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Hello ladies and germs. Were finally at a dave busters cuz. You guys guys always ask to do a ticket video like that dave busters are some of ticket place.
But were gonna show you like wheres the best places to get tickets or like tell you how to cheat actually to get more tickets okay so come along and join us nicole is already anticipating off this up hop. It and went on she wants to play this. I guess vodkas be the first game single probable.
No maybe so like i said they co really wanted to try this uh pop in and win the liquor. She pop it first. Though maybe so you have to hit the instant pop to get that instant pop.
We got to show them how to win tickets not getting a little bit to get dont try. Again. Lets easy be try it again.
If she could do it this time all right come on get that instant 24 right were trying to show them how to win more tickets come on now. I know you guys always like like this milk jug toss one so like when she gets the ball pretty much all you gotta do is like hit his head and know kind of like get to the doubt by thousands. But uh she has different technique.
Though get an get balls right there. Lets see if nicole get how many dollars you get how to hit the head number. The head kind of helps you like hit the face and then theyll jump back down you see her to me so if you hit the head.
Itll jump elbow back mm. Yeah like sometimes it does were just gonna have a light hand with pizza. Oh just hit the aim for the face okay.
There you go see if you hit the face. It will go into the thousands like a little a little hint how much you. Get though you got a its still winding up.
Right. Now 2300. Whats that thats a hundred nine point nine.
So you dont come on a regular day because its expensive nine point nine ought to free him. Though so this is pretty much all like you want to go for the thousand lets see come on baby this sounds soul without there 1000. Come on baby do you think reading a thousand oh music thats not bad okay.
Say like if you just want to like see the get some tickets to come to this kind of game. And its just no matter. What you won some kind of tickets no.
But a hundred tickets. Thats not that bad arcade machine. That you get a lot of tickets from this this rafter chapter.
Its like the best one you started four times. You should have four times already now you press. The spy balls okay and its just majority time.
If we know how to like hit it to get to the fifty and then you get 50 tickets and a thirds in the hit down to like summer to less quality to the 150 which open. I was thinking oh. Thats right okay yeah.
They like keep going. Oh. What was that that was come on how can you see zabrosky.
Shes nothing too rusty two points that get oh my god and theres no balls coming up right. Now. Wheres the balls at oh.
Ill show you a little try this one better you have two more balls. Where the balls at though okay guys okay so she wants to aim for the 50 up there and then it might go down to like the 40 or whatever see right there boom right there. 40 and then we got a bonus and then we got a 10 how much was that jeez thats going up see 70 tickets right there one ball.
Thats not that bad at all im telling you like thats like the best place to do with that like come right here. And youll get like easy tickets and everything is like its really cheap dollars like this even when its half off. Its really cheap too.
Then you have one more ball to okay your last ball get it. Oh 20. Okay well lets lets see how daddy does now music music all right now daddy is here.
Obviously you know your boy knows how to play this game. So. Everyone for the 50 up here.
Like that oh okay we got ten. Thats not that bad. Oh.
My god here right here. Right here. Theres something wrong with this for sure okay.
This thing is someone messed to suffer right. There 50 and then we got 10. Okay.
Thats 60 tickets right here.

how old do you have to be to go to dave and busters-0
how old do you have to be to go to dave and busters-0

Okay and oh. My god okay something is the rhythm of this is really off but uh when you when you do play this game. Dont go for the 500 issues and its impossible go for the 50s up here and then it goes down sometimes theyll jump to the 150 you know lets show one more time just to show you guys ill get one ball.
No no i want i want to get a 50 thats low here right there 50 and then we got oh my god it jumped. But yeah i always vote for the 50 and thats your best bank. They can hit the other ones okay so thats not an easy game is pop the bot.
If you really like the system you want anything stop tennis you know how to be consistent you can win the jackpot. This is the game that everyones been talking about lets bounce. I still havent played this game.
This will be the first time playing this game. Try this one here you go for at least one right here there you go so i really know how to play this game. Well just see how it goes.
I guess you got to get like every you want to change every color. When it comes to one player. Yeah.
So lets try lets bounce. Oh nice just kind of like yeah. See how you dont make everything close.
You kind of want to bounce. It like on this look. Thats it on that yeah whoa well daddy will show you how to do it next.
Oh. My god so thats how you cheat. I guess just throw the balls jeez your timers coming out.
Though what nicole has gone mental guys jeez yeah. Five seconds left and you have a couple of those guys laughs. Oh i mean its over how much you get i dont know how much how much you get i may think you get i really dont know how this works clear all over inch titles.
We see i mean ive got 42 tickets yeah. No time nicole never done a free to play game. I just dont know why oh dont tell there its kind of like you can i like throw.
It forward transair yemeni come on oh. The same thing like you huh thats hard. What do you got to do okay.
So you get a clip. All orange titus all lock bonus round now lots of people said he bounced to clear 50. But thats so far.
I dont understand this game. Hes with us coppola like that so colorful. I surat this a drop ball game.
And it has 17 bonus wallace thats i dont know why i have seven things on this freaking things work nowadays just all right you guys to wrap this up drop ball. And it has 17 bonus special this with the last game. Well play which are seebik a hit the bonus ball or chocolate or mulmangcho jackpot.
Oh. My god mystery value okay. Lets see what that is wait lets see what its more like a good like lets see whats the mission value.
It is eight eight points okay well how about that but this is a good game to to like win tickets out very easy where they going where theyre going to you got it come on look for that uh drop bonus balls was i going to berlin berlin. Six. Go for the job on it are you inferring.
No. You know oh you got it wrong you got me nice yeah. But the 17 balls.
Thats really cool thats pretty cool jackpot. Easy okay. Were gonna get before this video ends.
Were gonna get this draw bonus balls no matter what right there oh my god right oh my god so close im here imma get it oh my god im gonna. Oh oh we got it. Oh my god yeah.
19 bonus ball green eyes on a pony now so since it didnt take a wild leg leave all these balls are gonna fall right now well the balls have to keep going you know so its just gonna add up for like if you see that you know theres a lot of bonus bones. You want to go for that so okay this ball is in the head. I know the add bonus ball.
Doesnt really matter we have 16 balls left okay. Theres another ball gonna come up this would not that many balls you know so of course you take a long time to come now right now that one is okay. Thats four wheres this one go that ones gonna go to a 4.
This ones gonna go to a 2 but we still have 40 bonus bo zone. I had bonus bow my god we dont need that okay we need like any huh jackpot or mystery value or monster jackpot. This might take a while.
But this is a good game to come. This is a good game to come to like win a lot of seconds in there. Oh that one is that ones for another floor.
I dont know why when its dropped on his boss that hes the most damaged.

how old do you have to be to go to dave and busters-1
how old do you have to be to go to dave and busters-1

I dont know how but yeah. This is to give this a good game to play to win tickets if you go for the bonus balls. And its a lot of fun this will make it yeah.
This will be come on this one has to be a jackpot bonus. This one is add bonus ball again. And afford.
Why is only that come on dude check. Oh. My god that ones just like gave up on life.
Oh. My god the same thing at bonus ball. Still going.
This. One is a freakin for us. Over getting boers.
And add bonus poison. Oh. My god and just warbling.
And a wow. A freaking. Add bonus.
Call. My god id call this for my god man. Thats us you get 19 bonus balls and they keep oh my god 606.
But that one is 50. I love that hes good. I think they keep since you have we add bonus balls.
And it says drop on his balls. I think it still keeps going lets see if this ball. If this tells you right here.
Yeah. So going so we have two bonus ball clubs just like never gonna drop bonus balls. Oh my god music four and the last one is just the last one guys a good one come on this is the last one.
I think im not sure all right we got four four credits left. So lets finish this off right now ill go for the jackpot right here. Oh my god get in something.
Good. Oh. My god.
14. Look over the jackpot right here. Wow.
Oh. That jackpot right no i dont condone. It cheating.
Like that true. Though right here. If i go for this jackpot last last game.
Oh my god and add bonus balls well. But but yeah. Thats like if you see a lot of bonus balls.
Then you want to come to this just after that i was pretty good enough for up one try anyways see you guys for watching dam. Busters and were gonna leave now nicole. Lets barry.
I dont know why every time. Were playing the coal is always so sleepy. But we showed you guys a couple of tricks and a couple of tips to win more tickets and you know we try it so thats i wonder how many tickets we have right now.
But regarding looks like a prize center and see what we could get. But thank you guys for watching. If you guys enjoy this video.
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Which is amazing okay. And yeah. Thank you for watching.
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how old do you have to be to go to dave and busters-2
how old do you have to be to go to dave and busters-2

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