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My name is jack and let me guess youve got the doll. But you you dont know what to do with it well that was actually something int think about in my original video. So first things first if youre watching this video to try to figure out where the doll is this isnt that video click here to go watch that video of where to find the doll.
If youve already found the doll. But you dont know what to do with it please allow me to help so once again let me give the short version first for those of you who sort of know what youre doing. But just need to shove in the right direction.
You know those are bits watchers. Yet those things. The fucking army of darkness.
Yeah. Then after you kill them step past the bonfire that thing will move. Yeah.
Thats sort of all you need to do theres a hidden path down. There that leads to a new area that leads to a second area that leads to where you can use the doll real good indication of your environment. There from software and for any of you who need more details.
Lets get started so once again. Were going to start with halfway fortress just to make sure with it were all on the same page. But where we need to go follow the same path down the road bypass those thick bricks bypass.
The stick brick tree off and continue to head down the path to the ruins from the first cut wait i remember this im gonna kill you you motherfucking dog yeah got him so after you get to these ruins head actually while were here this isnt relevant to the guide. But i kind of wanted to just show you something that i missed my first time through this area. If you head over past these trees theres a bonfire right there like seriously this close to the halfway keep bonfire in fact just real quick.
Im going to time how long it takes to walk between those two bonfires thirty seconds. There is 30 seconds between these two bonfires. My god dark souls.
3. Is bonfire happy. Its like knife party on crack.
Which incidentally sounds like this so. I guess lets try this again from the halfway halfway fortress bonfire. Face in this direction and head.
Oh. God what is that its a crab think its a crab. I think its a giant big swamp crab.
Why are there crabs here. Why does dark souls have crabs. Ah.
I do actually recommend explore in this area fully theres some pretty great items if you explore thoroughly. But for the sake of this guide head here where theyll be bastards sons of bitches. Fortunately theyre already dead for me.
But they wont be for you these guys can be trouble.

how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-0
how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-0

But you can trick them into falling down this ladder pretty easily. Which is both incredibly useful for getting through this area and fucking funny speaking of that ladder head down it to find a wee a bonfire you can rest that before heading into the swamp. Oh and speaking of the swamp welcome to arguably the worst.
Most confusing area in the entire game seriously no joke. This place is a nightmare. It is so maze like and so similar that finding way around its very very difficult so much so that i actually think im gonna spend a little bit more time on this area than i normally would in these sorts of videos to make sure that nobody gets stuck on this part of the game start by heading forward from the bonfire and continue into there.
Oh. My god no one told. Me this was poisonous.
Ah jesus christ lord it happens it hurts ah. The trick to this area is to like the three beacons scattered around the swamp. But because this place is so hard to navigate.
I aint about to get my folks enemies here quite tough. So make sure to watch behind to avoid sneak attacks. And then.
Oh. God let it end. What.
The fuck is that thing. Ah jest up this hill not far from the bonfire is the first beacon also these things backstab front stabbed beacon. So these are what the beacons look like and as i said you need to find three of these to open the door that exits.
The area head out the back of this beacon and hang a left down. These stairs crossing the hmm poison water. You will fight this guy.
Who doesnt need a weapon to ruin your day done and donna donna donna donna donna donna turnin. But but but i backstab jes pass. This guys the stick up leads to the second beacon backstab now you may have noticed my beacons are already lit.
So i cant actually show you what its like to light. A beacon. So instead.
Lets add some effects nailed. It behind. This beacon is what i lovingly call.
The danger bridge. Good luck highway to the danger bridge. After the enemies are dead cruise on over the bridge.
Hey. And rested this bonfire. Its also worth noting that this bonfire is the closest one to the exit door so remember its location for when you need to leave trust.
Me this will save you some pain in the long run heading out the back of the bonfire room and down this ramp youll glance.

how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-1
how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-1

The exit door which will be shut for you. But its open to me because ive already done this in case you hadnt picked up on that yet now. This is where things are going to get a little tricky so the first two beacons are quite easy to find because you can walk sort of in a circle around the swamp and get them both while getting to the exit door.
But this beacon is sought between the exit and the entrance somewhere in the middle. So im just going to walk you straight there try to follow my directions as close as possible to find this beacon facing away from the exit door. Youll see this tower run along the left side and face in this direction.
And then walk in a straight line. Why am i rolling its going down my strobel do the right of this little tilting thing is the staircase that leads to the third beacon. Watch out for the basilisks.
All the kit head monsters. Oh. Dear.
God my path is blocked buddys destructible objects. Theres only one thing for it then yay yay. Yay.
Smash and destroy woo alright life is fun. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. Hmm moving on light. The last beacon head back to this bonfire head down this ramp and head through the open door into.
I guess. What would happen if the iron throne was a forest instead doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo do do it this area is quite linear just hug the left wall until you reach this hill at the top of the cell. You may find a few black knights.
You also may not they patrol through this part of the level so depending on what time you get there will depend on whether you bump into them or not i did. But fortunately. The other ones distracted fight monsters for me.
And this guys pretty easy on his own black stab. I should not say it like that to the direct right of the top of the hill. Theres a little archway here that leads to a bonfire coming back out and fighting your way through all the guys.
The black knight. Doesnt kill dead dead fuck. You fuck you this is where youll find the entrance to the abyss keeper boss fight once again ive already killed this boss and i actually couldnt get anyone to summon me to get the footage.
So ive borrowed this footage from the game grumps partly. Because im a huge fan and their video was the first thing that sprang to mind and secondly because they seemed nice and if not to sue me right guys. Yeah.
Once this boss is dead head to the bonfire and cash. Any souls you may have afterwards returned and honestly as i mentioned at the start of the video. This is probably going to be the bit that trip the most people up the back of this room has like a grave or something that will actually move when you go up to it and reveal a path that basically the rest of the game is behind.

how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-2
how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-2

If you dont step towards the back of the room. Youd have no idea its there hell. I only knew it was there because there was a nought on the floor.
Telling me. So yeah. Once this boss is dead head to the back of the room open the path and head down into the catacombs.
So the catacombs are another area thats kind of maze. Like and very easy to get lost in theres a lot of alternate paths and invisible walls that lead to certain items. But im just gonna give you the direct route through the catacomb head to the left head to the right bridge of doom part 2 huh oh yeah man sic dodge.
Never gonna hit you into this room throw something at this guy wait what was that im gonna kill you oh drop down grab my soles and pretend i didnt just cut a death from the video. Through this door down. These.
Stairs. As quick as possible. Ah ah.
And if you wait just long. Enough. Youll see that robust heading into this little corridor.
You might want to freeze for a second and listen to what im about to say on the left sure. Theres gonna be a special skeleton. Wearing a black hat.
If you kill this guy before he runs away the rolling ball of skeletons will actually break. And you can loot this. Oh yeah come on lets do it upgrade.
The esthers alright. Yeah. Fantastic.
Ten out of ten would recommend would do again bone shard. Yeah. Moving along my advice for this area is to generally ignore the enemies.
A lot of the skeletons here tend to come back when you kill them. So. My advice is actually just a run through and find the bomb fire so with that in mind run right straight.
Straight. Right ignore those two keep going take a right watch out for the ah bingi to the left bond fire out of the bomb fire to the left down that hill head to the left down the end of the hallway to the right into this cave. And oh you are standing in a bad place.
My friend a very bad place super dramatic backstab all i ever wanted was to tell this gave. I loved it head into the room to the right and pull this leave it open this gate. This actually connects quite close to the last bonfire.
We rested at so if you die in the upcoming boss come back this way oh and also kill the skeletons this bridge does not look safe maybe.

how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-3
how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-3

I should like i dont know test it yeah. I fucking knew it what were their skeletons bi me all my god skeleton army skeleton army run run run run run well shit alright lets try that again its a good thing. We opened the gate.
You fuck you you know i kinda want to see all the skeletons get up. Yeah. Oh my god oh my god theyre coming.
For me. Alright. Dont fuck this up yeah nailed it hey you fuckers come get me thats what i thought fuck yourself before we move on im gonna throw out a little tip here see this broken bridge.
Its actually a ladder whoa head up this cave to lord wall. Nia. Who is a tricky boss until we figure out his secret.
See his fashion accessories yep those gold bracelets just attack those theyre not even that hard to brick break. All three boss dies. You win head up the steps at the edge of the boss arena and youll find yourself in the ear asil of the boreal valley.
Thats right. I learned how to say it theres also a bonfire less than 30 seconds from the last one. But okay.
Now you are in a stones throw of where you need to use the doll. But im going to advise you be careful on this bridge as you get about 1 3. Of the way through this big thing is gonna spawn.
What do i dont even know how to describe that i dont possess the words to describe what this thing is but its gonna spawn and its going to attack you. However if you have the doll. You can just run to the end of the bridge and get to the far gate and pass safely through if you dont have the doll that thing will probably kill you you do get a really really cool ring from killing.
It though so maybe consider fighting it and once its dead or once you run youll reach the far gate that you couldnt get through if you didnt have the doll welcome to the boreal valley. The incredible difficulty spike of dark souls. 3.
And there you have it thats how to find the location to use the small doll in dark souls. 3. I really hope this guide has helped you and as i said last time if it hasnt i really hope it gave you a chuckle and if it did please consider checking out our other content.
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how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-4
how to get to irithyll of the boreal valley-4

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