How to Defend Against a Knife Attack with Nick Drossos

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Ando here from. Senseiandocom boy. Am.
I a lucky guy today. Im with mr. Mr.
Nick drossos. If you havent seen his self defense channels. Im going put those links below definitely check it out hes got a mountain of good material.
There it turns out hes a pretty nice guy too unless hes hiding. Some evil streak. Well find out right now oh there it is today i wanted to bring you something about weapons.
I havent done any videos yet about weapons and mr. Drossos has spent a lot of time working weapons seen things in real life. Hes done a lot of random person attacks in the park.
If you havent seen those videos. Theyre fantastic. So i thought i would turn it over to him today and you could help us figure out the big dos and donts about knife.
Just give us the basics. 101. You know okay first of all i want to share a little bit of my experience.
I worked in clubs. I actually saw people get stabbed and the first thing when people got stabbed is nobody knew who had the knife nobody saw the knife. All we knew was somebody got stabbed or somebody pulled out a knife.
Because thats the reality of how fast an attack happens sure and a lot of people focus on knife defense.

how to disarm someone with a knife-0
how to disarm someone with a knife-0

When the knife is out or most of the videos look like this so come at me right all right and then its like all right come at me really fast. Okay. What i hate about this stuff is that it gives a false belief to people and its going to get them killed yes.
Sir anytime. You you have this type of training. And when you see a video like this youve got to tell yourself this is not real that shit doesnt happen like that number one if somebodys going to attack you with a knife.
What does he have to do he has to come into your range chances are the knife is going to be concealed here here here either rolled in a paper could be in a bag. So thats the first thing hes got to come in your range. So hes got to come at least 5 7.
Feet pull out the knife and then start attacking attacks are going to last. The guys not going to sit there for a minute. And do a sparring drill with a knife.
Hes going to spend maybe four 10 seconds. And hes out so your reaction time has to be super fast now. What a lot of people are missing in order to defend yourself against the knife first of all its all about being proactive being able to be aware to see okay.
I see the guy approaching and hes talking to me here and i cant see his hands i could only assume he has a knife. I dont care if hes holding his phone. Im not going to take a chance.
I dont know you youre in my space youre moving around as im just concealed and i see this my hands are going to come up one hand is going to come a little bit lower. Because i want to be able to trap or jam that knife now its not going to be a perfect trap. Im not literally fixing to grab it if i do great if not im still going to try to pin it right now the reality is that every time.
I make a move he makes a move theres action reaction. So its not going to look like 1 2. 3.
No once i trap the knife.

how to disarm someone with a knife-1
how to disarm someone with a knife-1

Hes going to start pulling so start give me resistance. Hes going to come here. Hes going to try to cut.
Im going to come right over here the knife just switched hands right if im here. What would i do id sorry you okay. Yeah.
Sure id bring it here. Id head butt. Id knee.
Id try to trap. If he continued going keep going so hes trying to pull me down try to grab. Hes coming around dont let him get that knife again id be striking.
But look im pinning the knife. Now heres the thing people tell me against the knife. We should run yes.
But i need to be this many feet in an open area now i did this test where because we get a lot of comments. People telling me youre an idiot youre going to get people killed sorry about that yeah. And i get this comment and what i did and i test it out full out where we had one guy.
The attacker here. I was here the door was there by the time i run to the door. I got stabbed.
So the idea that youre going to run is not always possible your environment is going to play a big role with what you can do if im in an elevator start attacking like this i cant parry in an elevator. I need to trap. Because im in a confined space start again if im here i could do this then yes i can run if hes grabbed me and hes here now you see now hes grabbed me here.
I didnt know great example.

how to disarm someone with a knife-2
how to disarm someone with a knife-2

I said to grab me some people do this some people grab here he went for here. Which is even more dangerous because hes controlling the neck. What happens is it becomes hard so he starts pumping so i got to start.
I got a trap as quickly as possible so running is not always an option so. What are the best options against knife defense. Number one awareness.
I have the distance. I see him with a knife here im out two an improvised weapon. Im in the restaurant a bar.
Theres weapons everywhere. Ill throw the glass throw a plate pick up the chair pick up the barstool and get out if im in open space. I can attack.
I could parry and use my legs and try to move if im in a closed confined space. I dont have a choice. But to trap a knife to trap.
It once i trap. It ieither pin. It to my body or to his body depending on where he moves and i got to strike as quickly as possible if he grabs me here this is a pump and grab as i call it this is very dangerous because what happens a lot of times people forget about the arm and they focus here.
But unless i move the arm. Im going to keep getting stabbed. So theres no black and white theres no foolproof system and again the basic to all this is when youre faced with an attacker is youre looking at his hands.
So conceal the weapon. Ill open my eyes if im here and im talking to him. And i see this im ready to move in and make sure i trap.
The knife as quickly as possible right if hes got the knife here and im talking to him my hand is going to come a little bit low to come in and jam.

how to disarm someone with a knife-3
how to disarm someone with a knife-3

It and strike at the same time so really focus on that so my best tip to you is when youre faced with an attacker. The first thing you do as im talking to him my hands come up when i used to be a doorman. I used to talk to people like this.
I was always like this here here here my hands are always up i always looked at their hands. If i couldnt see their hands. I was ready to strike and go pre emptive so at the end its your life you got to decide what youre going to do.
When youre facing. That situation. Yes.
Sir wow. A lot of truth bombs. In there.
A lot of stuff for people to think about especially. When the knife comes out in training emotions seem to run a little bit higher and your sense of mortality is really right there the whole time so even if knife is not your thing in a world like the one we live in. I think.
Its really valuable that everyone finds a little bit of time in their training to bring out a knife and just even just to put it down and look at it. And think about it for a second and then to have someone actually standing across from you with that knife. Even if were just moving around a little bit and just talking and theory you can just feel.
If you have your emotions are starting to change that tells you something you really need to take another look at this weapon and make peace with it you want to make peace with it hopefully. Then you can actually take control of it so thank you very much this is an awesome quick tutorial. Im going to keep the knife again im going to put the links below please go check out.
Nick drossos youtube channels. Ill put the links below. Hes got two really great ones so check them both out and until next time.
Lets keep building bridges with one another lets all keep learning from each other all martial artists we should hang together or we surely hang separately until next time keep fighting for a happy life wow very well said. .

how to disarm someone with a knife-4
how to disarm someone with a knife-4

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