How to Copy a Course In Blackboard [CC]

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Purpose of this video is to guide you through the process of your copying your your course in blackboard in this video. Im not only going to walk you the process. Im going to offer several tips that will help you end up with the cleanest and most efficient result it takes a little bit of extra work upfront.
But i guarantee you will be grateful you did it in this demonstration. Im going to copy my cs100 spring 2018 course into the new course shell for my cs100 spring 2019. Section.
Lets first look at the source course from spring 2018. Youll see that theres a series of course navigation buttons. Here on the left.
And a bunch of announcements. When you copy this course into your new shell. All of the announcements will follow along so something you might wanna think about is whether or not you want to include all of the announcements in your copied course once they are in the new course you can delete them.
But only one at a time or all at once lets look in the destination course. Now cs100 spring. 2019 is a blank course shell.
Youll notice that it also has a series of navigation buttons here those are the default buttons something to keep in mind all of the buttons from your source course will copy over into the destination course. But it will not remove any of the buttons that are already there for example. If i copied the source course.
Cs 100 spring 2018 into this course right now all of the buttons. You see here in spring 2019 would remain and all of the buttons from the source course would appear beneath them youd have to end up doing some maintenance by removing them from the destination course after the copy is complete or leave them there. And it may become a bit confusing to you and or your students.
The first step in the course copy process is to go into your blank destination course and clean up the navigation menu. Were going to simply get rid of all of these menu items. Its important to think about the buttons here that point to external websites.
If any of them do for example in this course. The student support button points to a web page outside of blackboard. If you were to delete all of the buttons.
Except this one that button becomes the course entry point. If that course entry point is somewhere outside of blackboard such as this one youll no longer be able to enter your course shell to simplify be sure the last navigation button. Remaining is a standard course content area such as announcements.
I should also add that as this video is being produced at the end of 2018. Our default course shells. Do not include any external links that could change that is why i have included this information in this video.
Im going to start the process. Im first going to delete the last item student. Support and work my way up one of the things to note.
Before we get started on this process up here in the right edit mode has to be on if edit mode is off as it is right now here click the off button to toggle it back on to delete the student support navigation button point to the arrow to the right click on it select delete click delete this menu item and then confirm again by clicking delete you will see that the student support button is now gone. Im going to keep working my way up to the top deleting each section. Im not gonna keep the video on during the whole process.
But one thing before i go i want you to see that this line and in this case. Theres another one up here those are divider lines. Those are items you wanna delete as well ill show you how to delete this one click the arrow to the right of it click delete click delete this menu item and once again click delete ill be back shortly im back.

how to copy a course in blackboard-0
how to copy a course in blackboard-0

And you see ive deleted everything from the navigation menu except for announcements im going to delete that right now click on the arrow click delete click delete this menu item click delete you see now theres nothing left in the cs 100 spring 2019 course it even says. There are no available items in this course one last thing before we go to the source course click on the grade center in the course management section and click on the full grade center. Notice.
Theres a column called total in here if you click on the arrow to the right of it click on edit column information scroll down to the bottom where it says show this column to students click. No where it says include this column in grade center calculations click no and then click on submit youll notice this orange mark here which indicates that students cant see it now click on the arrow to the right of the column header again and click on hide from instructor view and that will hide it from the grade center view. Now if you actually use the total column in your course.
You can disregard this part. I include it here. Because most people do not and unfortunately at this time.
Blackboard does not give you the opportunity to delete it all blank courses come with the weighted total column. Were going to delete that as well click. The arrow to the right of the column header and select delete column and then confirm by clicking okay.
I also recommend hiding the availability and student id columns because those columns are not populated in blackboard. Anyway with any useful information for availability. I clicked the arrow select hide from instructor view for student id click.
The arrow click hide from instructor view all the columns that exist in your grade center from the source course will copy over into this grade center. So you want this grade center to be as clean as possible before the copy at this point. The destination course is quite clean and ready for the copy process.
Im gonna go ahead and click on the massbay blackboard tab and open up my source course now were going to begin the copy process in the control panel section of the source course im gonna click on packages and utilities to expand that section were gonna have scroll down a little bit to see the full menu and im gonna go ahead and click on course copy for select copy type you will probably not have any options here. I do because im logged in as an administrator. But you should ensure that it says copy course materials into an existing course now we have to pick the existing course so next to destination course id click the browse button here its gonna list all of the courses that are assigned to you now it may have multiple pages in some cases.
Youll see down here. My screen is showing 25 out of 32 items and i have to scroll page. So you may need to switch pages to find the course youre looking for i need to find the cs100 spring 2019 course here it is im going to click the radio button to the left of it to select it and then click submit and youll see it will populate this with the course id of the destination course under select course materials.
This is what were telling blackboard to copy into the new course. I always click select all keep in mind if youre selecting something that has no content nothings gonna get copied over anyway. Its better to select everything and cherry pick later than to accidentally miss something.
Here is where you wanna go back. And think about the question. I posed earlier do you want to bring over all of the announcements from the source course considering that if you do any of the ones.
You dont want youll have to delete individually. If you do youll notice down here. That announcements is selected just leave it selected and all of the announcements will come over if you decide you dont want to copy any of the announcements.
You can click this check box to deselect. Im gonna go ahead and select it to carry over the announcements. If youre unsure copy them over there is a bulk delete option on the other end so.
When youre in your new course. If you decide you dont want any of the announcements. You can delete them all at once another thing you need to consider is the discussion board.
If youve had an active discussion board in the course youre copying from do you want to bring over all of the posts or threads. Or just the forums. The forums are what you as the instructor create and most commonly the students create the thread.

how to copy a course in blackboard-1
how to copy a course in blackboard-1

Some instructors will create threads as well and if thats the case you wanna leave the default option here it will anonymize all the other posts and then youll have to manually delete any student threads that are created or replies ill cover that process later in this video. If you only wish to copy the forums and not take the posts or threads with you select this option in the interest of being able to demonstrate how to delete unwanted threads. Ill go ahead and select this option i would suggest leaving all of the other items in that section checked as they are by default in the file attachments section.
I recommend selecting copy links and copies of the content including entire course home folder. This is the best choice to ensure the most accurate copy. All we need to do is click submit youll see up here.
It says success course copy action queued. An email will be sent when the process is complete when you go back to my blackboard. Youll notice under my courses.
That theres a message indicating that a process is happening you do not want to go into this course until you receive the email from the system administrator. That indicates that the course copy has been complete doing so may interrupt. The copy process.
Im going to show you what that email looks like here. Youll see i received an email from the system administrator. It says that the course copy process has completed and that the operation was successful take a moment to review your email and make sure.
It does say that the operation was successful. If it doesnt say that or it provided specific errors. It does not mean that you cant go back into the destination course.
But do so with caution youll want to look around the course you may need to contact help desk. If something serious doesnt copy over or something really went wrong also of note this process usually under ideal circumstances will take no longer than five to ten minutes at most sometimes it will take a little bit longer. But very rarely.
Many courses will copy in a very short amount of time it all depends on the size of the course and network traffic. Im going to click on the massbay blackboard tab to refresh the screen and now im going to go into my destination course in this case. The spring 2019 course youll see up here at the top.
Itll tell you that the copy process is completed. Im gonna go ahead and click this x to get rid of that banner here youll see all of the announcements and here all of the course navigation buttons. The course copy is complete now you can make whatever tweaks.
You might need to do in order to be ready for your new session stick around if youd like to see a demonstration of how to delete the posts that came over in the discussion board here i am in my destination course and im going to click on discussions at this point. Blackboards asking you to set the author of anonymous post. And you can choose obviously not now ask again later you also have the option of leaving all the messages as having been posted from anonymous or setting in this case.
Its my name. But it would be your name as the instructor of the course as the author. Lets put some context to this if you are an instructor who creates threads within your forum that you want students to respond to those are most likely the ones youre not going to delete and as such the best move here would be to set yourself as the author in the rare case.
Where you may want to leave previous students responses you can do so in that case. Youd probably want to choose to leave the messages as anonymous keeping in mind that its also going to make your threads listed as anonymous as well in this example. Im gonna set myself as the author and im gonna go ahead and click submit.
Im gonna go ahead and open up one of the discussion boards youll notice again all of the posts are listed with me. As the author to delete all of the posts here except for the ones that you created you can either manually click on each of the check boxes for the ones you want to delete or click. This check box to select all of them and then just uncheck the ones you want to keep then click delete click ok to confirm the delete and youll see all the remains are the threads that you created and wanted to keep click ok to return to the discussion boards and repeat.
The process for any additional forums. This concludes this video. I hope you have found it of value.
Thank you for watching. .

how to copy a course in blackboard-2
how to copy a course in blackboard-2

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