online course or a teacher or a mentor or even other social media managers are you can learn from i have a facebook group for this theres tons of other facebook groups for entrepreneurs and social media managers that you can find for free. And even be able to post in there with hey i have this challenger.
This is something im overcome that im im faced with and be able to get that advice and build that community. Whats also great about that is you can find referrals through that community or people might even go into that group looking for social media managers. So another great way other than referrals and putting yourself out there or advertising on your own social media is to go to social media.
Go where theres business owners go where theres other social media managers. And you look for the opportunities. Where you can raise your hand.
And say hey that i would love to be able to do that for you linkedin is also a great platform to be able to message people and network and support other people with their business. What i would recommend is theres a ton of cold messages that go out on on linkedin and might come across a little bit spammy. So.
If you are gonna do some cold outreach to a business make sure that you are adding in a personal element and showing them that you took the time to research who they are and what their business is about and why youre passionate about it because if someone comes to me is just like hey you need a social media manager. Im like no and if i did ill go look for someone i want to find the right fit for me. But if someone came to me and showed me why they were unique and why they cared about my business as much as i do that really piques my interest and makes me want to build that relationship with them.

how to become a case manager with no experience-1
how to become a case manager with no experience-1

And see if theyre a good fit to work together for me my first goal was to replace my nine to five income. So that i could leave that and come into social media management. Full time once i was able to do that the next goal was to grow the business.
So i could serve more clients and use less of my time by being able to leverage other team members so as you get to that place in your business. Its so great if you can find other people to join your team whether thats other social media managers or if you graphic designers or copywriters or an assistant to support you in scheduling or even just any of the implementation in your business. I would recommend when you are ready to look for people or through sites like in deed or up work or online job ph.
Anyway. Those are some of my favorite sites that weve used to to other members for our team. But i also have a video on my channel.
Which is about how to grow your team and some of the processes. When it comes to interviewing and applications and finding the right fit because for me. It wasnt just hey youre a nice person.
Im a nice person lets work together. I want to find someone that has the skills and also is a good culture fit for my company you want to have people that have the same energy that have the same goals that are passionate about this. But its not just a job because im sure you know what it feels like to be in a job.
Just for the money and this is something that were passionate about we want to be able to support our clients. Which is in turn gonna grow our businesses even bigger. So if youre a new social media manager looking to get experience.
The best way to get that experience is by getting some experience is to dive right in get into practice. Even if youre brand new. We want to grow your skills get some referrals learn by doing ask your friends and family for referrals practice on your own social media.
Learn from courses join facebook groups get into community with other social media managers that you can learn from and hey youre doing the right thing by being on youtube and learning by finding other creators like us who are willing to share this advice and as youre growing in your skills. And even growing outside of social media management maybe from social media. You start to learn like me.
Video marketing. Maybe you learn web design and graphic design branding from there maybe you open up your skills. That you can take on other types of clients and projects from there and as you do grow in your skills charge more for that because you are a professional youre developing your skills.
Which is only gonna help your clients to develop their businesses and grow their business and their revenue would you deserve to earn more money for to remember the phrase that when people pay more they pay more attention so although we want to say yes to every opportunity. We want to be able to grow in our skills. Its also important to price yourself at a level that your clients will take seriously.
Ive also had people that come to me that wanted to work for me or contractors. Ive hired then when they charge too little i wonder if theyre amateur and if theyre not skilled enough for what im looking for i personally would rather pay more and get the best quality result. So make sure that when youre pricing youre not pricing.
Too low that they dont take you too seriously and not pricing. Too high that its out of price ranges. But something thats fair for you and the client with that said.
Its also good for you to say you know if the client isnt a good fit for you ive personally had businesses that wanted to work with me. But i couldnt stand behind their product or service or i didnt align with their values or i just straight up didnt believe in what they did or thought that maybe it was scamming so if theyre clients that come to you that you dont know how to be able to put your name behind what they do or you dont feel right about what they do or even. If it just comes down to the price point.
Its so much better for you to price yourself and make the appropriate money for what it is that youre doing and for you to be bending over backwards and breaking boundaries just to make a smaller paycheck with that said. I have a ton of resources for you if you click the link below for how to get your first few clients. Some websites and resources you can use as well as a checklist and a must have list for snoo social media managers so click the link below to get that and be sure to subscribe because theres a ton of videos on my channel for you as a new social media manager that you can implement for your clients.
And also learn how to become a bigger and better social media business. If you like this video hit the thumbs up comment below and subscribe for more weekly videos music you .

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how to become a case manager with no experience-2

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