How to change blood color in PUBG to Blue, Pink, and Orange

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Hello and welcome to the video in this video. Ill be showing you how how to change the blood color in pub g. From red to pink blue and orange.
So to show you this im going to jump into a testing mode server alright so now were in the testing mode server. Im just going to go over here and grab a gun i think the shotguns are over here someone took that one alright. Ill take this one so all mine is on blue right now cuz.
I prefer the blue. I think its easiest to see in the coolest. So this is what the blue looks like its more of like a teal ish color yeah more of like a teal.
But easiest to see i think so youre gonna want to go to settings go over to gameplay. I have mine on blue. Which is the third one then im going to set it back to normal dish to show you what the difference is between them so heres red.
This is a normal kind of darker. You know blood colored. So you go the settings back to gameplay go to colorblind mode.
Change it just over one not gonna try to pronounce these. Because ill butcher it but this is pink so the first one from normal is pink pink gained too bad its just that i use my crosshair color is like a pinkish purple. So it blends in with it so thats why i dont use it otherwise.
I would because its kind of kind of that uh doesnt really blend in too much so then second one from normal. This is uh this would be blue or the teal color. What i prefer so thats s lilu.

how to change blood color in pubg-0
how to change blood color in pubg-0

So the next a third one from normal it would be the orange orange or yellow. I would say this one isnt bad either. Its just its kind of lighter.
Oh yeah. There you go theres the three colors you can change it to and then heres long range so from long range blue you can see really well no further distance. So now yeah heres even further kind of see it back there doesnt really blend in with the surroundings.
So lets go back to normal see with normal and hit into a couple times. Kind of darker harder to see in my opinion so having your colorblind mode. I think would give you a little bit of a advantage.
I would say just to be able to see if you hit them or not see. If hes you spurt also when you change it to blue. Itll change other things that would be red like when your gums are 2ml.
They wont be red. That will be yellow red zones wont be red and your gun sights. They wont be red.
Theyll be blue. So that was how to change your blood color and pub g. Hope.
This helps. If it did leave a like comment down below. What color.

how to change blood color in pubg-1
how to change blood color in pubg-1

You think is the best and subscribe for more tips tricks and tutorials like this and have a good one the cost once again so im going to go ahead and continue. And i have successfully researched this and were going to talk more about these when wed go to the development side of things. But i do want to point out that you see the little green checkmark.
Which is on the left side of the screen for the first year of this weapon that means. Ive successfully researched it i dont have to research tier. One again.
I have that blueprint on the development side of things. So i dont have to mess with that again so once youve researched a blueprint for the item that you want to craft. Its time to actually craft it so now were moving on to the development side of things the third step is to physically craft.
The items that you have blueprints for as long as you have the materials that you found out in the world. So you can actually equip them and use them in the game. This is on the right side of the research center menu.
So if youre wondering where you develop stuff. Its in the exact same places where you research stuff. So you dont have to go to a different area.
After researching when you first click into the development menu. You should have a decent amount of blueprints already available and thats because youve picked up blueprints out in the world youve bought them from vendors. Because vendors can have blueprints and also theres a set of default blueprints that writer has automatically so you dont have to research or buy them or find them you just have them by default sight out here.
Remember what i said you dont have to scan earlier in the video. Its an optional thing well you can skip scanning and researching entirely and just find blueprints out in the world looting them from enemies finding them in containers. Things of that nature or you can also buy them from vendors out in the world.

how to change blood color in pubg-2
how to change blood color in pubg-2

So just like i said you can skip steps. One and two scanning and researching and just skip straight to the blueprint find the materials and craft the item. But im not sure if you can find the blueprints for all of the research items.
I think bioware has said that you know if you dont scan stuff. And dont go through scanning and researching theres some things that youre going to miss out on so i think it seems unlikely that youre in find all the blueprints for that stuff. But its maybe possible i just havent played further in the game to know regardless development is all about crafting the items that youve researched and found blueprints for so.
The first tab is for items that are ready to craft immediately you have the materials for them. So you can go ahead and craft them thats kind of handy to have there and then as you go further to the right find specific categories for whatever technology or whatever type of item that you want to craft and honestly development is self explanatory once you get to this point. If you have the blueprint and you have the materials you can craft that item.
Lets go ahead and continue our example with the valkyrie so im going over to development and i know that its ready to develop because i already have the crafting material. So the very bottom bottom excuse me i can see the valkyrie assault rifle tier. One and i can go ahead and craft this i can even look at the materials here and i know that i have them because you know we talked about that earlier so im going to go ahead and craft.
The item. Im going to show you guys exactly what happens here so first off you can rename your item. So.
If you want to name this a specific thing. If you did something special to it like added an augmentation which you actually need to craft. Its here to item or higher in order to add those you can do that here you can also rename your weapon.
So i can go through name this whatever it might be and actually craft the item and so once you craft something this is what it looks like its this kind of blue rarity item. And thats what it looks like in your inventory. As well.

how to change blood color in pubg-3
how to change blood color in pubg-3

So. Thats been added to my inventory. But thats not it you cant immediately equip it because as you guys know you cant equip and switch weapons just on the fly you do need to go to any place where you can mess around with your loadout and equip.
It that way so were going to run over to the forward operating base again you can do this on the tempest. Before a mission. You know different places like that so when i go over here click on our loadout and then actually go to our weapons swap out the pathfinder deep impact.
1 here go to assault rifles. Find my n7 valkyrie. Again.
Its got the blue rarity there and there is our crafted weapon. We can play around with it in the game. Now so there it is guys that is how crafting works in andromeda.
Again. I believe the system is a bit complex at first because theres that three step process. But once you understand how it works.
I feel it is a rewarding system because you know what you need to do and you can gather those research points get those blueprints and then bring them over find the materials and craft the items. And its really fun to play around with crafted items because of the augmentations and the different technology types. Theres a lot of different you know options and variety that you can actually craft and create in the game outside of weapons that youre already going to find this is like a whole other section of weapons in the game.
Which is really cool theres some crazy augmentations you can play around with im thinking about making a separate video on those when i to get enough research points to go through and find all of them. If you learn something new or just enjoy this video remember to hit that like button. Id appreciate it and also subscribe for more andromeda tips and tricks guides like this multiplayer.
Im going to stream that multiplayer again like i said later tonight. If youre interested and also my screenplay through which well return when the game actually comes out thanks so much for watching. And ill talk to you next time .

how to change blood color in pubg-4
how to change blood color in pubg-4

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