How to charge a 24v razor scooter with a 12v battery charger

how to charge a razor scooter without the charger This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you How to charge a 24v razor scooter with a 12v battery charger. Following along are instructions in the video below:
Everybody can hear from happy creatures wanted to have a little video on for everybody everybody to show you what you can do if you have a razor scootering is lost or the where if the charge is broken. How you can charge. These things.
This is a 24 volt. So you cant just plug your car car battery charger into it you were gonna have to do something different for this one. So were going to put on our safety glasses and go inside here and find out what we can do so.
The first thing. Youre gonna need is a phillips screwdriver in this case. Ive removed all the screws already except for just a couple so it was taking a second to get inside here and show you what we have to do all right.
We have an animal on the scene here come around so you can see if youre gonna make noise back. There all right all right now we are done so get this off what youre gonna see right away you have to take out two more screws in this case since. I do this quite a bit design hr just for the kids from time to time.
Ive already got this one loose like its got well over here for safety purposes. So that it holds those batteries in place. Once we have the the entire deck back in place here.
So. What youre gonna see is gonna find two batteries.

how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-0
how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-0

Two 12 volt batteries in here. And they are crossed to 24. Volts.
And the way. They do that is they put one negative on one battery to the positive of another so im gonna pull this up and hopefully you can see what i mean here in this case. We have right here we have ive run.
It ive went ahead and ive gone ahead and just straight up hooked them up so that its easy for you to see what what they have going on here. What this is very important the most important thing about charging these batteries is youre going to have to get these off 24 volts getting down to 12 volts so you can use your car charger. So this plug in right here this would normally be two plugins that go to a fuse over here.
Weve discontinued the fuse because it used to blow all the time the fuse went bad so we bypass the fuse. We havent had any problems with it so thats how we run it so this cord right here would go to double to a excuse me. Its on this site.
It would go down to a chord right here you got to unplug both of these from one central plug down here. So you dont plug. So.
The first thing you do is take the red and black that are going to each other. Which will be going down to that fuse and unplug them so there now weve just made these batteries back to 12 volts.

how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-1
how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-1

When we do that so now were going to unplug the batteries from their other main pole over here and were gonna bring them right out of here. Now you can see theyre not attached to anything now we have a charger right here and for the sake of the what i use and what im going to use to to put these batteries in the series. So that we can charge them at the same time here with this with this battery chargers.
Im going to use these little jumper. Cables and actually prods for one of those electrical testers. But were just going to use it today for this purpose because it works great and what were going to want to do is were going to put both reds from the batteries together.
So that we can charge them so in this case. We can see that theres a red coming up right here. And we know that this one right here is a red and we have a red right here.
So we can just plug this one right into the red and now we have both the 12 volt plug in here. Now we have both the reds together then in order to charge. Now.
What well do is well just stick this in here. Which will connect both of them together and then we can take this one here and that will be running both of our positives are red. Our red positive lines will be able to charge right through this one right here now were going to do the same thing with the black.
We have a little more complication here with the black one because it has a it has a plug in where we have the inside part of the receptacle over on this side. So were going to have to be a little more creative for that one so for the black.

how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-2
how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-2

Were going to were going to whooping ad. Last time only thats a few times folks okay so were gonna were gonna poke you gotta read okay so were gonna put this in laughter. We all had everyone to be super tight or anything.
They just seemed to make contact with both reds. So weve got our red together. There now were going to take the black one.
Im going hope you see me here like that laughter all right more of that i definitely want and we got a black here. We just got to poke this one into this one which im gonna go through the backside here to keep them away from each other now. We just gonna take our chargeable on a charger.
Here. And we want to get just like it looks here we want to put this thing on the red. So well put that right on there i want to keep the red black away from each other it will cause a little bit of light show.
Which is terribly dangerous. But not a lot of fun part of the nerves. So were going to do this we have black here.
We have two blacks the two black of negatives attached together. Here.

how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-3
how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-3

Were going to put this one right on this one. So thats touching that metal right there right there see that im gonna place that right there and were gonna scoot a little bit now that we you know we have the black the negatives and the positives separated. Were ready to charge this thing.
So now we can see the plug in this charger. Here so double check one more time. And were gonna plug this thing.
Oh. Yeah lets make sure this church on the. Right.
Say. 2. 00 am 12.
Volt. Thats what im looking for so now were plugging this in we can see if our if our batteries are charging by looking at the gauge. There thats showing that theyre charging it looks like they are probably about 75 charged all right so were going to come back to this in a minute.
And were gonna have to charge for a couple hours. Well come right back with the set to this video. Well make a second video.
Itll be in part two where well put the batteries back in and well take the scooter on test drive thanks. .

how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-4
how to charge a razor scooter without the charger-4

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